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  1. rumpel

    Any minimap mod?

    Actually better than any in game minimap could be
  2. Loving this scientifically funded talking with vulgar outbursts!
  3. besides Erosion mod I just thought of different stages of treatment, which can be seen ingame; e.g. if you want to damage a wall with the sledgehammer, the wall could be depicted thrice: fully okay, then with beginning demolition, and last lots of holes in it – before it finally breaks.
  4. I just had it last year, and many ppl round me too, when pollen count was pretty high in Germany, that I had allergic symtoms for the first time in my whole life. That e.g. could be an aspect regarding the Erosion feature; as nature gets back built land, plant counts could go up leading to more reactions etc.
  5. I agree on this, but from an advanced point of view. I remember too well that I found it quite difficult to get away esp. when there're masses of zombies. Right now one knows how to go, to run, to fight, etc. So I think, perhaps both qualities should be in-game: The zoms as they are now esp. for starters in some kinda tutorial and/or easy SP mode; and the heavy, 'fleshy', more present ones for the normal and/or regular SP & MP; since anyone should play the SP first, I think, to get a feeling for the game physics esp. crafting, weather, interface, etc., the zoms wouldn't be the only threat regarding the everlasting quest for water & edible stuff; massive zoms would be THE ultimate unparalleled life threat. Gosh, I'd love these!
  6. Actually I think there's another point to spears actually; yes, they might be ineffective in direct combat, but they keep the enemy on distance, so a zombie might not be killed instantly, but you can keep it on distance, and with a few more attacks it could be killed. What I want to emphasize is the distance aspect regarding defence, since you could use spears to build whole walls and barricades out of it á la TWD and stuff
  7. "Please Mr. Zombie, a li'l patience, I just want to keep you warm a li'l bit!" I think that might be interesting in some kinda melee mode, but actually you couldn't control the fire once it really starts to burn; so there'd also be the risk you set yourself on fire. A flare indeed would make more sense in that although fighting with a flare could be very ineffective, since their durability in combat can't be pretty high. For light effect you could bind together the bat with a torchlight... but that would destroy the light within a few attacks I guess.
  8. afaik it's more common with vegetables, but I'm not that interested in playing russian roulette with maize and stuff but allergies in general could be a quite interesting aspect; in spring or fall there'd be an allergy developed against some grasses (or right now grasses in general) and trees (regarding a greater variety of them), so that you e.g. have to carry tissues in avoiding making loud noises (as it is with illness right now, but actually I often went through the rain and got wet, but never an illness evolved)
  9. I just switched from the IWBUMS branch to proper 28.3, no special cause for that but I'll wait till 29 then, have two to three other servers I'm playing and building on. And unfortunately 28.3 cannot connect to the IWBUMS branch, had that problem discussed earlier; if you try to connect game's stuck with "Connecting..."
  10. Ahh, mate. Why the IWBUMS build? Besides that: Are there any plans going to proper 28 or then 29 later? If so please let me know
  11. Hats would be orgasm-o-tastic! But though I not use them in real life, I'd like the idea of umbrellas and rain coats. And I think they would get more important with every day; since the weather can be even more harsh and no buildings can be found, once the Erosion Era begins, muhahahaha (can't wait for this)! But to keep it serious: I'd think twice before running into the rain without guard while it's Dec or Jan and freezing cold outside. It would even get more important with changing rain per metre and having a crazy thunder storm with heavy rain & hail.
  12. Dunno if this was a bug, but I actually met these on a server a while ago (build 27). Zombies that cannot be killed, are faster than normal ones in movement and attack speed.
  13. Ah, I forgot about the cell towers. Hmm, I guess the power aspect would perhaps work with a fuel generator powered radio-like telephone station. But keeping it real the question arises, what buildings might have one, except a little house in the midst of woods; in town only the police hq would, hmm. I was thinking of numbers to keep it more real, while this definitely would be the most comfortable way, for the developers and all the stuff they have to do and keep in mind too. But I actually like at least the idea of a game being micromanaged to such a stage, and PZ is the only game of that style I can think of, which could implement such features without being drawling.
  14. While playing a few times I came upon other players – partly trustable, partly not. There were also discussions on the global chat, the local chat and direct messages – and if they'll be possible/useful/etc. or not. What I was thinking about (since nearly everyone today has a smartphone), was: What about instantly having a simple mobile phone (that'd be totally according to the real world) from the very start in the game, with a specific number the user himself only knows, but none of the others. He can communicate with them via global chat, and can share his number there; or he can visit people, and let specifically them know his number via the local chat, so that only these players – being there in person – get to know his telephone number. Sharing it this way, only these will make contact later – via the said private messages –, when the other one's already gone to another part of town/of the map. For saving the numbers one could use the mobile or additionally (and more usefully, since he has no data when the mobile's batteries are low) use a notebook and pen to update his address book. These would make even more sense when it comes up to call boxes in town, telephones in houses and businesses, and the emergency roadside telephones on the highways (if they're used in Kentucky, I dunno actually). What do you think? Best, rumpel
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