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This suggestion is for making an odd chance/guarantee that a table will spawn with a tablecloth, which could be removed and used as a sheet.

Most homes in real life have a dinner table, and most dinner tables have tablecloths. In Project Zomboid, a lot of tables don't have one or simply don't have a sheet that can be removed from it. At the beginning of most of my playthroughs, I have to run around a bit before I have found curtains for my windows at a base.

I'm not sure if this would make the game too easy because there aren't exactly a million tables per home, and it would help me cover four or five windows earlier than the game lets me currently. Hardly a game-changing suggestion, but it might make things easier for starting out. You could cover all your windows as soon as you begin within the first day or so, which isn't too terribly unrealistic if you're in the middle of a zombie apocalypse and that was your priority. Sheet ropes aren't really OP either.

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