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    Driving Cars Mod

    @nolanri Great job with the mod! I was never hoping to see cars in the game but you made it!
  2. chthonic

    Driving Cars Mod

    @amarxnthine You can change these keys by going to the mod folder, in the case of steam that will be in C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\workshop\content\ somewhere. Then find \Drive Cars\media\lua\client\DriveCars.lua Open it in notepad or notepad++. You will see an URL on near the top of the page, open that in your browser so you can see the key ID/Numbers for the keys you want to set. Then replace your key ID with the defaults you see just below the link. Restart PZ after and done.
  3. PROBLEM: no food in winter SOLUTIONS: multiple DIFFICULTY: from easy to hard SOLUTION 1: Dig for worms with a trowel, stockpile them for winter. Difficulty: easy. SOLUTION 2: Use foraging to find non-perishables. Difficulty: medium SOLUTION 3: Go loot the town ffs. There's enough food there to survive winter, unless you're surviving your third year. Difficulty: easy SOLUTION 4: Find a generator, some gas and connect it to your house. Start farming, stockpile your food in a fridge. Difficulty: hard SOLUTION 5: Use the game's food canning system. You need a lid, a jar, vinegar, salt and
  4. So has this been added yet? The feature is very much needed!
  5. Turn off adblock or log in through steam/facebook. They have the option
  6. For all those that want NPCs so much, here's my friendly piece of advice: forget this game. NPCs won't be around in the next year or two or three or ever. Forget the game and play something else. It feels way better when you actually do that, believe me. I used to read the damn mondoids every week just to find the "we added a new hair gel item that doesn't do anything but here you go. That's all for this mondoid, bye". Reading this crap every week and growing more and more annoyed is the worst. Forget. Let go.
  7. My favorite map is back! Yaaay
  8. This is the new build 31 stuff, and I'm pretty sure skill books don't work yet Try setting up an xp mult in sandbox settings. That's the only workaround I can think about for the moment.
  9. http://www.mediafire.com/download/z8aextq45arsd6h/Legacy_10.rar Didn't live much, got bored and killed myself almost at instant. I forgot how incredibly easy standart presets are ^^ Found a few player notes tho and left a few of my own. Hint: twiggy's, west point school A good idea would be to start a legacy save topic with hard presets.
  10. You guys are awesome! Found 3 notes so far, so atmospheric
  11. Breeding worms doesn't make very much sense as of now, because you can infinitely dig up worms from a single tile of dirt. It's way faster than breeding them. Composting is a part of RKF mod already. items.txt stuff, nothing too complicated
  12. Great idea I'm gonna play it right now EDIT: I'm not playing it any time soon, no time! Someone please take it up!
  13. I'm so dumb xD Was trying to add sling to a shotgun with ammo straps. Sry for the confusion, RJ
  14. Tim fixed it, it seems Still can't add mods to weapons, I just checked
  15. No fix for weapon modifications? I mean this issue http://theindiestone.com/forums/index.php/tracker/issue-1175-weapons-upgrade-not-working/
  16. Make can lids appear in packs (as they are sold in real life). I don't see why lids and canning jars have to be so rare.
  17. As of now depression doesn't do anything to your character. Why is it there anyway? It should make you kill yourself for sure
  18. Depends what's difficult to you. The IWBUMS build has been made quite substantially more difficult, but you can only see by trying out yourself if it's enough. Lemmy was talking about leaderboards and legendary players who can survive for a year... So I thought it'd be really hard. What I see is you can still survive for a year without any problem at all
  19. So is survival diffcult already? Or is it just an announcement? I haven't played survival for ages, so I don't know From what I've seen in my short survival "excursion" today, it's still a piece of cake
  20. server is too laggy, basically unplayable coz 2k+ ping all the time. Might be connected to the number of players online. It was OKish when there were 3, and 2k+ when there were 10.
  21. yep, sledgehammer barely spawns anywhere. It has always been like that Sledgehammer is so op though... Maybe they shouldn't change it
  22. try insane zombies with pinpoint hearing some time
  23. I was only able to cut out the lockpicking part and make it work with 30. I can upload it if someone needs it
  24. You should start a new game. Also some mods mess with item distribution and cause tweezers etc not to spawn (e.g. literature mod)
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