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Found 11 results

  1. Hello PZ world! Everyone knows about beta-blockers, which decrease fear and panic. I suggest to add an opportunity to take Beta2-adrenergic agonists (in Russian β2-адреномиметики) which have an interesting effect. Beta2 agonists help to catch a second wind very fast, because they increase sustainability to muscle loading. Its negative aspect is addiction may also be included into the game mechanics. Thank you for reading! Good luck!
  2. This mod adds a lot of medicaments and medicinal items. Hello everyone. I want to introduce you this mod which add immersion medicine in vanilla Project Zomboid. Translations: English / Russian Innovations System of blood types (ABO) Blood type is assigned to you randomly after game started. Each blood type have a unique features. To find out your blood group look into the console or apply a blood type test Blood types chances: System of blood transfusion System of blood transfusion allow you to do a blood donation. All you need is empty blood bag and refrigerator for storage. Also you can do a blood transfusion from blood bag to player. You need a I.V. Starter Kit. But remember that you need to know the compatibility of blood groups. Otherwise, you will die System of advanced meds properties Each pills also have a unique features. Aspirin like painkillers, activated charcoal help you from poisoning, fluoxetine is a powerful anti-depressant, tetracycline help you from sickness and poisoning, nitroglycerine heals you a little. Overdose of drugs Each med. drug is very dangerous if you don't know measure. Be careful with your health. Otherwise, you will die Cautery Now you can cauterize your bleeding wounds with heated knives and gunpowder. Cautery stops your bleeding but it leaves burns. Pharmacology Now you can craft your own pills! You need to learn book of pharmacology for new recipies and find all required components. Ethnoscience Now you can make herbal tea! You need to have "Herbalist" or "Scout" traits (This traits give you a bonus to searching!) to find all required herbs for cooking. Also you can examine all ingame herbs. Basic information is avaliable for everyone. For advanced information you need "Herbalist" trait. v. 2.0: Here is the list of included meds SPECIAL THANKS DOWNLOADS
  3. New version 1.3 released! Hello everyone. Some friends asked me to create a mod for smoking joints, and I knew that already on some outdated mods like Apocalypse +, a marvelous mod, you can do that. However, in my point of view, this a bit unrealistic. Marijuana appeared out of nowhere, and if you wanted to smoke more, you depended to find more joints or marijuana of fallen zombies or looted houses. Why not grow marijuana ourselves? In the real world you can, if permitted in your country. And if it is not allowed, it is equally cultivated. In addition, 99.9% of cops have become zombies, so the drug law no longer exists. If one person very accustomed to smoking marijuana survive a zombie apocalypse, probably at first is devoted to survive, find food, seek shelter and fortify this, etc. But once felt safe, maybe, and just maybe, wish back smoking again a joint. And not just a dry joint found in the pocket of a zombie. He wish to smoke Marijuana freshly harvested, cultivated with his own hands. Quality. And this is what makes this mod. With this mod you can do many things: These are new items (35) of the mod: Note: The first three icons are of Apocalypse+ mod. All credits to the creator. If necessary, I can change the icons. Note2: Marijuana seeds and its container, use generic icons of the game. Generic Items: Homemade Bongs: Acrylic Bongs: Glass Bongs: Cooking Recipes: - All about cooking recipes: - All about Cleaning of Bongs: Coming soon: In the near future: Testing: Compatibility: Known Bugs: Installation Problems: Multiplayer: Enjoy the mod and smoke Marijuana! Comment on and give tips please! Here is the new version of the mod, with its list of changes. Download link v 1.3: http://bit.ly/1yK1eyS Download link Build 29.4 Icons Hotfix: http://bit.ly/1vEqUjx 29.4 Hotfix Installation: Changelog:
  4. now your probbably thinking if you were to add drugs to the game there would be multiple bans around the world eg australia the country i live in but the thing is you could make up fake names for them for eg sumptum which for eg gives you lest resistance to zombie bites and scrathes but you go crazy so you start tyelling out randomly or you randomly fire or swing your weapon but when npc's are added and for eg you do have some drugs and you ask them if they want to follow you or something like that they dont trust you because your crazy and there also should be an addiction as well
  5. Curious as to peoples view on it? I've posted to erowid but it was quite obvious what the response was. Personally I think it's everybody's right to put what they want into their body. I'd love to have a debate if anyone would have it. I do not condone illicit drug use despite my view, as its still illegal.
  6. Maska_zgz

    Cocaine Mod

    Cocaine Mod 1.0: Despite the danger of being known as the drug dealer of the forum, some users have asked me for this mod, and as I do not want to add these features to my Marijuana mod, I uploaded a separate version here. The mod is very simple. Cocaine was introduced into the game world, being able to consume this. You can also create Cocaine Cigarettes, putting some cocaine in a cigarette, which entails a somewhat stronger effect. These are the new items (3): Sachet of Cocaine: Dose of Cocaine: Cocaine Cigarettes: - Cocaine effects: - Side Effects: - Visible effects of cocaine on the character: - Distribution of items: - Compatibility: - Known Bugs: - Multiplayer: - Download link: http://bit.ly/1wJAvjE - Download link 29.4 Icons Hotfix: http://bit.ly/1uvjRT3 Enjoy the mod!
  7. Helmets I seen the commonly suggested posts and seen the armor as a maybe, So here are my thoughts on it, I think football gear would be realistic armor for a couple reasons being BREAKABLE, Still can be scratched, but still have a resonable weight and defensive choice. Running would shorten along with combat and a football helmet would reduce vision but still keep that nogan safe CLEATS!!! (just thought of this) Better traction meaning FASTER but loud when on concert roads or wooden floor. (wanna keep this short) Throwing mechanics I seen a something posted about a rock being a idea which would be awesome! I think being able to get zombies to move a short distance away from the area seems fair with a small nosie ratio. Breaking windows from a distance would be excellent for them one window sheds i try to avoid. But I also think things like a hammer should be thrown to help out run a 2 zombie attack maybe appling slight damage since he is already dead and giving them a nudge back. But i also think the skill for this should be very VERY hard to level if not impossible to be able to hit zombies with a kitchen knife from even a close distance. That being said i think there should be a chance system if the knife sticks, it should be retrived but if thrown it shall be gone forever, or broken... nothing to over the top cause nobody wants loot all over the map cause some guy is spamming knifes! Drugs (touchy subject i know... least i think) So, my idea only for realism not the promotion of such acts. But i seen pain blockers and sleeping pills in games. If thats the case there should be speeders for being faster but stomach aches, sickness, increased panic aka PARANOIA and lack of eatting but severely close of ODing by just taking one to balance out the worth of taking it and not. Mood stablizers just for anger and depression. Nothing to important but i think should be added.
  8. I believe addiction is something that the developers intend to add, so wanted to just share some of my thoughts on how this could work. Firstly, there would be an 'Addictions' menu which could appear with the other character tabs. In this menu, there would be a table which would show an item, and next to it a percentage of how addicted your character is (things at 0% won't be shown). All 'addictive' items would have a 'addiction risk' when hovering over them, so you can avoid accidentally getting addicted. Once you are addicted to something, if you go for an amount of time (depends on the item, and how addicted you are) without a fix, your character will get these moodles: Fidgeting - Could do with some <ITEMNAME> Withdrawal - In need of a fix, starting to feel symptoms Bad Withdrawal - Feeling the withdrawal symptoms badly After going through bad withdrawal for a certain amount of time (depends on the addiction risk), you'll be through it, however you'll be at risk of becoming addicted very easily if you go back to taking the item. If there are NPC's taking items that you are addicted to, your character will start 'fidgeting' and depending on the symptoms, can become angry with the person. The withdrawal symptoms would really only add more moodles such as tiredness, weakness, sickness, fear, anxiety, etc. We already have these moodles in place so this should be fairly easy. The symptoms you get depends on your traits and the item you're addicted to. For example a 'brooding' or 'short tempered' character should get angrier without alcohol (if they are addicted). Anyway, I just came up with this now, hopefully some of these ideas can be useful!
  9. #=======================================# The Cure Mod By Bassair, with help from Keri For Project Zomboid Build 21 #=======================================# (If I'm missing for more than six months, feel free to recreate, edit and post at will, but please credit me!) #Mod information: This installs a cure into the game. I'm not going to give many details, but it adds a variety of drugs (both legal, invented and illegal), and a hypodermic needle. When you combine three of the drugs, some of the in-game drugs and five sachets of cocaine, you get a zombie cure vial. It's up to you to work out which drugs you combine to make the cure and how to take it. And remember... drugs have side-effects, especially a zombification cure. The idea of the mod, for me, was to make a cure that wasn't too over-powered or easy - you only get a few shots, you have to figure out how to use it and you have to assemble all the pieces - while still providing a way to keep playing when you have that perfect safehouse. The optional cheatcode was just... well, a cheat code. #Installation: Install like any other mod. #Notes: When you right-click the cure, it sometimes doesn't give you the option to 'Inject'. When this happens, drop down the menu (like you would a stack) and right click the individual cure. It should then let you inject. There should be enough in each world for 1-2 doses of the cure. Once you run out, that's it. There is a cheat file available here, which is a .lua file you put into the media\lua folder inside my mod. You can hit Z and get an instant zombie cure. #Planned updates: Updating it for Build 23 when it comes out if necessary.Upping the distribution when multiplayer becomes available, maybe.Adding readable files to the game so the cure has a story behind it and you can learn how to make the cure from those.Making the cocaine usable. Maybe.#Download Link The mod can be found here. Comments on how well the mod does or doesn't work and suggestions are welcome.
  10. Simple enough. If you consume a lot of cigarettes or alcohol over a period of time, you become addicted. If you go long enough without the respective item after becoming addicted, you will suffer consequences like increased irritability and such. If you use these items often in certain circumstances, you will begin to "need" to use them when those circumstances arise. This bit's gonna be a bit off the wall; Other less legal (But hey, what's law in a zombie apocalypse?) drugs could be added with their respective positive and negative effects. Heroin (and Morphine): Positive effects: Pain relief (For extreme pain/agony) Negative effects: Incapacitation Queasiness (Vomiting implemented?) on first few uses NPC interaction effects: Incapacitated (Higher chance to be robbed, outright killed etc.) Risks: High addiction rate Zombie infection or other disease when administered with non-sterile needle Required materials: Syringe, Lighter, Spoon, Belt Cocaine: Positive effects: Reduced mental fatigue Reduced physical fatigue Fearlessness Negative effects: Post-high; Pain (Headache) Physical and mental fatigue NPC interaction effects: Increased aggression Risks: Mid-high addiction rate Cannabis: Positive effects: Massive stress relief Boredom reduction Negative effects: Massively increased susceptibility to panic Slightly increased susceptibility to physical fatigue Neutral effects: Drowsiness NPC Interaction effects: More suggestible (Player would have a higher chance to be forced to concede to aggressive NPCs) Risks: Low addiction rate Queasiness Required materials: Cigarette, lighter OR (If added) Tobacco, Papers, lighter Bong/pipe, lighter OR Cooked into edibles (Can you bake cakes and cookies in this game yet?) Ecstasy: The PC feels a compulsion to hug and rave with any zombie/npc in sight. PCP: Control of the PC is revoked from the player; Watch as your character goes on a rampage fighting dragons, minatours and life-size Spiffos hell-bent on world domination. When NPC survivors are added, your use of drugs, if witnessed or obvious could have an effect on their loyalty to you. If a given NPC is a drug addict themself, they may pressure you to use them, threaten you for them etc. There could also be pertinent traits that increase your resistance to addiction and such.
  11. Demnex


    I HAVE CAME BACK TO MAKE THIS SUGGESTION ONCE AGAIN! I have made it before but it was before the big forum update So here we go We should add Drugs. WHY YOU SAY?! Because it'll add so SO much diversity within game-play. I was thinking you'll be able to grow it or find it in people homes since the farming is already it why not? And it'll add more gameplay with having to grow it and such. Their would be many different drug types including Cocaine, Marijuana, Meth, PCP?, Heroin. (Maybe more) Now I was thinking each drug would have its own ups and downs (Depending on how much you use it/the amount you use) There could be these different actions Addiction - The player now NEEDS the drug to survive. If he doesn't use it to a certain time limit he gets a large withdraw effect Overdose - The play could die taking too much of the drug. Effects - Cocaine Would have speed improvement abilities for a short-while but then you come down from the high you will feel nauseous or something of that. Marijuana will sooth you and get rid of small pains and make your movement A BIT impaired. (Depends on how much you smoke) But you get the drift! And off course smoking comes with a risk of zombies smelling it... BUT WAIT THERE'S MORE Since the drugs are in the game there's going to be people looking and killing for them in gangs...
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