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  1. Dust could be kicked up behind as you move over certain surfaces. For instance, grass blades and dirt when running over grassy terrain and water splashes/mud in puddles. Perhaps you could kick up generic dust clouds on wood or concrete while you sprint outdoors? Nothing too dramatic, but semi-realistic when applicable. Something to further make you feel the texture of the world as you move through it, without being distracting or too gamey indoors. Perhaps add a toggle. EDIT Size of clouds and splashes increase depending on speed.
  2. Fortport

    Groggy Moodle(sleep quality)

    This is just a thought I had, and I wanted to discuss it here. To my knowledge, there's no difference between sleeping on a couch, bed, tent, or chair. What if there were drawbacks to sleeping on an uncomfortable object? There could be perks that negate or worsen these effects. Add a pillow to your chair or tent to lessen the chance of this happening, if you've got one. This could tie in as well with insomnia, giving you this moodle when you wake up in the middle of the night. How you get it, and every stage of grogginess. (GROGGY) Slept in a chair, or tent? After a rough night of sleep, you wake up feeling groggy. Your back aches and you're pretty sure there's a crick in your neck. It'll take you a couple of hours before you shrug that off, that or a nice cup of java or tea. Going to have to blink the sleep out of those eyes. Maybe tomorrow you'll rest somewhere softer. (HEADACHE) Those zombies just won't give you a break. You've got no bed to lay in, and this chair is your only place to rest. This morning, you've got a pounding headache. Too many nights crumpled up against wooden furniture has ruined this morning. It's hard to concentrate on what you're doing, but some painkillers might knock the edge off. (Lasts as long as STAGE1, with a hit to your vision. Similar to being shortsighted and hard of hearing, but not as bad. Acquired through repeated sleep on either a chair or inside a tent.) (MIGRAINE) How long have you been sleeping like this, a week or two? Your head's in a vice, and all you can do is obsess about your migraine every time it throbs. You need painkillers. Maybe some coffee or tea, too. will dull this horrible sensation pulsating in your skull. Without that, this could go on for hours. (Just like being shortsighted and also hard of hearing at the same time. If treated with painkillers, will still take an hour to go away. If treated with coffee AND painkillers, the moodle will go away in less than an hour. (MISERABLE) Welp, you're the zombie this time around. You've got a migraine, your body is sore, and you can't think of anything other than how horribly you slept. How miserable you are. (This is the most severe part. You can only get this if you don't sleep anywhere halfway decent for more than a week. If migraines are uncommon, this one is rare. You were asking for it, by not heeding the warning. It's like a migraine, but cannot be cured completely. Taking medication and drinking coffee will only regress its severity for an hour or two, back to the headache state. It will disappear the next time you sleep.)
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    Groggy Moodle(sleep quality)

    Though the first stage of grogginess does nothing to you, the second stage is supposed to happen the second night you've done it in a row. It's meant to get worse as it drags on, until you really need to find a better place to sleep.
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    Groggy Moodle(sleep quality)

    If you have a sleeping bag or something, a tent can be halfway comfortable or very, depending on that. But if it's just a haphazardly constructed sheet tent with're essentially laying on the ground.
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    Tablecloths (More Sheets)

    This suggestion is for making an odd chance/guarantee that a table will spawn with a tablecloth, which could be removed and used as a sheet. Most homes in real life have a dinner table, and most dinner tables have tablecloths. In Project Zomboid, a lot of tables don't have one or simply don't have a sheet that can be removed from it. At the beginning of most of my playthroughs, I have to run around a bit before I have found curtains for my windows at a base. I'm not sure if this would make the game too easy because there aren't exactly a million tables per home, and it would help me cover four or five windows earlier than the game lets me currently. Hardly a game-changing suggestion, but it might make things easier for starting out. You could cover all your windows as soon as you begin within the first day or so, which isn't too terribly unrealistic if you're in the middle of a zombie apocalypse and that was your priority. Sheet ropes aren't really OP either.
  6. If I were sneaking, I'd bend slightly to reduce the amount of noise I made as I walk. You know, at the knees. Keep my legs apart so that they don't brush together. A creep. Nonchalantly walking around doesn't look that sneaky to me. And it wouldn't sound sneaky, either. A zombie could hear you coming, heck, anything would if you weren't even trying. While it's not visually implemented, it will be, and the sneaking that we've got now is placeholder(I hope). That's the realistic side of things, though. I think the current posture for sneaking is too conspicuous, but the developers know that. I wouldn't suggest this because it's already being worked on, right? The cover system. Sneaking with a weapon would also be fine, but you'd need good posture to sneak without being flexed constantly. Something fluid and comfortable, but also careful and quiet. You wouldn't want it held out, ready to swing...because it might bump into stuff, and it'd make more noise. Maybe right BEFORE you're actually attacking something.
  7. Fortport

    RELEASED: Build 33

    Sometimes this happened to me, but not repeatedly. Develops might be aware.
  8. So, the suggestion's to implement throwing objects. Things like rocks, tools, or even forks could be used to make a couple zeds turn around. It should only work when they don't know you're there, and only if it's close enough for them to hear it pretty well. For example, you could shatter a window with some stone that you found in the woods, and zeds around it walk towards the sound. A fork clanging against pavement might also do the trick. That's pretty much the gist of it. Throwing could be made precise, in that you see an arc on your screen that's projected to where your mouse is. This makes it possible to do this on the fly, in real-time.
  9. Like, I have no arms, and you expect me to fight zombies? Please.

  10. Fortport

    RELEASED: Build 31

    Okay, well. I'll start with an annoyin' one off the top of my head. Stand a good distance away from a door which you have the key to (ten to fifteen tiles. Walk further if necessary.) and lock/unlock it. If the bug happens, you'll automatically walk to the door, lock or unlock it, and then walk outside. This is very dumb if you just wanted to unlock or lock the door, and could get you killed if your house is surrounded by hostiles. I cannot access it. ( Delete the original post. Flubbed up, and made a double. )
  11. Fortport

    RELEASED: Build 31

    Okay, well. I'll start with an annoyin' one off the top of my head. Stand a good distance away from a door which you have the key to (ten to fifteen tiles. Walk further if necessary.) and lock/unlock it. If the bug happens, you'll automatically walk to the door, lock or unlock it, and then walk outside. This is very dumb if you just wanted to unlock or lock the door, and could get you killed if your house is surrounded by hostiles.
  12. Fortport

    RELEASED: Build 31

    I do not think this is the appropriate place, is it?
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    RELEASED: Build 31

    I am just a little sour that I won't be able to play anything but axeman! Waitin' for it to be fixed. There's already a couple bugs I want to report that are still in this build (they weren't listed as fixed in the update), probably, but I still cannot go on the tracker page. I'll just stick around and see if it's fixed today or tomorrow; it's pretty bad, but probably minor.
  14. Fortport

    RELEASED: Build 31

    Basically, when you begin making a character.. the occupation gets stuck. You cannot change from axeman to veteran, axeman to burglar and so on. It's just fixed on axeman.
  15. Fortport

    Descriptions For Items

    I'll try to explain this as quickly, and in a non-pushy way. Best as I can. I'll use Cataclysm: Dark Days Ahead as a prime example. In that game, whenever I found some misc. item.. I was interested: I could get a description of the thing by examining it; this was useful, there might be something hinting what it could be used for! I could look at pills, and get a detailed idea of what it does to my body. Maybe you could be looting a house in Project Zomboid, and you're a new player. You find a trashbag, and when you right click it, you get a description popup next to all the options, or something similar. "A common household item for storing garbage. Nowadays it's probably more useful for carrying stuff." Since you're new, you had no idea initially if this was even useful. Of course it's a given that it's a bag, but what if you find a misc. object, like a paperclip? "Often used in an office to hold several sheets of paper together. Could be useful for organizing notes. Easy to bend, and it's metal.. you could probably do some more things with it." This gives much-needed fluff, and an idea of how the game wants the item to be used. Sorry if this's been suggested before; no doubt it might be that way.
  16. Fortport

    Future of 3D model / animation modding

    Yummy information. Do like.
  17. Fortport

    Alternative Curtains.

    Right click sweater, Rip Shirt. Obtain Ripped Cloth x2.Craft four Ripped Cloth (depends on balance, I'll let developers think about it) into one Makeshift Curtain. May require Needle and Thread. Again, up to developers.From Ripped Cloth you can make Ripped Sheets, which is currently in the game already.First idea above. It's for making curtains from clothes. Next one! Right click Trashbag, Tear Trashbag, obtain Ripped Trashbag.Right click window. Apply Ripped Trashbag as curtainThe reason for this suggestion is to add more of an alternative for looting houses at the very start. That may sound bad on paper, but think about it. If there were zombies around your house, and it's not safe to run out, covering your windows with things you improvised would be very cool. It adds useful recipes that I still do not think are overpowered. Discuss!
  18. Fortport

    Burials For Survivors (NPC's)

    I think you guys could handle it sort of like Left 4 Dead. Burying people could be something of your own initiative, but when a friend dies in the presence of other survivors (who liked, or hated that person) they could have comments around the body. But not much else. Maybe the others could get angry/frustrated, and need to be consoled overtime. Stuff that's been thought about before, I know.
  19. Fortport

    Blender 3D Scripts

    Interesting. I am keeping tabs on this.
  20. Then I think we can both agree on the idea being good. I just hope this is something the developers have thought about, or are thinking of.
  21. Just an idea! Sometimes I'm confused in the immediate moment I hear a thump, but this thread's mainly here because I recently noticed the "deaf" trait being discussed. It should be really subtle, so that you have to pay extra attention to notice it. I think a deaf person would be more observant, but that's kind of irrelevant. This is just about doors and windows budging slightly when hit by zombies. Heck, windows could even begin to crack as they lose their durability. Discuss?
  22. Hands groping around through a partially broken window, ready to scratch a certain careless someone? Either way, the laws of physics have been betrayed for the sake of gameplay, in the past. If something like that were implemented, I'm sure most people woundn't mind, eh? More importantly, some things could act similar to the original idea. Maybe improvised barricades cracking overtime? I'unno. The main suggestion was something letting a survivor know a window or door's being battered, besides audio.
  23. I still think it's something worth adding, later if not now. And the window itself wouldn't move, but the glass should start cracking and breaking if it's being smashed over and over. I think so, anyway.
  24. I actually think it is for a couple reasons. I'm thinking back to the deaf person example/scenario. In a deaf playthough, you could be currently stripping away a lot more than hearing zombies close by. A deaf person in a room can't hear stuff happening on other floors or outside, so they'll be surprised to find out that an army of zombies just barged in through their bedroom door without any forewarning. Wouldn't it just make it a little bit easier to manage, by adding this function? They can only see what's happening, instead of hearing everything around them outside. The element of surprise is still there, but it's a little more balanced and believable with this idea, I guess? They have to be awake, walking around, and paying even more attention than a person who can hear. It could be reflected in how they check on the house they're in, as well as constantly looking behind them while exploring. But that's just my brainstorming. Maybe I made it a little bit more tempting. Aside from that, there's the ability to check up on barricades. You really can never know how broken your primary front of planks are, until they're gone. Doors and windows could shake/shatter faster depending on how many zombies are hitting it. This way, you would know where you should focus your attention. Front door's shaking very little, back door's going crazy. Pounding is everywhere, presently, so you wouldn't really know where they're at otherwise unless you looked through windows! Which you may have barricaded, by now.. Bottom line is, it could make defense more manageable, possibly, when dealing with many zombies hitting things everywhere. Like in Last Stand. As for how it's rendered, it could instead just be the icon jittering a little. That is, the door on the tile? In a 2D way. THE BEST WAY I can have you visualize this, is by thinking of Starbound. Say you're breaking something, right, and it jitters more and more erratically until exploding into an item. Exactly how I picture this, except with different sounds and stuff. Instead of going crazy, it jerks in one direction every time it's hit, before being moved back into its original position. Maybe the jerks could gradually get stronger depending on how durable it is at the time it's whacked, simulating it giving in to force. A little simple animation, if I got this right in my head; all you're doing is moving the icon a certain amount out before regressing it back to the default position. With some more effort, the door could be animated bending out or denting whenever whacked. Sort of like a health bar degrading its appearance on top of things. I know this is a lot of information, but try to take it in chunks: to anyone who might have the patience to read this.