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Found 11 results

  1. Hiya! First of all I'd just like to say that after looking through the majority of the suggestion threads & change/update logs for PZ I haven't seen anything about being able to look up or down flights of stairs (which, on many an occasion, has been the death of me) so have decided to take to the suggestion thread. I understand that tactics such as whispering at the bottom of stairs or just sprinting straight up can be employed, but I feel as though it would be nice to be able to actually look up & down stairs to avoid unnecessary or frustrating deaths due to a group at the top. I'm hoping this feature is in development with the new LoS changes that are also being implemented, but if not, please take this suggestion as something that would be a general improvement for the game. ~ AJ
  2. I think It'd be nice to be able to rotate the player view camera 360 degrees in the game as well as view it from different angles. It'd help you see those hidden loot behind objects and maybe make it easier to seem the zombies.
  3. There's some problems with transparency at 11985x6912 (the food market in WP in town). Also I think I've seen these issues arise in other places with multiple glass windows. Makes it real hard to kill zombies thumping on those windows.
  4. Okay, so for starters, sorry for suggesting this on a Saturday. The odds are, if someone already posted this idea, I'm probably just repeating something already answered, and for that, I apologize. Okay, so now that the apologies are out of the way, here's a couple thoughts I had while viewing the Mondoid. _____________________________________ First of all, what fascinated me was the fact that we will be crouching down and browsing through the backpacks and stuff, like we would in real life... but I couldn't help but notice that the character was unarmed and sorting through the stuff, as opposed to observing the environment. My thought is, what if y'all made it possible to just look up and around, while crouched like that, in order to view approaching zombies/survivors, but when sorting through the stuff, your character's visual distance briefly disappears/shrinks to a barely noticeable size, at least until he/she finishes going through the bag, or when that character looks up/around? Some people can multitask, but barely anyone can do things blindly, and there's even more of a chance that, should that bag have sharp objects/if that item has (a) sharp object(s) around it, then should the player not be paying attention to the bag due to him/her looking out and about, he/she could potentially cut himself/herself in the hands/lower arms. Clumsy characters could also gain an extra risk in that department... and at high panic, it could make it happen regardless of where you look, due to shakiness and whatnot. While holding items in your hands, you can't honestly expect to go through a bag like that. As such, why not also make the character temporarily place the item/weapon on the ground next to the bag? That could lead up to a few additional things to concern one's self with. For example: I'm carrying a baseball bat around. I think it's time to grab a bite to eat from my bag. As such, I would take a little longer to get to the food in my bag because I have to place the bat on the ground to get the bag off of my back. I then proceed to lower the bag and go through my stuff. My perception around the world fades, and I'm left with just myself, my bat, and my backpack. I hear something ahead of me and lift my head up as I continue scooping around for that last bag of chips I had on me. To my relief, I only spot a single zed shambling from a distant building; TOO far away for it to be a threat, and with a chance that it hasn't even spotted me... yet. I'm about to look back into the bag when a sharp pain fills my hand. I wince as I look down and, to my annoyance, I've cut my hand on a steak knife I had on me! I'd have to buy more time and grab my bandages afterwards. The zombie moans. I look up, and now it's THREE zombies... and they're looking RIGHT AT ME! Screw the chips, then! I need to just CANCEL MY CURRENT ACTION, AND GRAB THE LAST THING I GRABBED, since it would be ABOVE THE ITEMS I'VE PLACED IN THE BAG OVER TIME. I get the bandages just in time before noticing that the zombies are just a few meters away from me! I am now filled with extreme panic. I ditch my bag, AND my bat, and just hurry away, right as the now TEN zombies pile over where I was just a second ago. I decide to mark that spot mentally. I can get that stuff later. But for now, I need to get these zeds away from my stuff lying there, before someone else grabs it! As we could see, this didn't go too well, simply because I had to spend those extra few seconds putting that weapon I had in my hands down. Had I either not been holding that bat OR AT LEAST HAD IT HOLSTERED SOMEWHEREI, I probably would've at least gotten away with my bat in time. Furthermore, I was left with a challenge of looking ahead, but alas, my ADD got me cut, and forced me to skip on a meal to, instead, get a box of bandages out that I just got done looting five minutes ago. Now, here's an alternative approach. I'm hungry for some chips. Since my bat is holstered in my BELT, I don't even need to put it away. I lower to the floor and take my bag off before sorting through my stuff. I hear a groan, and look up quickly, BUT DECIDE TO PAUSE MY SORTING PROGRESS, since I know I have a few sharp things in my bag. I spot a single zed in the distance, shambling my way. It doesn't look like it spotted me, though, so I decide to continue going through my stuff, LOOKING BACK INTO MY BAG AS I DO SO. Finally, with that bag of chips at hand, I open it up to take a few scoops of it out. I hear a growl, and look up. To my horror, there's now FIVE zombies just a few meters away from me! I immediately drop the chips on the ground and spring into action! Seeing that the zombies are so close, I ditch my backpack and pull my bat from my belt, then lead them away from my stuff, taking a few quick swings as I do. With four down, and one only crawling, I run back to the bag, HOLSTER MY BAT IN MY BELT, kneel back down, and move the chips back into the bag before picking it up with my hands and getting to a safe enough distance to put it on my back again. Not only did having my bat holstered speed up my looting time, pausing from going through the stuff allowed me to avoid getting cut, and in turn, I got to keep my chips and my stuff! I have a few more ideas to throw y'alls way, but these are just some of the basic scenarios that could be made in addition to the current progress on the looting system. Again, if it's already been suggested, then please forgive me, as I'm kinda a late poster.
  5. Height should increase the distance you can see. This would make watchtowers practical to build, and to allow you to check out an area with more efficiency. There could also be a trait where you get dizzy or nauseous from being outside up high.
  6. Hey everyone. I was just on my way to Dreadwood from Muldraugh and as I was running through the cornfield by the north farm. As I darted about the corn, axing up some zeds it occurred to me that the last time I was in a corn field, I couldn't see anything but corn. The stalks naturally stagger in position, despite being in rows. There is rarely a lane one can clearly see down in a corn field once inside it. I don't know if player planted corn blocks your vision but I think if it isn't too difficult, it would be neat to see it implemented to make corn and other tall crops block your vision, generate noise when touched and be hard to just run through similar to how dense trees make it all black and slow you to a crawl. Just a thought, not sure if this has already been suggested. Please weigh in.
  7. It is a source of occasional frustration for me that you can't see farther than approximately the width of the screen from where you stand. Based on the Google Maps Street View going along Dixie Highway in Muldraugh, during the day, a survivor on the highway looking south from Knox Bank should be able to see zombies milling about in front of the Sunstar Hotel, and if that survivor had a one-story watchtower next to the road, they might be able to spot a horde as far away as Pizza Whirled. Plus, if we want to use vehicles and rifles to their full effect, we need to know what going on more than a couple hundred feet away. I like Project Zomboid's third-person view setup. I don't want to change it. What I want is to brainstorm UI workarounds for offscreen-but-within-line-of-sight data. My current thought is something like the Moodle system: icons that appear on the edge of the screen with a background color to indicate distance (perhaps dark red for just off screen fading to white at the horizon). Like on-screen objects, they would fade in or out based on your ability to perceive them, but the total amount of information they would give you as a player would be pretty sharply limited: for example, you could have separate icons for one human or zombie, for a group humans and/or zombies, for a vehicle in motion, for a side street, for a side trail, for a dead end ... I think you'd need some playtesting to figure out what distinctions to include, but you'd never put in enough to (for example) tell which survivor on a multiplayer server is coming up the highway towards you.
  8. Okay, I have had an idea how binoculars could work in game: When you press and hold the sneak/ready attack button and drag the mouse to the edge of the screen you get a slightly wider view of your surroundings. With binoculars equipped as a primary/secondary, this view is significantly increased, although you will only be able to see what your character can see, so if there is a house blocking your peripheral vision you obviously would not be able to see anything behind it. A way around this would to be able to get to higher vantage point, a second or third floor for example, enabling you to see over said house. An alternative to having binoculars equipped as primary/secondary, you have the option to "wear" them around your neck. To balance this out, wearing binoculars or having them equipped leaves them prone to damage. They could deteriorate completely over time or slowly get damaged, making the view distance shorter or blurrier. Rendering the Binoculars almost useless. Binoculars will come in a small variety, ranging from 100m-500m (or shorter/longer distances) and will be slightly rare and are not regarded as military equipment. What do you think guys?
  9. Here is an idea for a mod: Night vision device/ goggles! Should be an item for the secondary slot, so it doesn't matter if it's a device with a headholder or to hold in the hand. The duration of this device should be as long as the flashlight but instead of one battery, it should use two (so it's not so overpowered, I think). I think this is the hardest part: It should turn the screen green and highlight the zombs in a brighter green, maybe with sound if you activate it. Challenge: insert small interfering effects Upside: + Let's see you in the dark + Cool effect of nightvisiondevice Downside: - more batteries as the flashlight - secondary slot is used If there already a mod, please link me! If you want to discuss or add some ideas, feel free
  10. First impression of Project Zomboid is very good. The somewhat sparse gameplay paired with deep, dynamic elements ensures that there's a lot of things for the player to do, and a lot of 'objectives' you can create for yourself. Right off the bat, though, I have one large source of annoyance in the game, and it is the system of vision and 'fog of war' as it is commonly called in RTS games (I know that PZ is not a RTS in the strictest sense but it is in a very similar style.) There needs to be a clear visual indicator to the player of what their character both CAN and CAN'T actively see, and what the character HAS or HAS NOT actively uncovered. There is something of a FoW system in place inside houses (you get a brief glimpse through the window, but much of the rest is blacked out) which works very well, but at present there is only two levels of visibility in the FoW system within buildings. 1) I cannot see (the interior appears black) and 2) I can see (the interior is perfectly lit). In addition, and the biggest issue, is that there is 'invisible' FoW for the EXTERIOR world. There is no indicator to the player that your character can't see behind them, or how limited your vision is when you're nearsighted or panicked. My suggestion is: Rework vision to a 3 tiered system. Tier 1: Black, can't see anything and have never been there. Just like the current system when you can't view a house. Any place that a character has not ever been would be blacked out to indicate to the player that they have no idea what could be in that area. Tier 2: Grey, can't see but have explored there before. This represents your character's memory in "realism terms." Any buildings, trees, fixtures, etc that the player had explored would still be on the screen, but the character isn't actively looking at them. This is a way to kind of avoid the "magically appearing zombies" that happen outside in broad daylight to nearsighted or panicked characters. Additionally, this would prevent a player's safehouse from becoming a pit of blackness at night, as the character would probably remember the basics of where his bed is or where the staircase was, without necessarily being able to see the horde of zombies pouring in the ground floor windows. Tier 3: Clear, I'm looking right at this. Give players a clear, but subtle shift in clarity to indicate the approximate extent of their vision. That way, the player can see a rough cone in front of them that constricts as their character panics, or as it becomes night time, or if they chose the nearsighted trait. Possible implications of this system: You might argue that this gives players "too much information" in terms of exploring, peeking into buildings and knowing how far away zombies will appear, but this actually carries some interesting ways for the devs to make the game more challenging. Currently, you can scroll around the map and see all kinds of building exteriors, and the veteran players will be able to place themselves very quickly in one of the two landscapes. Then, they'll know easily to head to the most valuable/defensible buildings on the map and proceed to set up shop. With the more dynamic exploration system, the devs could add a "town knowledge" aspect to the game. The character could know of a certain radius around their starting point (Their neighborhood) but nothing further-everything else would be Tier 1 Blacked Out until they go exploring. Combine that with the fact that often, you sneak up to a window and only see one cone-shaped swath of a house, only that portion would go down to Tier 2 Grey-players would have to circle and find different angles from which to case a potential looting spot to collect the full picture. Additionally, you could possibly add a trait of "lived here since birth" and "moved recently" (or something) that would expand the player's knowledge of the area or restrict them to basically just their own front yard at the start, putting them completely in the dark. Veteran players who want to prevent themselves from knowing exactly where they are could select "moved recently" and have a new exploration challenge with every game. One final possibility is that the devs could implement Area Maps (in tourist shops/information centers/hiking trails) that move a large area for the player from Tier 1 Black to Tier 2 Grey, allowing them to know the general lay of the land and plan out their explorations.
  11. The idea is to implement a silhouette of the figure that has created some form of sound when out of FOV. The range should be fairly close, but dependent on how loud the sound was.
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