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    i did like it - its was good but however rare case i saw fog on load that filled up starter house but i played again - fog isnt there anymore but works well
  2. 794: i noticed some garage/lock up doors are not openable to access the room that is not accessible - just make a garage/lock up door workable 795: elevator - i noticed the elevator door and call button does not work but could create a workable elevator eg has power (electrical) or from genantor - if elevator has no power - the doors should be able to be forced open 796: double commerical Sliding doors - i think its time to add those doors - unlike ones that found in houses - the doors can be opened by automatic sensors 797: trains - drive trains on rails
  3. rsdworker

    RELEASED: Build 39 - The Vehicles Build

    i played the game and its was great but i think fuel is too fast running out when i use car etc i think its should be long time eg few days of fuel rather suddenly having to refuel every few minutes for example long distance driving could be hard also other transportion would be nice eg trains and bicycle and motorcycles etc
  4. rsdworker

    Office tower (verison 2 out)

    i have updated its Should have 7 floors - the new link will be up shortly but older link for version 1
  5. rsdworker

    Office tower (verison 2 out)

    i am going update this tower - i will be chopping one floor off to make 7 floors with roof
  6. rsdworker

    Maximum number of Floors ?

    yeah - i need update to change one floor to make 7 floors with roof
  7. rsdworker

    Maximum number of Floors ?

    well in my tower (i created it was 10 floors - i cant remember i will check over) Update = 8 floors with roof - its seems there isnt a actual limit - i cant recall a tall tower with more than 7 floors
  8. rsdworker

    Bedford Falls (Test V2)

    thank you for my office building being in it - its amazing to see nice map
  9. rsdworker

    User Created Lots

    great to see my building go in list its was first modding for me
  10. rsdworker

    Office tower (verison 2 out)

    sure you can put office in your map - thanks for credit Note: please remember to give a credits to me for this great Office building
  11. rsdworker

    Office tower (verison 2 out)

    Updated - i have link to my file so you can grab here see my first post
  12. rsdworker

    Office tower (verison 2 out)

    i created a 7 story office Block with 68 offices and 13 breakout rooms and 1 CEO office and One cateen and several closets and Toilets and one lift shaft (has no working lift) and 2 emergency staircases (emergency exit at ground) and one Safe room at 8th floor also Roof level can be acccessed via Safe room the main staircase can seen in centre of layout any questions or comments/feedback is welcomed File is here: Version 2: Version 1: Credit: please make sure add Credits to me if you want put the my Office building in your Maps
  13. rsdworker

    Suggestion for Mods forum

    i agree with it - its better for modders
  14. rsdworker

    Suggestion for Mods forum

    we have Map forum in Mod but its missing Buildings Forum for buildings that not be in Maps - aka stand alone buildings
  15. rsdworker

    5 story apartment

    very exellent - looks great