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  1. "Added Melee command (Spacebar or left trigger) to shove/stomp" That actually made me jump up and do a little dance of glee
  2. Yeah, some traits cost too much, some too little for certain. It'll all come out in the wash for the better as it always does with Indie Stone. They have yet to short change the community and ram anything down it's throat that we aren't t excited for
  3. *Tries to jam a frog onto his keying* Hmmmm... the mushroom went on a lot easier... *continues jamming*
  4. So happy to hear about the reduction of fire damage, that is awesome! The current ease of campfire mass culling of zombies is just so cheesy, boring and overpowered. I will be very glad to see them nerfed, as in my opinion their current potential for destruction detracts from gameplay.
  5. Screws or nails, trust me, with even a 20oz hammer I can snap screw heads or just claw-pry the entire board up and off. Granted screws will be a longer process to remove with a hammer, typically destroys (at least) the corners of the board so it doesn't look pretty, but when I want a board stripped pretty isn't a factor. I have worked concrete for the last 7 years or so, I pull A LOT of nails and jimmyrigged boards in some really tight spots and usually they are sealed in place by a fine or thick layer of concrete. If someone hammered it there, regardless of wood type or thickness (which both
  6. Inside or outside, a board hammered down with nails is easily removed with a hammer and a tiny bit of know how. Either I used the claw and just yank the exterior boards off or I break your window and smash the interior boards until they pop out, which I promise you won't take much even with a junky 16oz hammer.
  7. I meant crops and wrote corn, yes, it is a typo on an internet post. I am well aware there aren't corn seeds implemented without the sarcasm.
  8. As far as I know it's just the one large field in the farm north east of the Muldraugh large warehouse. http://pzmap.crash-override.net/?#0.45670034761375944,0.20230565128372463,55.206143891243606
  9. Hey everyone. I was just on my way to Dreadwood from Muldraugh and as I was running through the cornfield by the north farm. As I darted about the corn, axing up some zeds it occurred to me that the last time I was in a corn field, I couldn't see anything but corn. The stalks naturally stagger in position, despite being in rows. There is rarely a lane one can clearly see down in a corn field once inside it. I don't know if player planted corn blocks your vision but I think if it isn't too difficult, it would be neat to see it implemented to make corn and other tall crops block your vision, ge
  10. Likely need to start a new file to get all of the benefits from the new update, but that is just an uneducated guess on my part.
  11. Great mod! Just a suggestion but maybe change "Qtips" to "Cotton Swabs" as the former is likely legally protected somehow. Just like how the dev's stopped using "band-aid" and use "adhesive bandages" now.
  12. Muhahahah you just gave yourself away to the the bandits
  13. Fucking gold. I really want to run away from evil clowns with Benny Hill playing, and I am so sincere in saying that! Forward with godspeed my good fellow!
  14. Especially with fish. Issue is very evident when you eat half of a 25lbs pike and then still have to carry the whole 25lbs for the other half after.
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