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  1. While fixing up one of my mods I noticed I had the option to "Dry myself" with a Dish Cloth when my character had not been wet yet. The error is on line 99 of file ISInventoryPaneContextMenu.lua, where the first part of the if statement: testItem:getType() == "DishCloth" or testItem:getType() == "BathTowel" should be wrapped in parentheses to separate it from the wetness > 0 test.
  2. Hmm, the way items are distributed may have changed recently. I haven't been around lately to do updates, but if I find time I can try to get this working again.
  3. As far as I know it still works and no bugs have been reported. Although, I'm always testing and tweaking it to keep the feel right.
  4. Whew, that'll take a lot of bags to seal something that big, but completely agree that we need large catchment tanks. An old idea I had was to require building it next to a house and it acts like it collects from the roof, speeding up water collection.
  5. I second this sentiment. Nearly jumped out of my seat in public from excitement!
  6. When lakes get stocked with fish it's often about 1000 fish at a time. The lake I was just camping at released 900 game trout the day before I arrived. Didn't catch anything, unfortunately.
  7. valrix

    ZConomy v0.1

    How has the distribution of Wallets and Purses been while playing on SP and MP? Personally, I've been able to find wallets pretty well on SP, but on MP I don't find much of either. Any thoughts on increasing the frequency of wallet and purse spawns a little bit over the (often useless) things otherwise spawned, or do you like it where it's at?
  8. Since I needed to work with config files and your IniIO was mostly done, I helped finish it up! IniIO.lua Usage Example: ZConomy = {};ZConomy.config = {};function ZC_config() if not fileExists(getMyDocumentFolder().."/Lua/ZConomy.ini") then local config = { ["Pop"] = 1.5, ["Snack"] = 1.25, ["Petrol"] = 0 }; ZConomy.config["Prices"] = config; IniIO.writeIni("ZConomy.ini", ZConomy.config); else ZConomy.config = IniIO.readIni("ZConomy.ini"); endendEvents.OnGameBoot.Add(ZC_config);Example Output (from above code): [P
  9. I'm pretty sure you don't need to specify the separator since the exposed methods that accept file paths convert them for you.
  10. valrix

    ZConomy v0.1

    Maybe one of the wonderful community artists will help with this endeavor? *hopes at least one sees this*
  11. valrix

    ZConomy v0.1

    Added to planned features
  12. valrix

    ZConomy v0.1

    1. Thanks, I struggled for a good name for a while, haha. 2. Awesome! Hope you enjoy it! 3. It shouldn't conflict with it, but I do want to have it work with other mods like Hydrocraft seamlessly. I haven't figured out a nice catch-all yet, but will probably just add support for each mod that's requested until I can figure out a good way to do it. Thank you for the suggestion! I'll add it to the planned features list.
  13. valrix

    ZConomy v0.1

    Greetings! I've made this mod as an attempt to implement currency and allow the use of machines that would require such currency. With it, you can loot money from wallets and purses, then buy from vending machines, which have been loaded up with drinks and snacks. If you don't have the money and don't mind making a lot of noise, you can also pry them open with a crowbar, destroying some of the contents. I haven't had a chance to test this in multiplayer yet, but I tried to implement it best I can. I'm afraid my experience with multiplayer is close to none. Planned Features: Downloads: L
  14. valrix

    Item distribution

    How do you want to spawn the items? To spawn then in a players inventory, the format is like this: Local inv = getSpecificPlayer(player):getInventory(); inv:AddItem("MODULE.ITEM_NAME"); Changing MODULE.ITEM_NAME to the actual item's name. (e.g. Base.Fork to spawn a fork) Edit: Looks like Svarog beat me to it with much better documentation.
  15. v7.0 Update: - Fixed timing with drying off. - Added localization (translation) support.
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