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  1. These are planned to be implemented into the game (at some point) Also you can already put metal sheets and metal bars over windows.
  2. Oh nice! Yeah it's a very exciting time for PZ especially with Louisville and the hunting update on the soon-to-be-close horizon I've heard axes can be good and other melee styles but I haven't tried it out enough to try it out. Just experiment around Haha, it's really out the way to stumble your way casually into it but you should always keep it in mind should you ever manage to set up a safehouse and live for a sustained amount of time and want to explore. It's got guaranteed zombie spawns for army camo outfits + the bags (which are the best in the game!) so it's an exciting place to venture for end-game gear + for shits and giggles
  3. Ahhh was it also while you were trying to sleep? Always scares the shit out of me if zombies start bursting through the window or the door during sleep were you also near Westpoint? Yeah! Trying to hit that 1 year mark Pretty much with the farming, but I try to explore and go on looting runs as much as I can inbetween purely to add excitement. Managed to visit the secret military base which is such a clusterfuck of zombies. Also been trying to upgrade my metalworking skills to make metal barricades etc since I've never done that before My biggest tip if you're ever struggling in B41 is to try out spears. Their durability can suck ass initially but once you level up (managed to get to lvl 6 atm!) they are honestly the best. They also just look and feel badass too
  4. How did they manage to get you? Was there a secret mega horde hiding inside that lunged the instant you got inside? My current run is 10 months and like 20ish days. I gave myself an almost impossible challenge by starting off with both weak and unfit.... the start of the game was the hardest start I've ever had but felt unstoppable once I surpassed 2 weeks Also set-up the starting house as my main base, which I'd never done before so that was a cool bonus
  5. Hey just an update mate, seems to be working for me so far Cheers again!
  6. Exactly, if you refuse to change the settings of a sandbox gamemode for a singleplayer game and you consider that cheating.. well, you only have yourself to blame. Why ask for a change in game mechanics -which most people consider the reason why the game is as enjoyable and popular as it is- when you're refusing yourself to change settings that will make the game more enjoyable for you. You're not alone in this 'cheating' thought, Bossdrive. A lot of people have the same perception and I just don't get it.. the devs even had to change the names of the 'survivor' and 'apocalypse' gamemodes purely because people thought they were simpler gamemodes/cheating when it wasn't.. You're only cheating yourself at the end of the day by not making it more fun for yourself.
  7. At this point this is just a matter of perspective. Yes, you're right probability IS the built-in mechanics and by definition, it is the cause of our character's demise. However where you disagree and as many others and myself have pointed out there are many layers in between 'see zombie -> death by zombie' that will entirely prevent that probability even being considered. What I don't understand is how you think probability is the ENTIRE cause of death, not just a contributing factor. I will agree to disagree with you and leave it at that. My biggest recommendation to you: If the developing of your character only to lose it by a zombie probability is that annoying to you, I would recommend you switch to sandbox, set it on the 'Apocalypse'/ whatever gamemode you prefer and change the Character's XP gain to like 3x, 5x or 10x. That way you'll still get the same character progression but it's faster and you'll feel less annoyance should you die.
  8. Definitely definitely blown out of proportion in terms of probability being the crux of the game. It reaaaaaaally isn't Not trying to be negative towards Bossdrive or gang up on him or anything, but it honestly feels like he's died a few times in the game out of his own negligence and is now blaming it fully on the game mechanics. Bossdrive, if you can record on video a scenario of where probability is entirely causing your death in the game as proof, I'll believe you. Like Enigma said, there's 0 shame in using sandbox settings or mods.. it's a singleplayer game, no one is going to judge. Just to quickly point out, you're against the 'death of your character being rested fully on probabilities' in PZ (which I disagree that the game has in the first place) and yet you're for the instant character deaths in X-COM? Their deaths are also permanent and can be super bullshit, spontaneous and even quicker than PZ and genuinely are probability based, so I'm a little confused at this point. Why can't you also accept death in PZ? It even says "This is how you died" when you load the save game
  9. The chance of breakdown reduces the higher your carpentry is. At max carpentry, nothing breaks anymore
  10. Never thought about an auto parts store or a liquor store, they would be awesome Army surplus stores could also be a cool addition! In my opinion I think there should be more gun stores too, since it is the US + guns aren't OP in this game so it's not like having more ammo or gun spawns would be disadvantageous to the gameplay
  11. Ah, gotcha. Would it be possible for me to open up the file and change it myself or like you said, could I just copy the map_sand.bin file without messing up that save game already? (my bad if it's basic info, not actually sure what map settings or configurations are contained inside the file)
  12. Ah, after a month you say? I'll try and let it run for about the same time just in case and see if they disappear.
  13. Hey guys, Just thought I'd leave a post here to say that within my current save game (Apocalypse/survivor) it's been far longer than 9 days and corpses still haven't disappeared/decomposed My save game is from a build pre this feature + the corpses were too, so maybe that's to do with it? Cheers!
  14. Heyo, Just two issues to report: 1. The campfire info seems to be too detailed than intended 2. There is no option to view campfire info for the metal fireplace. Also as a side note, the metal fireplace doesn't make any whistling or fireplace noises that the regular fireplace does. Cheers!
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