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  1. It's a mod map, the other side of the fence gate is fine except of the low health, but this side crashes the games immediately if you try to open it
  2. I understand why this is happening. Though I think you can make the left side tile turns on the top oven and right side tile turns on the bottom oven.
  3. The duct vent used to display correctly, but after an update there is an layering issue
  4. It should be displayed as normal short fence
  5. Repeatable. Player can also walk through it. Both fence gate can be destroyed by one axe hit.
  6. Thank you! I saw it now. It's really interesting it is in Accessibility, I thought it would be in Key Binding
  7. Because now when you want to manage your items while running, it just switches inventory between different bags, makes inventory management during running impossible
  8. Now when the player gets "Drowsy" moodle, a heavy penalty applies on the combat. It would be more reasonable to start the penalty at "Tired", and makes "Drowsy" a warning sign to player.
  9. It used to be zombie can't climb through both setup, but after a update, now zombie can climb the top one. This maybe a glitch. The setup on the top looks better in some situations.
  10. Take Antibiotic when you feel sick, it is not the zombie infection but the normal infection killed you with the fever
  11. This glass wall corner piece is not transparent, you can't see through it
  12. This happened to custom map too. The maybe some error on the order of the tiles, or a layering error
  13. Zombie now can broke the glass on the other side of the metal gate and climb through it. BTW the glass panel now shows its edge, which looks weird
  14. Nomis is stuck in fishing animation, check the video for detail. timecode included
  15. Because welding mask can't be equipped to secondary anymore, the metal options are gone.
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