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  1. i really just want a goat suit but i have no other ideas
  2. cutting off limbs are gonna be a thing so Yeah you will be able to cut off a arm and make it stop all zombies have these sorry to say
  3. I like how happy you guys are to wait for NPCS To be fair? Thanks for the input i found it in 2013 and i followed the game i could not buy it so i stay updated on it for a while then followed it off and on until 2017 i got the game on steam and its my most played i play on survival my self there isn't a lot of food everything feels like its been picked clean but you know whatever
  4. I'm a long time pz fan 2014 or something i was there when it was just starting it is the first game i ever got on steam because this game is not a game its something great to me something good (I'm from the days of mathas just to let you guys know long time fans will know his name he got me into it) Well based off videos i jumped in on 2013 wow long time ago https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=33c4R5cDHz0 I mean yeah i know some of you are fresh we old people have storys to tell Heres a tag your self The firsts 2011 - 2013 They found project zomboid long ago in the olden times am one of these people maybe from a youtuber mathas The middles 2014 - 2015 a period of time where people we're seeing change new things wonders but somewhat major things The youth 2016 - 2017 Somewhat new to project zomboid but there love is strong change has been noticed as the middles bring in new people the young 2018 - 2019 this is the now as this is still going i can't say much about it but its the wave of new people The unknown 2020 - on ward Who knows about these people and what will hook them maybe the time when npcs come
  5. Yes it does Very much so you'll wake up at crazy hours due to this i'd just like a trait where i can live in a car somewhat long term Even with just sleepyhead i still had sleep issues
  6. Well no if you have this trait with the restless sleeper traits its really pretty good due to the tiredness levels i said sleep debuffs this is also the lack of sleep from sleeping on those items They give you less sleep because i have the restless sleeper trait in my plays normaly if you sleep in a bed its always going to be at just at the first moodle or none at all Or If you sleep in a car you have the Last moodle always This can be useful because of sleep debuffs and for people who don't want to take restful sleeper or have no pain while sleeping given this is a trait idea because restful sleeper means less sleep means you might be wake at night I have the sleepyhead trait without it i'm pretty sure my character would be tired all the time due to restless sleeper and sleepyhead i'm guessing you get More sleep more bang for your buck Anyway the only reason i want this in game is so my plays are bit easyer however i need more bad traits to get the rest because all the "Good" bad traits are gone in my build? Pretty much TL;DR My character gets Very tired when sleeping in a car and only a little tired with sleeping with a bed I'd like it if sofas and things diden't have these debuffs with a trait so its not "free" Maybe +3 or +2 Because its not that big of a deal! (Heck even if they did not remove the pain i'd still like it if it the level of sleep acting like a bed) This is a trait for people who plan to live in a car or carry around a chair to sleep on the go Pretty much Because some people want to live in retail stores and cars what are they do without being able to pick up a bed? Get less sleep? this is where this trait comes in get a chair and Wow make shift bed Pretty much i would not be on the idea if this trait if beds we're easy to pick up but yet they are not Not gonna lie lack of sleep can be deadly for the axe user or bat user or whatever heck swing user However a knife user you pretty ok
  7. pain numb/Pain sensive - 25% less pain/more pain felt Happy sleeper - Can sleep on a sofa/car seat/Soft seat items without any pain or sleep debuffs from such things (I'm not going to make one for wooden chairs or anything like that and i think they're doesn't need to be one) Depessive - rate of sadness gos up 25% faster imaginative - bordom rate is 25% slower Picky eater - given a random set of foods the character will outright refuse to eat (You may be told what items) Item needer - a random item is needed from keeping your character to be in a PANIC (Simple things like a hammar or a saw or a doll Not anything crazy like a pool cue or food items this may give items more use) just some traits Some items - a hot plate Pros easy to pick up light can be placed anywhere cons Needs power Can't hold more more then a cooking pot full of soup rare? Ok i'm fresh out of ideas
  8. To be fair i like how pz takes its time i don't want a buggy mess because people said "give me npcs " cars in my option are pretty not buggy and i can really feel the love and the care being put into the game i don't mind waiting for npcs i don't want anything rushed because rushed = not made with care pz is being made with care and to in from you that pz has been in the makeing for 4 almost 5 years this is how much it takes for any team like the ones behid fallout 4 your just not seeing them make it or know about it so you have no reason to complan i don't want project zomboid to be another: quick rush this out survival game because it doesn't feel like a clone it feels fresh it feels new because your not poping heads off zombies your trying to live zombies are a real game i hate when people say that the game is going "to slow" fallout 4 took years to make games like that take years project zomboid is being made with slow tender love and care And besides that whats there you guys can't keep makeing complan posts like this games take time and if you want a good game that takes time the pz team works on a lot of things with updates and the like everything is going to be slow even with a big team project zomboid isn't some clone project zomboid is it own thing and if you want npcs now theres a mod for that but in my option its buggy and this is what pz npcs would be like if they we're pushed out i do love this game (my most played game cof cof) and pz has love. care. and time put into it any aa title takes years to be made but no body tells you that good times like good art or good craftmentship take time
  9. i'ma keep it simple and say that project zomboid needs to switch to maybe a grid based item management because to be able to fit like a *whole log* in a bag is a bit out there and there sort be something like this layers so that way you can make it bigger or smaller (a book self would have 1 or 2 layers books takeing up about to if placed normaly) i hope this made my point the games item management needs an upgrade!
  10. Hmmm lets see if they do it (I feel like it might make it TO easy for players Maybe like less items can fit or something but if players want it they may have it) Theres noting online about it but i've seen people pickel peppers with said jars
  11. Yes i think it would help if you could get a jar from eating peanut butter but it would make it to easy?
  12. Project zomboid is 4 its gonna be a while Also i don't think they have started work on npcs theres still a lot to add a lot of code npcs are the big bomb Its gonna be a while
  13. I'ma say sometime around 2021 to 2024 Why? the devs still have ALOT TO ADD Also i'd like npc to be fine tuned
  14. You know lipstick or eyeliner options make female character a bit more indept You for real just add a red line to a female chacter where lips would be maybe nail polish if your fancy (Like as a replacemen t for chest hair) but you know we'll see
  15. You know just not letting them spawn in your base Geting in Yes But spawning in No (I know some mad people would want to build a wall around the map but yeah sure why not let them try)
  16. Idk i'm just trossing an idea just add your own ideas to the idea
  17. Called girls just wanna have fun - 3 girls wake up at twiggys very hungover -They wake up due to a radio saying zombies - the 3 girls start to panic Like "Zombies!?" -they freak out You the player character tell them to clam down and we need to get the bar safe -they say "Yeah tell us what to do" - a thing pops saying "Give girl 2 orders to get any food and put it up stairs And give girl 1 orders to find sheets" And "Give give girl 1 one to get any futurer (Once the blocking doors with furuiter happens) And block the door with it" - Once thats done "What now leader girl?" - The game tells you "You where so black out drunk you had a loss of who your friends were" - ask friends there jobs - girl 1 was a nurse,Peaceful (Not qucik to anger)thin skined,dextu,unlucky,disorganized - girl 2 Was a cook,thick skined, quick to anger (She was the manger), lucky, cats eyes, unfit, (Maybe more i think i did my math worng) - you the leader diden't do anything if you diden't pick from the ingame screen (if you enjoy this idea i'll give the girls names and add a part where you send them out to look for food and stuff)
  18. Oh i've seen a woodstove It keeps your house warm and cooks food but that would be Very very very rare I mean rare Like only one house will have it like way out in the woods
  19. Just you know fire places for indoors so you don't burn down your house with a camp fire
  20. I'm from va so i'd need photos but if possble i would make maps for you guys but i don't know how or where to download the stuff in the first place i'm sorry But yee sounds fun but with 3 maps i'm happy BUT FEAR NOT CHILD Boats are being added :3
  21. I belive that you can get a cold from the cold (Maybe just rain but i can't seem to find that stuff on the wiki becuase its so miscompopulated there trying Heck i can't even tell if i sould do a mental sheet or wood Because the wiki is confused and won't upload the hps) But hey it would help you in a later Inchase a update changes things about the cold (Also cool fallout tree guy icon i forgot his name I'm also a fan of fallout stuff my dude)
  22. If you cold in winter You can use a propane heater! (Like the one seen here) And as you can see these are real and can keep you warm in project zomboid Just get it out of a house (Most likey found in sheds and or boxs/shelfs In houses) Now these are a bit uncommon in the real world so i think it would be in zomboid to But my family has owned one Pros and con Of Gas heaters: Pros: Keeps you warm (Like about a whole first story of a normal home) Doesn't make much noise other this a little "HISS" From the flame Light (Without the propane tank) About 11 Can be used by just anyone Cons: Its hard finding propane tanks Only lasts about 20 hours on one tank Some what rare May start a fire if close to a sofa or something (There is a little flame there) Wears down over time Not a pro or a con: Like some things it must be placed 3 levels of heating each one takeing less or more of said gas on what you use commly found it sheds or in houses if you started in winter
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