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  1. I keep getting zombie munched cause I get them vision blocked problems haha. I thought I was safe. I was in a house that I thought was empty but one section was blocked from seeing by another building... CHOMP T_T haha. I quit using some modded maps in single player cause they are too dangerous to be in. Earlier I was leaving the toolshop in westpoint from the back door (the one thats attached to the grocery) and I heard no zombies so I opened the door but the vision was blocked until I ran out of the door and I ran into 5 zombies... Those were some very
  2. Yes random money from wallets/piggy banks!
  3. 530: There is a mod that lets you save mod presets... Could we get that in base game?
  4. 527: Can we get screws to be found in more places? Currently they spawn in tool stores and some on dead zombies. Could we get them spawning like nails do a little everywhere? (Includes chances for boxes of screws in the same places you can find boxes of nails.) I mainly ask cause sometimes I can't find any boxes of screws. (Some mods use screws for things.) And finding screws on zombies is rather rare. (Not sure if its in base game or if thats in a mod haha...)
  5. I hate when those zombie spawning in a cleared out base type things happen. It's happened to me before. But I was in the base upstairs in a bedroom... I never made it out haha. Also could we get boxes of screws (or just random piles of screws like we find nails?) spawning in places other than tool stores?
  6. Usually I barricade the windows on both sides and put walls around them too when able too. Really get angry when I find a zed smashing apart my window barricades. So end up barricading than walling a wall around the outside of the window. If that attracts them I wall the inside of the window up too or just outright remove the window and put a wall in place haha.
  7. Some people are crazy. Building massive walls around an entire map. That would be insane! I sort of want to do that now... But it would be sooo much work. Maybe just wall around muld.
  8. Maybe they were cleaning or had extra tables so they just stacked them??? I mean we used to do that crap where I worked. But usually we put the stacked table upside down onto the other or closed the legs and put it flat on another.
  9. I always tend to max carpentry. Well at least get it to level 7 than I am fine (I like stair building!) If the game had working ladders I could just skip out on all the extra carpentry leveling haha. (Would probably still level it to level 7 though I like pretty walls.) If I am doing really well and have not died I might start leveling / maxing farming. Got rid of the rest of my post as I had misread something...
  10. 484: A way to label crates so that you can hover over them with the mouse and read the label. IE: Post it Note (Write on it Tools.) Paste note to crate. Than when you hover over said crate it will say tools. Would make it easier to know whats in a crate.
  11. 0.o I see pony o rama! Guess the rebuild mod map needs moved now lol. So many places to go so far far to run though. Hmm... I have problems where I hate traveling for long periods of time to loot. Mainly cause I get weighed down badly and it takes even longer to get back haha. I just miss having lots of trees in the forests. I mean the only places with tons of trees are near muld/wp and the further away from them you get the less trees you get T_T. The larger trees were nice but now our forest areas are not filled with many trees in many places. T_T...
  12. It would be nice if these things could be randomly placed each new game world. It was really nice to see how some houses could be boarded up / burned down on each new game at game start. (And be different every time!) Things like this makes the world feel different and more real.
  13. I would love to it if we could make custom room definitions. Or there were more to choose from.
  14. Question. How come to make an fine leather alice pack we need silkthread? T_T. Just seems like an out of the way thing when I have so many spools of normal thread. T_T.
  15. Apparently it's just me that does not respawn in my safehouse. Works fine for everyone else so far ha... Worked fine for me before we did a hard reset on the server but now it ignores me but lets everyone else respawn in their safehouses haha.
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