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  1. I had a few ideas while I was playing online last night to improve the chat system. 1. (Hot keys for custom chat commands) First, I think it would be pretty nice to be able to hotkey custom commands for chat. So instead of having to stop and type out something you could simply hit a key and say whatever it is you wanted. 2. (Chat indicator when typing message) I noticed when playing with others we never know when someone is about to say something so there is alot of times where we are all awkwardly standing around wondering if the other player is about to say something or not. There should be some sort of indicator that someone is trying to communicate. Maybe some moving dots "..." or something that shows that a player is currently typing a message into chat.
  2. No, and I'm guessing it would work but this would simply mess with the settings that already work well on windows.
  3. Loving everything about zomboid so far. But one thing has somewhat annoyed me and it's how slow the mouse wheel scrolls through the inventory. You spend so much time in your inventory in this game and it's just one of the few things that really bothers me. You can't scroll very quickly through your inventory.. it's usually easier to just click the scroll bar and drag it but this is kinda annoying to do since it's really small and sometimes you might misclick and have to re select all your items again. If there was a way to adjust this or just make it scroll a little faster it would make navigating and organizing your items so much easier. Hopefully I explained that well enough.
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