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  1. Hey man big fan of your marijuana mod.. if you ever happen to come back to the PZ world would love for you to update it.

  2. I feel the problems, but I am still updating the mod to build 31. Whenever I updated to a new build, I had to change something important in a file. In builds 31.7, 31.8. 31.9 and 31.10 have been changes that affect the mod files. So I'll wait a little longer. Also, as I said earlier, I'm still working on the new version, which improves drastically, from my point of view, all the mod. The new version added very very large changes, very costly in time to perform, so still not going to be released a new version. I work every day in the mod, spending all my free time, but real life is odious sometimes ... I've been many weeks without playing PZ, since I only do modding. Today, after returning from my work, I have spent today full three hours working in the mod, and possibly I will work other five hours more working on the mod. 8 hours today, and so almost every day. So please, a little patience, I hard work on the mod, and I'll upload it to the forum when ready, not before. I do not like the fast and bad things. All good things take time. Sorry. And thanks for your patience.
  3. I fully support this initiative. A magnificent work, blindcoder. From now on, if this mod is still in development, all new versions of my mods will be compatible with tiny_avc. It would be possible that this mod will be updated for the latest beta builds? EDIT: I downloaded the latest version (0.4.5) but nevertheless, in the screen of mods, tiny_avc shows the version 0.4.4, and tiny_avc.txt file in your mod folder also indicates that the version is 0.4.4. This is intentional?
  4. Good job! this will help many people. I have an unfinished mod that adds a dozen of new crops to the game (Marijuana apart...), but currently do not have much time to do it, since my other mods already published are hogging all my time. Maybe with your help, someone do a great mod for farming! Good job!
  5. Maska_zgz

    Literature mod

    I love this mod, so I'll keep working on it. But the complexity of the changes of Marijuana mod are delaying my work on my other mods. Sorry.
  6. The mod is not yet available for build 31 because of all the new features that are being added to the mod. There are many new things added in the mod in this new version. These new features mean thousands of new lines of code, and my time is very limited. I'm working every day in the mod, sometimes 10 hours, and sometimes just an hour, according to the time available. So I can assure you that I am working on the mod, but not when it will be finished. I hope that the mod is ready when the build 31 be official, or shortly after, but this depends on my free time. If you have trouble downloading the mod, I can give you the mod by other means once it has been finalized, no problem. How to add new crops is easily understood through my mod, but now I do not have time to explain it, as there are many files involved. Especially because I want to devote all my time in the upgrade of my mod. Perhaps in the future, I make a small tutorial about it.
  7. I'm no expert, but I'll try to help. If I say something wrong, please correct me. These errors are because of my "Literature mod". These errors do not prevent play. You can play without any problem despite them. However, the mod is not yet upgraded to build 31. In a few days will be updated. You should never install mods without knowing if they are updated for new builds. In this case, if you use the outdated version, you will lose many new items added by the new builds. This error maybe is caused by the mod "Extended Buildings Option", I'm not sure of it . I do not use this mod yet, so I dont know the consequences of that mistake. Again, you are using a mod that has not been updated for buid 31. And surely this mod needs to be updated, since I assume that new skill changes necessitate an update. As before, you should never install mods without knowing if they are updated. These other errors seem to be caused by sprites that should not be hoppable. However, I believe that these errors do not cause any serious flaw in the game, beyond some sprites that do not work as they should. However, these errors seem to be to blame for your problem. It seems, you have placed your spawnpoint incorrectly, or the game does not recognize your spawnpoint, and generate your character in 0,0,0. And this square is not valid. You must ensure that you have added successfully the spawnpoint for your character, and if you do it, the game is started correctly, I guess. And also you should make sure to uninstall the mods that are not suitable for new build, and wait until they are updated. Several mods of your list have not updated apart from those mentioned above. Maybe these mods work equally, but you should make sure. I hope I have been helpful. Edit: The best way to install new maps and mods in the game, besides know if they are updated for the new build, is to install one by one, and enter into the game to see if it works correctly. One by one. It's very tedious, I know, but it's the safest way to install new maps and mods, and if you do you will avoid many problems.
  8. For the moment, and with the available tools, it seems impossible to create or modify Moodles. Maybe someone able to explore the bowels of the game, through java decompiling, and modifying something, can achieve something, but those with more humble knowledge, as I, can do nothing. There are several threads in the forum of people trying to modify or create a moodle, and the answer is always the same. It is still not possible. If I'm wrong, please, someone correct me. And please, teach me how to make a moodle. Would be happy to have a customized moodle for the mod.
  9. Perfect!. Developers have already fixed the problem of negative hunger when drinking alcohol. Apparently, the bug also affected the effects of poisoning and rotten food. This team of developers is great! We can now proceed with the development of the mod!.
  10. Nothing. Even after achieving through of lua to appear the drunk moodle in negative level of hunger, the moodle disappears again almost instantly, I guess because the game detects the level of negative hungry. For now I will leave this subject, dedicating myself to finish the mod and add the planned things, and hopefully the devs say something about it. I created a New Topic in the bugs section to see what they say about it. http://theindiestone.com/forums/index.php/tracker/issue-1408-moodle-does-not-work-properly/ This is the thread. Hopefully someone say something, and the thread is not lost in oblivion...
  11. Maska_zgz

    Literature mod

    Yes, I'll update this mod directly to build 31. This will be done when I finished to update and improve my marijuana mod. And for this still a few days left. Sorry.
  12. I have achieved through lua around the problem, but only partially. Now, when the level of hunger is first class, that is "Peckish", the Drunk moodle appears correctly. But in other levels of negative hunger does not appear. I keep trying to force to the moodle to appear on all levels of negative hunger. I have still hope to achieve it, but that means more time ... That sounds like a bug to me. have you posted it on the tracker / the support forum? Do not think it's a bug, but rather a quick and easy way to implement this moodle in the game. But hey, I'll post it today in the bugs section to see if we are lucky. Thanks for your interest, blindcoder.
  13. After many tests, I discovered today why often the drunk moodle not appear after consume whiskey or any other object with tag "Alcoholic = TRUE". Apparently, the moodle is linked to hunger. I mean, if you drink whiskey, and your hunger level is negative, the alcoholic effect does not appear. Never. But when hunger level is positive, the alcoholic effect appears without problems... If I can keep my character in a low level of hunger steadily, I could get to drink more than ten bottles of whiskey with no alcoholic effect. This is very bad and strange for any player who wants to drink whiskey, and wants to get drunk. It is rare the link of the alcoholic effect to a positive level of hunger. And the trouble is that this can not be changed through lua, according to I think. It is possible to change or avoid this somehow? I have personal interest on this, due to my mod, but also I think it's a little weird this link of these two factors of the game. Thanks in advance.
  14. Bad news. I discovered today why often the drunk moodle not work with the mod. Apparently, the moodle is linked to hunger. I mean, if you smoke a joint, and your hunger level is negative, the alcoholic effect does not appear. Same with whiskey. But when hunger level is positive, the alcoholic effect appears without problems ... This is very bad for the mod, because the joints must cause hunger, and is a strange way of doing things. It is rare the link of the alcoholic effect to a positive level of hunger... It makes little sense... And the trouble is that this can not be changed through lua. I'll have to invent a way to avoid this...
  15. Build 31 or 30.16?. The mod works perfectly on build 30.16. I can pour any item of water without problems.
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