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  1. Basixx

    Hydrocraft Mod

    I've been building some articles on the side to update but from what I've heard - the admin of the main wiki isn't a fan of mod articles being added or updated. I haven't contacted them to see what the stance is on that right now. OK so is there any other wiki pages for this mod or just the one on the official PZ wiki site ?
  2. Basixx

    Hydrocraft Mod

    Can I ask when the wiki will be updated? love the mod its just I'm finding a lot of items that I don't know what they do, or if they have a purpose. or if there is another place that has all the items listed and what they do.
  3. Basixx

    More interactions, comfort/relaxed moodle

    The hygiene was something I didn't really think the game would need, but it would be cool to have nonetheless. I find that when I'm playing there's a lot of interactions I wish were there, simple human interactions like sitting in a chair for example. Yes you could say it would be a mix between Sims and a zombie apocalypse but would it hurt to have your character feel more eh ... human As for the plates and eating with cutlery, it would be the same as eating a beans bowl to eating an open can of beans, you get the boredom and unhappiness debuffs from eating them out of a bowl, simple things like that. I didn't mean you wouldn't be able to rest at all, I just meant that resting wouldn't be as effective in a level 4 carpentry chair as it is in a level 7 carpentry chair . Another thing I thought of recently would be that you could get sick or infected eating from a frying pan you killed a zombie with? Its blood would be on the pan wouldn't it? same goes if you use a kitchen knife in cooking after killing zeds with it.
  4. So in the recent mondoid the devs said they are trying to make the world seem lived in/ liveable. So I thought on this while playing my SP character. I realised that my character wasn't able to physically sit down on a chair/sofa or lie down on a bed. To me, I think it makes my character look more like, you know a game character rather than an actual person. I enjoy thinking of my char as an actual person . It seems to me like this should be brought in and fits with what the mondoid said (sort of). I thought on it a bit more yesterday and came up with a few things I would like to see added. The ability for my character to physically sit in a chair/sofa. The ability for my character to physically lay in bed, and getting into bed before sleeping. Being able to read a book while sitting down. Reading standing up for several hours seems strange to me. Maybe a Comfort/Relaxed moodle. being relaxed would help ease pain of some injuries like fractures and leg injuries. Plates! Would love to make my character sit down at the table and eat of a plate with a knife and fork (as zeds casually knock on my windows). I also thought that maybe if you had the sleepyhead trait, you could accidentally fall asleep for a random amount if hours. Chairs made my carpentry level 4 would not be as comfy as chairs made from carpentry level 9, which makes sense. Hygiene could also be added. wearing the same clothes all the time etc. and getting covered in blood wouldn't exactly make me happy. perhaps being dirty could affect the characters mood and make him sad? In theory just stuff that makes the character seem like a person rather than just another character
  5. Basixx

    Famous Last Words

    "Go to Spiffo's if your hungry kind sir, their chicken tastes better than I do" as he slowly gets eroded away by a horde of 50 cause he thought shooting his gun was smart ...
  6. Basixx

    Cleaning up corpses safely !

    But they are rotting dead bodies? in theory they should have little to no water in their bodies leaving dry flesh and bones, in my mind zombies should be more flammable than a live person
  7. Basixx

    Cleaning up corpses safely !

    Yes, it will only take a few hundred years to accomplish carrying them all into one spot for disposal. Or get the mod that FlashFire made, get a shovel and "bury" them (Read: Disappear them) it's really the only good way to deal with xtreme numbers of corpses without leaving piles of annoying ash everywhere atm. Sounds like it works I shall try it and see thanks! But I will have problems finding a shovel to begin with. It would be (A) annoying not being able to find one and (B) very very very very very very dangerous
  8. Basixx

    Cleaning up corpses safely !

    ... Bleach? You can also "carry" corpses and drop them off somewhere... what I do is drop them off in an intersection, add a little gasoline, light a matchstick/lighter and you got yourself a bonfire... Now dance around it for you have triumphed!! O__O That is a possibility but I play on high zombie count and I'm not that good at the game literally moving all those bodies to a quiet place would be time consuming, and I have bad past experiences with burning corpses ....
  9. Basixx

    Cleaning up corpses safely !

    Any idea on how to clean up corpses without having to burn down the town? Don't enjoy the idea of having to burn them and the planet all in one go