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  1. The thing is when I start the car I only hear the gear noise but not the actual engine trying to start
  2. So I managed to grind enough skill to hotwire vehicles and when I did that vehicle didn't have enough battery charge to actually start, so it just made this gear change noise (I think) and the engine status would become orange (starting) then go back to gray (off) but I wouldn't hear anything other than that gear change noise, no engine rev no nothing. Then in a few seconds I wake up with the nearby horde of zombies coming towards the car trying to get a chomp of me. Thinking that it was a weird coincidence I decide to try starting the car again which resulted in that gear change noise again a
  3. So I started making beverages out of coffee and noticed that everytime I quit the game and come back in the fatigue reducing stat goes back to 50 and the beverages get even more fatigue reducing effects but the coffee uses remain the same. For example: I make a coffee beverage and the beverage has -5 fatigue and the coffee has -45 fatigue then I quit the game and come back in the coffee now has -50 fatigue and the next beverage has -10 fatigue. Then on the 5th beverage the coffee disappears and the mug has a -49 fatigue effect.
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