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ZConomy v0.1

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Greetings! I've made this mod as an attempt to implement currency and allow the use of machines that would require such currency. With it, you can loot money from wallets and purses, then buy from vending machines, which have been loaded up with drinks and snacks. If you don't have the money and don't mind making a lot of noise, you can also pry them open with a crowbar, destroying some of the contents.


I haven't had a chance to test this in multiplayer yet, but I tried to implement it best I can. I'm afraid my experience with multiplayer is close to none.


Planned Features:

  • Smash open cash registers for a lot of money.
  • Some kind of trade/payment interface?
  • Buy gas until power is off.
  • Remove access to machines when power goes out.
  • Support different types of money from other mods (like Hydrocraft)
  • Make fees for all machines configurable
  • Add more sounds for various machines (drinks/snacks being vended, gas being pumped, etc.)
  • Add smashed variants of machines (artwork needed)
  • Allow reset of machines on soft-reset and/or schedule



Latest Version




- Added money

- Made vending machines contain more loot

- Vending machines now sell their goods for 1.50/ea, and can be broken open (loudly and messily) with a crowbar


Translation Support:


ContextMenu_EN = {    ContextMenu_BuyDrink = "Buy drink",    ContextMenu_BuySnack = "Buy snack",    ContextMenu_BreakOpen = "Break open"} 

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3 things Number 1. I like the Puny Name lol 2.Going to try it right away and 3.Would the currency from this conflict with Hydrocraft and if so maby make it if you can somehow when Hydrocraft is installed you can use Hydro Monah


1. Thanks, I struggled for a good name for a while, haha.

2. Awesome! Hope you enjoy it!

3. It shouldn't conflict with it, but I do want to have it work with other mods like Hydrocraft seamlessly. I haven't figured out a nice catch-all yet, but will probably just add support for each mod that's requested until I can figure out a good way to do it. Thank you for the suggestion! I'll add it to the planned features list.

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wow, this is such a simple mod. its awesome, BTW may I make a name suggestion...


Super Badass Vending Machine Buying Avoid Bad Kama Snack Drink Thingy-Ma-Jig




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How has the distribution of Wallets and Purses been while playing on SP and MP? Personally, I've been able to find wallets pretty well on SP, but on MP I don't find much of either. Any thoughts on increasing the frequency of wallet and purse spawns a little bit over the (often useless) things otherwise spawned, or do you like it where it's at?

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