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  1. Mr_Sunshine

    Survivor in the trunk!

    It'd be even funnier if you could sleep in the trunk too
  2. Looks really awesome man! Reminds me a lot of the bunker in Day of The Dead (the 1985 one, not the crappier new one).
  3. Mr_Sunshine

    Mist Me

    You guys are fuckin' awesome
  4. Mr_Sunshine

    (Change it back!) Why was Erosion toned down so much?

    I remember Turbo's original mod version of erosion used to be amazing with nature almost completely taking back the roads, buildings etc like in the screenshots you posted. It does feel a tad restricted at the moment when erosion hits that max limit and would too love it if the erosion went all out nature-reclaiming.
  5. Mr_Sunshine

    Character Voice Lines

    Excellent idea, would definitely make each character that much more unique. Perhaps you could even tie it into the gameplay itself? E.g, If they had a timid/shy personality and they'd managed to level up and survive for months, they'd become more insensitive and would reflect on their personality via dialogue. or Depending on your character's moodles, he'd be in different moods. E.g, if he was depressed, his dialogue would be very pessimistic.
  6. Mr_Sunshine

    More Meta Events/Ambient Sounds?

    Back about builds 26/27/28 I could have sworn there were definitely ambient sounds of jets and distant artillery explosions, but they'd sometimetimes only play upon loading the save, even after surviving 1+ months (maybe that's why they were removed?).
  7. Mr_Sunshine

    Soup up our vehicles

    That's nice and all, but you forgot the most important fact. This is a game.
  8. Mr_Sunshine

    Throwing Everything as a Weapon

    Reminds me of Hotline Miami
  9. Mr_Sunshine

    Roots n’ Branches

    Considering Survival mode is cannon, the main focus will most likely be on slow animations. As a result, it'll probably be awhile until the zombie running animations are developed (if at all).
  10. Mr_Sunshine

    Homemade water tower

    Yeah, it filters automatically when you drink it from the sink. As Paul Redeker said, you may have to place the rain barrel one tile ahead of the one below.. can't remember, but it definitely works.
  11. Mr_Sunshine

    Homemade water tower

    Yeah, you just place the rain barrel on the tile directly above the sink (only one floor above the sink works) and you'll be able to drink (filtered) water through the sink.
  12. Mr_Sunshine

    Feedback required! Your fave character builds...

    Hiya, here's my feedback; Name: Lucas Rhodes Profession: Veteran Positive traits: Desensitized, Outdoorsman, Brawler and Strong Negative traits: Out of Shape, Hard of Hearing, Slow Healer, Slow Learner, Slow Reader and Conspicuous (All the traits balance out, I checked ) Bio: "Following Lucas' honorable discharge from the Military, he became a former shell of the man he once was. Trying to keep up with the ever-changing world around him, the horrors from his Military service followed him to no avail. Now, he spends his days confining himself within his home, clutching the only remains he has; his sanity and a Whiskey bottle. Will the apocalypse destroy the remainder of Lucas' sanity, or will he instead embrace the horrors of war that once inflicted him? "
  13. Mr_Sunshine

    Dear Devs - Help Remove attack sync

    As awesome as it is that you wanna do this to help the devs getting less complainers, as well as creating basic NPCs for the hell of it, I'm afraid it might have some backlash too. For example, (this happened with another 'NPC mod' that occurred quite awhile ago) certain people might get into the mindset of "Well if this random modder can create NPCs, then how come it's taking the Devs so long?". Just take that into account.
  14. Mr_Sunshine


    I'm having trouble choosing the day for broadcasts to appear. In the video tutorial, it refers to the day value in the script scope (as well as the large font numbers corresponding to the day) - however I cannot find a way to actually change it. Never mind, didn't notice that there was a manual below the video.
  15. Mr_Sunshine


    Thanks loads Turbo, I'm getting material ready for this bad boy.