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  1. These are planned to be implemented into the game (at some point) Also you can already put metal sheets and metal bars over windows.
  2. Hey just an update mate, seems to be working for me so far Cheers again!
  3. Never thought about an auto parts store or a liquor store, they would be awesome Army surplus stores could also be a cool addition! In my opinion I think there should be more gun stores too, since it is the US + guns aren't OP in this game so it's not like having more ammo or gun spawns would be disadvantageous to the gameplay
  4. Ah, gotcha. Would it be possible for me to open up the file and change it myself or like you said, could I just copy the map_sand.bin file without messing up that save game already? (my bad if it's basic info, not actually sure what map settings or configurations are contained inside the file)
  5. Ah, after a month you say? I'll try and let it run for about the same time just in case and see if they disappear.
  6. Hey guys, Just thought I'd leave a post here to say that within my current save game (Apocalypse/survivor) it's been far longer than 9 days and corpses still haven't disappeared/decomposed My save game is from a build pre this feature + the corpses were too, so maybe that's to do with it? Cheers!
  7. Heyo, Just two issues to report: 1. The campfire info seems to be too detailed than intended 2. There is no option to view campfire info for the metal fireplace. Also as a side note, the metal fireplace doesn't make any whistling or fireplace noises that the regular fireplace does. Cheers!
  8. The use of metalworking to add armour to cars is already a planned feature that was featured in a thursdoid once
  9. People would be uninterested to make it, sure but if it was made and it worked pretty well then I'm sure people would be very interested all dedication my dude and you could always learn if you wanted to If someone is able to make an NPC mod, then this should be very possible
  10. Campfires really aren't that essential in the game tbh, there's already a method of lighting one using a notched wooden plank. Anymore expansion into the campfire system would just be taking away from other features of the game that could use more love. One day once everything is finished? Sure, but I really don't think its that big a deal
  11. Certainly adds further justification to using a handgun + holster, besides looking badass ofc
  12. Mr_Sunshine


    And zombies are realistic?
  13. Mr_Sunshine


    The zombie reactions look very George Romero'ey, very cool Cheers for hinting at the redacted That was a subtle detail you didn't have to include out of fear of backlash and I very much appreciate it
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