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  1. Performance improvements for high zombie density. Yuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuus
  2. There is distribution options??? How can I set it???
  3. In some multiple-floor buildings there can be a large amount zombie in very close proximity as in the screenshot ( Normal population). Even in the parking lot there will be a lag spike every 10-15 seconds. Though with the zombie number decreasing (killed) to about 2000-3000 zombies, the frame rate become normal again.
  4. My ham is the best! Nobody can beat my meat!
  5. Since an update a month ago, the game lags heavily when there are above 5000 zombies in the cell. Is optimization also in the plan?
  6. Xonic

    Zed OwnerZhip

    Is the new interior detail overlay disabled in the "Furniture store" and "Empty" loot table?
  7. Just like how you change clip, you can press Reload to change your flash light's battery when there is no gun in your inventory. Or you can Press Ctrl+R to change battery if you are using gun.
  8. It's a mod map, the other side of the fence gate is fine except of the low health, but this side crashes the games immediately if you try to open it
  9. I understand why this is happening. Though I think you can make the left side tile turns on the top oven and right side tile turns on the bottom oven.
  10. The duct vent used to display correctly, but after an update there is an layering issue
  11. It should be displayed as normal short fence
  12. Repeatable. Player can also walk through it. Both fence gate can be destroyed by one axe hit.
  13. Thank you! I saw it now. It's really interesting it is in Accessibility, I thought it would be in Key Binding
  14. Because now when you want to manage your items while running, it just switches inventory between different bags, makes inventory management during running impossible
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