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Supporting 1x and 2x Textures in Mods

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Today a change will hopefully have been rolled out into the new vehicles build that will include the ability for modders to support 1x and 2x tiles in their mods. Before, modders would have to choose whether to support 1x or 2x but not both.


First off, I would like to point out that this change was made with backwards compatibility in mind. Mods should not be broken and should continue to function as they always have. If this change has done anything that you believe may have broken mods, then feel free to leave a comment below. So you can leave your mod as it currently is and be free to ignore this change if you like, and your mod will continue to work as always.


If you wish to support 1x and 2x textures then you will need to go read the Custom Texture Packs and Tile Definitions guide by EasyPickens so you know how to build .pack files and add them in to your mods configuration files.


When creating your pack files you will need two packs with two different names. The first one, which would support 1x textures should be called lets say:




and you should then create a second pack file for 2x textures and calling it:




As per the tutorial, you would place the pack file in your mods config file as:



That's it. Don't add another line with example2x or something, just have one line for both packs.


Now when the game starts and your mod is activated or loaded, the mod loader will check to see whether you have double-sized textures enabled in the options. If it is, the mod loader will try to find a file called, in this case, example2x.pack. If the mod loader can not find a file with that name, then it will fallback and look for the original 1x pack instead and load that in. As mentioned before this is just to make sure, that any mods that have not been updated to have two different texture packs, will still continue to function.


And that's it, pretty simple really!

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