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  1. I had the exact same idea, knew someone else would have had to have suggested it. I also agree the umbrella should be equipped primary of secondary to work, and ideally they shouldn't be that easy to find. You could even have different coat variations with different quality of waterproofness, like the electronics (valu-tech, premium technologies, tactical etc.) Maybe have a flimsy rain mac, then a normal waterproof, then an explorer's coat (very waterproof). The same can be done with umbrellas: folding umbrella, golf brolly, expensive brolly (with durability increasing with quality and weight) Normal coat variations could include: - Winter Coat (some waterproofness, makes the character hot in summer) - Ski Jacket (more waterproof but makes character more hot) - Hi visibility jacket (waterproof, warm but more visible to zombies) - Fashionable coat (you know what i mean: looks nice but no waterproof qualities at all and barely any warmth offered, but looks dapper) - Any others you think would be good If raincoats become wet, and drying is added, the game could go broader: Clothes worn by the player should also become wet in the rain. Maybe have a wetness bar that fills up (which would also replace the towel duration bar). Hanging items over chairs could dry them, or hanging them on a washing line... but I suspect this is where the idea starts to get complicated. Where can you hang clothes? We'll need sprite animations like adding a sheet over a window. Ideally the sprite should match the item e.g. a vest should look like a vest hung over a chair, pants should look like pants, etc. Or you could just keep it simple and keep the current system, and just have 'waterproof' items slow the rate of wetting when you're outside.. Then add in as many or as few raincoat and coat types as you like. This must have crossed the devs' minds at some point!
  2. I'm about to post a suggestion (tl;dr: raincoats and umbrellas) but I should point out some things with the stickies in this Suggestions forum: All the links to the devs' "no"s are 404'd. So I can't see where the devs said no to all this stuff. It would be good to be able to see it, as we could make it into a wiki page, or add a "reasons" section at the end of the commonly suggested suggestions OP. It would be easy for the community to contribute to that, if we were given the sources for the info, as we could just write it out in posts and have the mods copypasta it into the OP
  3. Same with bags that can be equipped on your back. Scenario: You're looting some place and come across a better bag. You have a backpack and a baseball bat. You put the better bag in your existing bag, go back to your base, and there you equip your baseball bat primary, and equip your better bag secondary. Straight away, to equip your baseball bat primary, you must unequip it then equip primary. You do this to fight off zombies that may show up (I always keep a weapon equipped). So now you equip your better bag secondary, and start transferring across your loot from your old bag (on your back) to the better bag (equipped secondary) Now, how do you put the better bag on your back? That's right, you unequip both bags, then equip the better bag on your back. Now, how do you put equip the baseball bat in both hands? Yep, same again, unequip then equip in both hands. Really I'm suggesting a few things: 1) If you have a melee weapon equipped primary and another weapon equipped secondary, and you right-click another melee weapon and select "equip in both hands, the latter weapon should replace the former. Same with bags 2) If you have a bag on your back and you want to equip another bag on your back, the latter should replace the former. Same with melee weapons. 3) If you have a weapon equipped in both hands, and you equip something secondary, it should allow the weapon to be demoted to equipped primary. Essentially the scenario described above should be smoother IMO.
  4. I've just noticed I can add my own POIs to this but I don't think it works. I clicked "add POI", selected a random area on the map (tried it at lots of different zooms), selected the area (Muldraugh), added a title, left "add to official PZ map" DESELECTED because this is meant to be just my base markers, and nothing happened. Tried flushing my POIs and trying again. Nothing. Edit: Had to reload the map. Not refresh, i closed the tab and then re-opened it and they appeared. Cheers again for this amazing tool, it's so helpful and now I can make even greater use of it
  5. Good news! I have no idea to make it work with port forwarding, but I have a completely different method that you can break your balls over instead! I figured out how to create my own server, and wrote a guide on reddit on how to do it. Link here!
  6. EDIT: I GOT IT WORKING! And I wrote a guide, which I'll work to update as needed. Link here! Okay so I was following this guide It said to make my own server, do this: Go to your Library and then select "Tools". Scroll until you see "Project Zomboid Dedicated Server" and download/install it like you would with a game. Once downloaded, you start it. So, now I have it here as Picture 1 Now I open PZ and press "Online", and enter the info I want for my server as seen here in Picture 2 Notice it failed. So, how do I make PICTURE 1 work with PICTURE 2? Right now I can't even join my own server? Is the "add a server" window seen in Picture 2 used to Create a server, or to call up an existing one? Help, please?
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