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  1. Sometime you run out of lighter before you run out cigarettes. I think you could use other fire source to light up cigarette.
  2. Zombie now can broke the glass on the other side of the metal gate and climb through it. BTW the glass panel now shows its edge, which looks weird
  3. Nomis is stuck in fishing animation, check the video for detail. timecode included
  4. Because welding mask can't be equipped to secondary anymore, the metal options are gone.
  5. the swoosh plays when the axe is swing back at this moment, which is too early. It should be play when the axe is chopping forward. Nice new animation btw
  6. There is a black antenna comes out of each chair.
  7. The shelf with 4 hangers is no longer a container and can't be looted. Other shelves are missing world filler btw.
  8. This specific displaycase and grocerstand are not registered in the new lua. They are used to be included in version 40.
  9. The max number is too low, same with pharmacy shelves ={ procedural = true, procList = { {name="GigamartBottles", min=1, max=6}, {name="GigamartCrisps", min=1, max=4}, {name="GigamartCandy", min=1, max=4}, {name="GigamartBakingMisc", min=1, max=6}, {name="GigamartDryGoods", min=1, max=16}, {name="GigamartCannedFood", min=1, max=16}, {name="GigamartSauce", min=1, max=2},
  10. After you clicked Add gasoline on a vehicle, the character would walk to the gas tank, but if the gas can is in a bag, the character will only take the gas can out the bag and then stops. Have to click Add gasoline again to put gas in vehicle.
  11. The whole point of ice CREAM is that it doesn't freeze into solid unlike popsicle. Spoon can easily dig into common ice cream like Haagen-Dazs as soon as it was taken out of the freezer, and has to be eaten in a short time, usually between half to one hour, before it melts into a sticky mess. Man, you must be having some bootleg ice cream.
  12. happened to me too. Around 5th night. Shorter than 1 second after clicking Sleep, game crashes
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