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  1. sink on floor in the university lab bathroom missing toilet and sink in kicthenware store Desk through wall in funeral home bar tile was built with old map edit in Eluee arena Sink on the floor in Sweet Satisfaction oven overlap is The Plump Cornucopia counter facing wall in Gastronomie
  2. This south-east corner tile of this specific railing will prevent player running pass it from all direction, just like north-west corner wall. This one is inside the expo center, coord in the second pic, and it bugs out anywhere else in the map too
  3. Xonic

    Milky Milky

    Please make these new tiles have 4 orientations in the map editor, it will really help the mappers. Plz
  4. Will the tools updated includes all the new brand signs in the ISO mode? Or we have to set up ourselves ?
  5. Xonic

    Happy New Yearoid

    CONGRATULATIONS! AWESOME JOB dev team! I got 1300 hours on this game now. BEST indie purchase I ever made!
  6. Box blocking the door in the store southwest of the university Wall trim error in the court house office A random table outside the restaurant south of the police station Jukebox blocking the door in a bar north of the police station stair missing railing in an apartment building north of police station microwave facing wrong direction in the same apartment building 1st floor office, north of the police station triangle wall tiles failed to fade away in city hall Wall trim error in city hall No concrete path in front of the door in downtown medical center Chair inside counter in police station forensic building Stair mistakenly moved one tile to north in train station Wall trim error in Jay's chicken headquarter Door frame error in warehouse north of the train station
  7. My pleasure. I LOVE the new LV. Spend hours exploring it. I just wanna do my part to help to make the map even better and save the dev team debugging time. I found more errors, today. Though I didn't figure out how to display coordinates, so the dev have to use the mini map as location reference. I will post the screenshots below:
  8. Door to a wall in the kitchen knife factory changeroom. Missing floor in Unit1 in this attached housing building Double table in the second floor bedroom of the homeless shelter Raining inside the second floor of auditorium in humanity building of LSU and second floor empty space in the admin building. The cause of this is the room def is "emptyoutside". The science building auditorium should have the same issue too Double counter in the LSU student union
  9. That one is in a commercial building north of the Mass-Genfac warehouse. I'm doing a room-by-room debug for the whole LV right now. I find a few more map errors, though I didn't display map coordinates in these screenshots (will do in the future). You can use the mini map to get where the location is, the dev mapper probably can tell with the screenshots. I will post more screenshots below
  10. Shelf blocked boor in kitchen counter factory Door opens to wall
  11. Like in this video, in current build, some zombie spawn number in a room don't make logical sense and could be reduced
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