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Found 8 results

  1. I've noticed that if my endurance reaches the point of exhaustion (the last stage) my fitness begins getting 1xp every few seconds. So if you combine the last stage of exhaustion and sleepiness you got an endless fitness farm by doing nothing since you can't get endurance back because you're sleepy.
  2. When you using Walk to and sprinting holding shift, endurance will not drain and will gain ( thinking its walking itstead of running ) Used on vanilla no mods. Found out while using Minimal display bar on other save game. Re-installed only Minimal display for showing purpose for the video BTW B41.54 is SICK!
  3. I was browsing reddit and this person found a door clip exploit using a office cubical wall against a door. More info in reddit post.
  4. Hello, I just wanna report a exploit in the beta build 41.50 in Steam I found for accident about magazines and how get infinite ammo whit this (I tested in singleplayer, only, I don't know if in multiplayers works but I think works too), I gonna point this exploit only works whit guns whit magazines (pistols more common), this don't work whit the revolvers, magnum, shotguns or rifles (exept the assault rifles) because they use directly the ammo for working, this is the process to get work this exploit, in this case I gonna show a simple M9 Pistol: Step 1: You equip your pistol (is not necesary use a hostler for this) Step 2: You eject the magazine until you have it in your inventory and you left click on the magazine options. You are going to point to the option Unload Magazine Step 3: When you get the magazine out and even with the window of its options open, you press the R key, which is to automatically reload the empty weapon, and in that period of time before the reload animation ends, you click on the option of Unload Magazine And that's it, When you finish reloading the weapon, it will automatically give the animation that you are emptying the magazine removing the bullets to a "ghost magazine", this exploit does not affect the bullets of your weapon leaving them intact, how you can see down, Im getting bullets from a magazine I don't have, and the gun don't loose any bullets inside of it (my theory this is some bug about animation and the queue trigger of events make this happend to remove bullets even there isn't a mag) And making you farm alot of ammo easy if you have time And yes, this exploit work whit any weapons needs a magazine (in this case I do it whit the D-E Pistol) And that's is the exploit I just found yesterday for accident, I hope this can be fixed soon in the next patch or someting, sorry if this isn't a video but I dont have the program to use it so I tried my best to point it in the screenshots here, thanks for your time c:
  5. I found 2 game mechanics which are really expoitable and im sure they are not intended. First is, that you can get rid of your Stress- and the Depressed-Moodle, by smoking 1 Cigarette and instantly canceling the Action. The Cigarette doesent get consumed, but your Anxiousness is gone. In a high pressure Situation, where u are surrounded by zombies it gives you so much more time to gain more accuracy within 1 second or even less. You can also repeat this as often as you want to get rid of your unhappiess, if you have picked the Smoker-Trait. This exploid makes the Smoker Trait really overpowered. Second is, that you can forage inside of a Car, which "could" be imaginable, but the danger of getting swarmed by zombies in the woods, while you are searching for suplies, should be there in my opinion. But additionally your also can drive your Car around while foraging. Feels abit weird PZ is really an amazing game, and love everything you guys did with it, but please fix these 2 bugs Greetings, luxlime
  6. This exploit allows the player to cheese boredom, stress, and sadness, removing the depth these functions add to the game. If you run while smoking a cigarette as a smoker, you can interrupt the process while still getting stress and sadness reduction. This can be abused over 5 times per cigarette. Imagine living off worms and never getting sad. Update Below photos show, before and after, half of a cigarette eliminating severe depression. The caveat is the lighter/matches will be the limiting factor since they are used after each interruption. Stress however becomes insanely easy to manage since it disappears after each occurance. The "smoker" becomes a positive trait with free points and eliminates the value given by antidepressants. I imagine a decent solution is to delay the positive mood buff until after the cigarette is finished. This should balance this exploit.
  7. If we leave the game after watching a TV show and go back in, the TV show is repeated and we gain XP again. This can be repeated as many times as you want, gaining infinite XP.
  8. Currently, you can cross the 50 weight mark on your character by various means. One example would be close to the 50 weight mark and filling gas cans, or water containers. Another example is unequipping your current item that you hold in hands and currently you can even have a furniture in one hand (speaking of which, all movables should only have option "equip in both hands", similar to corpses or generators. The only possible problem stemming from it would be overfilling floor, but I think overfilling floor is more realistic and balanced than overfilling player inventory.
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