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Jatta Pake

Mint In Box Mod by JP

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The Mint In Box Mod replaces the plush Spiffo with a gift box icon, and adds the ability to "Unwrap" the gift box to spawn one of over a hundred randomly selected Spiffo variants. Try to collect them all!




Update: Mod confirmed working with build 30.13.




This mod wouldn't be possible without the gracious assistance of the following forum members:

Kerbohlz - code

Siorus - art

ZedHead - art

IndieStone and MashPotato - art


Download Version 1




  1. Download the mod file.
  2. Unzip/extract using an "unzip" program.
  3. Save the entire folder to in the directory C:/Users/*YOUR_NAME*/Zomboid/mods.
  4. Start Project Zomboid and go to the Main Menu.
  5. Click the "Mod" menu next to "Options" located in the lower left part of the screen.
  6. Double-click the mod in the Mod Loader to activate it.
  7. Restart Project Zomboid and play! That's it! Have fun!


List of Spiffo Variants

Are you crazy? Why spoil the surprise? Just play the mod and get Spiffo-ing!


Give Me Feedback

If you like this mod, let me know in the comments here.  Feel free to show off your Spiffo collection, just make sure you use "Spoiler" tags for your images so you don't ruin the surprise for others.


Compatibility and Design Notes

This mod should be compatible with your current save AND all other mods.  Just install the mod and play! (I recommend making a backup of your save first just to be extra cautious.)


Design Philosophy: This mod is designed to simply add depth to the base game without changing any fundamental game-play mechanics.  No spawn rates were changed, where you would normally find a Spiffo in the base game you will now find a Gift Box.

Future Proof: As long as Spiffo is in the base game, this mod should work without problems with all future builds.

Other Mods: This mod has no known conflicts.

Variant Spiffos: The variant Spiffos are a mix of cute and disturbing.  The intent was to add to the overall horror themed atmosphere but maintain Spiffo's inherent cuteness.



Post in this thread if you encounter any issues.




If I disappear from the Internet, the IndieStone community has my approval to update and maintain this mod.


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This is THE mod for singleplayer. Actually brings some "endgame content" to pz.

The mod is still up-to-date, although the gift box spawns as "spiffo" with the spiffo icon.

Can anyone fix this? I wasn't able to figure out how to do it =(

PS. Also It seems to me this mod lowers the spawn rate of spiffo aka giftbox. I was able to find only one after having looted half of Westpoint.

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Thanks for the feedback. Unfortunately, I've been too crazy busy to investigate why the gift box isn't spawning the correct icon. If I can tease out some free time, I'll try to figure it out. I would like to mark this Mod as Build 30 compatible, so if anyone else encounters this issue, let me know. The right icon should load if you restart the game after loading the mod.


This mod does not change spawn rates, so I can only assume the base game drastically reduced the spawn rate of Spiffo in one of the recent builds. I feel like I saw a post by RJ saying they reduced Spiffos in one of the recent builds. That would make sense from the perspective of the base game (why not have it be ultra rare) but it does lessen the impact of this mod.


If anyone else has any feedback on the mod, feel free to chime in. I haven't been doing much PZ modding lately (I've recently created a board game!) but feedback always fuels my creative fire. Thank you!!!

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I spent some time investigating the "no gift box icon" bug with the current build 30.12.  It's turning into a real head-scratcher.


Just to be clear, the mod works with build 30.12. You can "Unwrap" a Spiffo to spawn one of over 100 variant Spiffos.


I will continue to work on fixing the "no gift box icon" bug. I suspect a recent build change did one of two things, 1) loads the base item script after all mods loads (effectively overwriting any mod changes to base items), 2) some part of the core game was modified preventing any modification to base items, or 3) modders need to do something new to mod base items.


I seriously doubt option 2 as it goes against TIS mod philosophy. I ran out of time reviewing the log file to rule out option 1. If it is option 3, I suspect other modders will encounter and solve this issue. I will continue to investigate!

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Replying to this topic because I determined the bug is item #1. The game seems to reload newitems.txt script after loading mod files.


It comes smack dab in the middle of the loading NPC scripts so I'm certain a recent change that causes those scripts to load is the problem. I don't know that I can fix this myself. I will note it in the bug reports.


Later update: It looks like the Spiffo item was moved to the newitems.txt file which caused the bug to start showing up. It wasn't caused by the NPC script loading.

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