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  1. You may have forgotten your steam ports, alternatively it could be you have a software level firewall that is preventing the process from talking to the outside world. If this is on a server OS (Like Windows Server) then you will also need to create port rules in Windows Advanced Firewall, if this is just a workstation OS (Like Windows 7,8 or 10) then you need to make sure the process isn't being automatically blocked.
  2. MountainSage


    If the map has been placed in global coords by the creator at a point that would connect to or replace vanilla chunks, I imagine it would work? If you subscribed to Louisiana but launched the singleplayer game with Muldraugh as your selected map I guess that means it works then?
  3. MountainSage


    As I understand it Mappers are able to place their map at global coords in the game world which can either connect to the vanilla map or even replace chunks the vanilla map. If you're talking about in Multiplayer, it can be done using the servertest.ini file, but if you mean Singleplayer, I think you can still get custom maps connected. Not 100% sure how though (I haven't touched singleplayer beyond testing scripts etc) but I know in the past, you could drag the contents of map folders into one big folder in your media/maps directory and then choose that merged map as your map to use ingame in sandbox, but that might no longer be nesecary
  4. Just woke up, checked indiestone, see 2 notifications. Brybry you just made my day <3 Edit: Dear god Brybry this is bloody beautiful. Shared this in Discord with a friend of mine I've been bouncing off ideas with for a whole bunch of mods we wanted to do and this solves a lot of issues/provides framework to learn more about PZ modding. Massive thank you
  5. There is one option but how useful it is depends on what kind of player base you're looking for. Surprisingly, the folder is named based on the IP that was entered by the user to connect to your server, not the IP the server has registered with steam as. So what you can do is either get a DynDNS that resolves to your server's IP or set up a domain you own to resolve to your server's IP dynamically. Then players wanting to connect can enter the DynDNS or your domain into the "IP" field on the Server browser screen in Zomboid along with their details like Name, Account Username, Account Password etc and save this to their saved servers list. The server will show as "Server not responding" in the saved server list but if you try connect despite that, you'll connect just fine and the save folder that is created will use the domain or the dyndns you entered as it's name instead of the current IP of the server. The downside of this is that this will only work if the player knows what to enter in the IP field before hand. The server will still show as normally in the public server list with the IP it's registered as instead of your domain, meaning any users connecting through there will continue to have the save invalidation issue. So TLDR? Yes there's a workaround but you'll need to find a way to give connecting users the IP to use. If you're looking to host a server for a group of people you can easily give said info to? Not that big an issue, just hand it out in a group chat or something. If you're looking to do a public server for anyone to join? Eh...Maybe add the domain they need to connect to in the server description along with a notice to connect manually?
  6. Huzzah! Good luck with the rest of the mod!
  7. Mine were made in photoshop by a friend of mine. 32x32, 32 bit depth, png
  8. Damn, was hoping we could try figure this out but I'm all out of ideas. Might be the pictures in the end after all. Your pictures are 32x32 and 32 bit depth PNGs though so those are supposed to work I thought. Sorry I couldn't be of more help
  9. Hmm, that looks to be alright. Ok, how about this. Does this happen with all items in your mod? I notice some of the stuff in your mod item list looks like it might be clothing? I could be wrong, but as I understand it Zomboid doesn't have explicit icons for clothing but instead generates one based on stuff like colour settings off a template image it has? Again, a bit off the wall, but since it seems like your textures are set up right, being loaded AND are set right in items, it has to be something a bit unusual. Do you have any non-clothing items in your mod at the moment that we could test an icon on perhaps? If not, try this and see if the same thing happens with a really generic item /************************ITEMS************************/item MIDebugItem { Weight = 0.5, Type = Normal, DisplayName = MI Icon Debug Object, Icon = CamelbackUCP, }
  10. Hmmm, ok. Well I guess let's work down all the possibilities, we'll find the cause eventually. Ok so first up, can you take a screenshot of the contents of the textures folder inside your mod or specifically the icons for two items you linked in your first post as shown inside the folder? Maybe it's a filename thing or perhaps even a folder directory? Your textures folder is: .../ mods/YOUR_MOD_NAME/media/textures/... right? And the filenames are "Item_<name>.png" right? (Item_CamelbackUCP.png for example)
  11. Hmm... What about if the items you're testing have entries in distribution? Throwing stuff at the wall here and seeing what sticks but try this and see if it's still the same? require 'Items/SuburbsDistributions';MISprites = {}MISprites.getSprites = function()getTexture("Item_AsssaultBackpackMulticam.png");getTexture("Item_AsssaultBackpackUCP.png");getTexture("Item_CamelbackMulticam.png");getTexture("Item_CamelbackMulticamEmpty.png");getTexture("Item_CamelbackUCP.png");getTexture("Item_CamelbackUCPEmpty.png");getTexture("Item_CarryallMulticam.png");getTexture("Item_CarryallUCP.png");getTexture("Item_GhillieSuitBottom.png");getTexture("Item_GhillieSuitTop.png");getTexture("Item_HelmetACH.png");getTexture("Item_IOTVMulticam.png");getTexture("Item_IOTVUCP.png");getTexture("Item_KitbagMulticam.png");getTexture("Item_KitbagUCP.png");getTexture("Item_KnifeCaseMulticam.png");getTexture("Item_KnifeCaseUCP.png");getTexture("Item_LegHolsterMulticam.png");getTexture("Item_LegHolsterUCP.png");getTexture("Item_MICH2000HelmetMulticam.png");getTexture("Item_MICH2000HelmetUCP.png");getTexture("Item_MilitaryKnife.png");getTexture("Item_PlateCarrierMulticam.png");getTexture("Item_PlateCarrierUCP.png");getTexture("Item_SFHelmetGreen.png");getTexture("Item_SFHelmetTan.png");getTexture("Item_SharpeningStone.png");getTexture("Item_ShirtMulticam.png");getTexture("Item_ShirtUCP.png");getTexture("Item_TacticalBackpackMulticam.png");getTexture("Item_TacticalBackpackUCP.png");getTexture("Item_TacticalBootsBlack.png");getTexture("Item_TacticalBootsTan.png");getTexture("Item_TrousersMulticam.png");getTexture("Item_TrousersUCP.png");table.insert(SuburbsDistributions["all"]["shelves"].items, "MilitaryItems.CamelbackUCPFull");table.insert(SuburbsDistributions["all"]["shelves"].items, 0.0);table.insert(SuburbsDistributions["all"]["shelves"].items, "MilitaryItems.CamelbackUCPEmpty");table.insert(SuburbsDistributions["all"]["shelves"].items, 0.0);endEvents.OnPreMapLoad.Add(MISprites.getSprites);
  12. Looking around a bit more into the game's source, I can find references being made to XPBoost in the java but can't see anything at first glance that points to a way of applying a boost to a perk on a character via Lua.
  13. Ayy just incase you missed it, I think I see what your problem was. Posted possible fix for you to your topic about icons

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