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  1. Certainly adds further justification to using a handgun + holster, besides looking badass ofc
  2. Mr_Sunshine


    And zombies are realistic?
  3. Mr_Sunshine


    The zombie reactions look very George Romero'ey, very cool Cheers for hinting at the redacted That was a subtle detail you didn't have to include out of fear of backlash and I very much appreciate it
  4. Dang, didn’t see they added homophobic as a new negative trait, how many points does it give you?
  5. Fast learner is a crucial trait for any long-term game, especially for the skills which take ages to level up like the combat ones. I'd always recommend it. Hunter is also good if you want to level up aiming, because it gives a bonus to sneaking too which is always handy.
  6. Haven't found it myself but other people have found it in the game, it’s just very very rare to find and it’s non-repairable
  7. They were actually planning to add tapes for the in-game TV shows to give a use for powering TVs with a generator later on and for giving skills like you suggested. I'm guessing other priorities got in the way and it's just on a to-do list. I love the idea of home videos or collectable movies your survivor can watch that gives a large happiness bonus. Can 1000% see my character sat in their safehouse years into the apocalypse, watching movies on a generator-rigged TV with a hot cuppa
  8. I like this idea quite alot! Certainly could add to the atmosphere of the game quite significantly, especially during storms/heavy weather conditions and would be a great heads up for the imminent power off-age ( doubt this happens in RL but yknow, zombies)
  9. Normally when I look around via the mouse + attack mode it's very quick and responsive and am able to look fully around before my character has turned his whole body (similarly to just turning your head). Do you physically make your character walk in a circle to see behind you? No wonder that's taking you ages
  10. Is there a way to reconnect the water to the washing machine similarly to how you can reconnect sinks with a water barrel after the water shut-off point?
  11. Hell, ironically I hadn't even considered a mutated strain of rabies Truth is we'll never know the true reason until a sneaky dev gives us a clue... *cough* @Batsphinx
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