Ice Box - Power-free refrigeration
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I think it would be cool if there were an ice-box in game. It would need to be filled with ice of course. The main difficulty would probably be implementing the ice.


These might be prohibitively difficult, but I can think of a few ways to get ice during the winter:

1) Foraging. Ice would appear in your inventory just like a stone or twigs.

2) Leaving water outside, e.g. in a pot.

3) Cutting ice from a body of water. Maybe right-clicking a lake or river with a saw or an axe in your inventory.


Ice could be used to fill an ice box. With enough ice, players might be able to store food year-round. Ice might also be used to reduce pain from certain injuries.

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I started this a few weeks back. Instead of ice I used the coldpacks shipped with the game. Unfortunately I hit a rather big problem that I couldn't fix: Upon loading a save you would need to remove and add the coldpacks to every cold box again in order to gain the cooling effect again.


EDIT: This get's more a must-have-feature once vehicles finally drop in the normal build. Would be damn nice to have some boxes in your car for proper "safehouse-cars".

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