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Found 8 results

  1. ApCom [sP/MP] Apocalypse Communications code: TurboTuTone, artwork: Nasko Features: HAM Radio and 12 Walkie talkies with different properties.Wear a walkie talkie in secondary slot to use it normally, place it down to lure zombies or spy on people.Small HUD element that displays your walkie talkie's status.12 Frequencies to tune in on.A taperecorder and 5 different styled cassettes.Record speech on cassettes.Broadcast cassettes repeatedly via a HAM Radio.Power usage, devices need a battery to operate and drain power hourly.Interference due to bad weather, or when a device is bordering its maximum range.Players chatcolors are copied by all of the mods devices to dinstinguish "voices".Depending on type, the devices will attract zombies in certain radius. Look at the information section at the bottom of this post for more detailed info and usage, it also showcases some of the awesome artwork Nasko made! Make sure to send him some love when he posts in this thread Thanks to: Twiggy for testing, suggestions, support, streaming, awesomeness Viceroy, for a bunch of cool suggestions made during one of our apparantly more serious convo's LogiHack, a fellow country man who helped out testing! EnigmaGrey, testing and correcting my grammar error's dko112, gameplay convenience suggestions A special thanks to: Both EasyP and RJ, various functionallity of the mod would not have been possible without help from your side, thanks guys! its awesome and very much appreciated [incase i forgot to mention someone, gimme a poke!] Thanks twiggy and subscribers for testing the mod with a bunch of people! A save of the stream can be found here: Project Zomboid | Subscriber Stream w/ ApCom (Radios) | Indie Hype*~! Twiggy @ twitch.tv Twiggy's twitter Download Requires build 27 and a fresh world for the items to spawn in containers. On a server to get best out of it set 'GlobalChat' to false serveroptions.ini. Also works in single player but chat is limited to the lines produced by pressing 'q'. Eventhough it has been tested, it's version 1.0 so there may be unforseen consequences. Apcom version 1.0 Up to date version can be downloaded here. (last update 13 june 2015) Credit goes to Dr_Cox1911, who has tracked and fixed the incompatibility issues with new PZ versions! Also, a shoutout to ThatUser and Siriusx72 who posted a different approach for a fix in the thread, much appreciated! previous versions: Public servers running ApCom mod: Information This device can only be used when placed in the world, it can broadcast all over the map and thus is ideal for base to base communications. The ham radio has the ability to play cassettes as repeated broadcasts on a frequency, so they could be used to gather people or advertise a merchant outpost as well. (see tape recorder section for more info) A ham radio can be picked up and it will return the radio + optionally the battery or cassette inside the device. Whacking a ham radio with a weapon is not advised as it will destroy the radio and all in it. When receiving transmissions this device shows a animation. This device will attract zombies in a wide range, so secure your base perimeters, zombies will locate the sound coming from the machine but the cold steel confuses them so they wont destroy it Walker Talkers When equiping a fresh found walker talker as secondary, a GUI like this will show up in left side of screen. Insert a battery and it will display battery status: When equiped as secondary, you can rightclick the inventory icon and turn the device on. When doing so, the sprite will show a green led, and more advanced models will light on their display, the frequency text will also be brighter when turned on: When the device recieves text it will also indicate it in the hud: The hud will display different stages of battery life as such: Finally when the battery is about to die, the item icon will start blinking a red led: About chat behaviour Interference will occur during bad weather, when its thundering the interference will be really bad. When interference is applied it will replace words or even multiple words at once with scrambled text. Interference will also occur at the last 10% of a device's range, the interference will become worse as you reach the limits of its range untill nothing is received anymore. Power consumption These cool oldskool cassette tapes can be found all over the place, when rightclicking a cassette in your inventory it will display its ID and for convience the lines that are recorded on it. This menu has no functionallity, but the ID will come in handy. Tape Recorder The item properties below can be read as follows: - broadcast range is for outgoing signal only, to be clear a budget walker talker can only emit 500m but still receive chat from for example a ham radio which has global range.- voice detect range, the amount of tiles a player has to be near the device for it to pick up speech.- can hear range, the amount of tiles a player has to be near device to see "hear" its text.- loot chance, obvious.- zombie attraction, the displayed value for played devices, walker talkers have reduced attraction when worn as secondary item. Also note this value doesn’t always coincide with can hear range.- battery consumption, rate at which a device will consume power on hourly basis. HAM Radio: broadcastrange: GLOBAL voice detect range: 5 can hear range: 16 weight: 15 loot chance: very rare zombie attraction: extremely high battery consumption: extremely low Tier1: Walker Talker Budget standard broadcastrange: 500m voice detect range: 6 can hear range: 12 weight: 0.5 loot chance: high zombie attraction: high battery consumption: very high colored broadcastrange: 1000m voice detect range: 8 can hear range: 10 weight: 0.5 loot chance: high zombie attraction: high battery consumption: very high army broadcastrange: 1500m voice detect range: 10 can hear range: 9 weight: 1.0 loot chance: normal zombie attraction: high battery consumption: very high Tier 2: Walker Talker Standard standard broadcastrange: 2000m voice detect range: 12 can hear range: 8 weight: 1.5 loot chance: medium zombie attraction: medium battery consumption: medium silver broadcastrange: 2500m voice detect range: 14 can hear range: 5 weight: 2.0 loot chance: medium zombie attraction: medium battery consumption: medium Tier 3: Walker Talker Black Edition standard broadcastrange: 3000m voice detect range: 16 can hear range: 3 weight: 2.25 loot chance: low zombie attraction: low battery consumption: low army broadcastrange: 3500m voice detect range: 18 can hear range: 2 weight: 2.5 loot chance: low zombie attraction: low battery consumption: low Tier 4: Walker Talker Tactical standard broadcastrange: 4500m voice detect range: 20 can hear range: 1 weight: 2.75 loot chance: rare zombie attraction: very low battery consumption: very low army broadcastrange: GLOBAL voice detect range: 25 can hear range: 0 weight: 3.0 loot chance: very rare zombie attraction: ZERO battery consumption: very low
  2. Hi, Your work on this game is awesome. i search on other suggestions before, but found nothing, sorry if i talk about a thing an other time. I post electricity and plumbing separated to not to shuffle discuss. Openable mailbox (type container/bag) Implemented(plant on a crossroad with letter to be find by survivors or for "village" communication) Record and play sound (Mic) with tape player or phone. add to transmitter radio to diffuse audio message. infos/menu on other players, already discussed but : "visible items" on mouse over (cloth, bag, handed and apparent wounds or infection) exchange (and whisper chat) window capacity to bite players when infected All opinions and comments are welcomes !
  3. So for the old and forgetable people like me, it would be nice, if in futere times a chatlog will be added. But I'm not thinking about a global chatlog how it's in the most current games. If anyone remembering at Ultima Online, there was a chatlog, that only log nearby spoken (or far away screamed) words. This would be perfect for rp-servers.
  4. Currently in PZ you press Q to shout and pull zombies. I feel there certainly could be more use out of a button than just shouting from a few random phrases. Why not a Macro Wheel?! YOU can say what ever you WANT with the press of a button at what ever volume level YOU Want! Hold Q and a wheel pops up of editable macros and respective volume level adjuster! And a default center macro which will be automatically spoken upon just tapping Q. Some macros i would personally use; "Friendly Dont Friggen Shoot Me!", "Where are you (all)!?" and "We were looted again..." Volume level (ie; whipsering-normal-shout) suggested on the steam forums by Skooba Skeeve
  5. I'd like to preface this by saying I had too many ideas to make a good concise suggestion thread. I've culled a great deal of chaff and left as much good solid wheat as possible. This list is therefore very much not "all inclusive", and perhaps not as organized as we'd like. I apologize for any inconvenience this causes. I've tried to limit my ideas to three distinct categories, and I am seriously wondering if I ought to put the radio section in its own suggestion thread. Would love to see further discussion of these ideas, and applications. I'm a hobbyist, so I know my experience is a narrow window compared to real tradesmen/women. Timers, remotes and home improvement Timed lamp on post. A great way to use existing resources in more efficient ways. Put a timer on the lamp and it comes on at 17:30 (Sunset) and shuts off at 5:00 (Sunrise.) Would be even better to have direct control over this, but the coding for that would probably be pretty heavy. This would save a lot of battery life, and make the items much more useful, since we wouldn't have to trouble ourselves to turn on every light in the base at night. Remote lamps. Fix a bunch of lamps with receivers, toggle them remotely all at once. Give us control over frequency, and we could toggle a -set- of lamps with one click, and a different set with another. This could make for both fun and function, depending on what you do with it. Remote curtain management. Ever get up at god awful early in the morning, go to open your curtains and accidentally trip out the window? Or happen to be standing right there when the first zed of the day scrambles in to chew the fat over breakfast? Worry no more! Remote activation could save the day. A cheap electric motor, a battery and twine would be the other components to make that "realistic". With the addition of receivers, remotes, and timer switches, there's something wonderful we could do. Set off a home's alarm system from a distance. Perfect for clearing the neighborhood, or convincing a looter to pick a new street to work on. Radios, receivers, and you! It's a feature we've all wanted for a while, the ability to have private conversations or separate chat tabs. With radios, we can have it, and feel special for gaining access to it! Ham radio - Basically, a good transmitter, an antenna, and a power source to broadcast with. Anyone with a powered radio tuned to the right frequency would pick up the transmission. Great for organizing specific groups, or eavesdropping on the group you're wanting to be one step ahead of, or operating as a double agent, feeding false information to the people you know (think) are listening. Trust me, with as many ham radio clubs as there are (one even has a repeater within 15 miles of West Point Kentucky, KARS, out of Bardstown) there will be plenty of paranoid kooks absolutely sure they're being spied on by someone, somehow. Now, you could make the radio a stationary object, something you place, and have to power (via batteries, or generator?) and make it repeat whatever is being said over the frequency as though it were speaking in local chat... which means you'd need people to operate it, to listen, get the information out. You could make it a carried item, with a battery life, and let you get the broadcast as long as it has a battery. Point is, radios could be as big as moving furniture if it's done well! Especially if you give server admins the ability to disallow /all chat. . . Bombs, bombs, bombs! With the new bombs and devices, there are a number of setups I would personally -love- to see. Things that are terrifyingly true to life. Shotgun rigged to and aimed at a given doorway. Sneak in through the back or bust down the front door and it's going to cost you! Friends welcome [use the north window], zombies by appointment! Twine and bomb combinations for tripwire setoff. Sadly, you see this a lot in warfare, it's ubiquitous to every major war zone. It's easy to make, and the results are nothing if not devastating. A little twine, a bomb, and a few adjacent tiles to choose. Anyone walking [Or shuffling] through those tiles trips it. [Maybe counter this with a high light lightfooted skill?] Pressure triggers. Ubiquitous, but also multi-functional. A trapped crate that explodes if -under- a certain weight? A tile that explodes when stepped on? These things are not terribly hard to make [Though I'd give a standing ovation for those with the skill to code it], and it would certainly give us an answer for loss prevention... take my stuff at your own peril, thief!
  6. I had a few ideas while I was playing online last night to improve the chat system. 1. (Hot keys for custom chat commands) First, I think it would be pretty nice to be able to hotkey custom commands for chat. So instead of having to stop and type out something you could simply hit a key and say whatever it is you wanted. 2. (Chat indicator when typing message) I noticed when playing with others we never know when someone is about to say something so there is alot of times where we are all awkwardly standing around wondering if the other player is about to say something or not. There should be some sort of indicator that someone is trying to communicate. Maybe some moving dots "..." or something that shows that a player is currently typing a message into chat.
  7. While playing a few times I came upon other players – partly trustable, partly not. There were also discussions on the global chat, the local chat and direct messages – and if they'll be possible/useful/etc. or not. What I was thinking about (since nearly everyone today has a smartphone), was: What about instantly having a simple mobile phone (that'd be totally according to the real world) from the very start in the game, with a specific number the user himself only knows, but none of the others. He can communicate with them via global chat, and can share his number there; or he can visit people, and let specifically them know his number via the local chat, so that only these players – being there in person – get to know his telephone number. Sharing it this way, only these will make contact later – via the said private messages –, when the other one's already gone to another part of town/of the map. For saving the numbers one could use the mobile or additionally (and more usefully, since he has no data when the mobile's batteries are low) use a notebook and pen to update his address book. These would make even more sense when it comes up to call boxes in town, telephones in houses and businesses, and the emergency roadside telephones on the highways (if they're used in Kentucky, I dunno actually). What do you think? Best, rumpel
  8. Sheamus


    I've been playing PZ for a while now and I was thinking if NPCs and NPC groups will be added soon there could be a way for these groups to communicate with each other, that thing could be a CB radio. It's not that rare, lots of trucks have them and other public buildings like police departments and fire departments. You couldn't craft it but maybe you'd need to fix it up with spare parts(with the electrician profession/skill/whatever if that gets added) and from time to time you'd need to fix it up again and maintain it to work, while you have electricity it could simply run from that, but after that you'd need batteries or generators or something. If you ask me it would add a great amount to the gameplay, like: -you'd get random radio chatter from time to time(from the army or from other survivors) -if you have other friendly survivor groups out there you could hook up tradings or just ask them to help you out with something -of course other friendly survivors would ask you to help them out for supplies or for reputation or whatever -from time to time people could ask you to let them in to your group, maybe because they're chased by a horde or by bandits, now you could chose if you'd tell them where's your safehouse just for them to lead the zeds to your open gates\angering the bandits for helping their victims or just leave them to their fates(this gives additional causes from your groupmates to get angry with you) -or you could get the same call that some survivors would like to join you, same you could let them in or leave them to fend for themselves. If you let them in you're risking that they're just bandits who wanted an easy way into your safehouse and now you're there for the murdering, or they'd just open your gates for their bandit buddies at night, of course they can be just normal survivors looking for a place to get by -if we'd take this to another level, there could be walkie-talkies to make calls to your safehouse or just to ask around for survivor groups if your not a part of one if they'd take you in(still another thing wich is pretty easy to find, there are lots of child toys and you could just as well find these at hunting ethusiasts or police officers and so on) And on top of that all I don't think it would be all that hard to put it into the game(not that I know anything about programming) but basically you're just having a conversation with a box.=D I probably forgot the half of the things I wanted to write but anyways let me know what you think of this idea.
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