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  1. Quits to the main menu and load again when the stutter starts
  2. Like in this video, in current build, some zombie spawn number in a room don't make logical sense and could be reduced
  3. Xonic


    Love the city progress news! Will the indoor zombie spawn mechanism adjust for all the big buildings in the city? Currently the indoor zombie spawn mechanism will cause massive lag in big buildings like the mega mall mod.
  4. Xonic

    Xonic's Mega Mall

    There is one in the Farming and rural supply store
  5. Xonic

    Last Boy Zcout

    I think after a gun is shot, the could play birds flip the wing and flee sound effect and disable bird sing for few minutes until things quiet down.
  6. Xonic

    Really Useful

    I'm wondering could we have the really satisfying punchy sounds like in GTA 4 when we hit zombies with car ?
  7. Even the food is still fresh. I used eris food expire date mod and more traits mod, don't know if they are affect this.
  8. Xonic

    Ohio Orio

    I think the dryer starting sound effect should be the old school knob sound instead of the digital beep, kind like this: the more modern blue washer machine can have that digital beep
  9. Xonic

    Ohio Orio

    oh god I want more malls in PZ =w=
  10. Xonic

    Ohio Orio

    What's the second floor of the mall gonna be like?
  11. Xonic

    Ohio Orio

    Ohhh As a mall person I approve this update. If you want, I would love to contribute the Xonic's mega mall to the Louisville map expansion
  12. I used some mod, but I don't think any one of them involved cabbage. It has been frozen for few weeks
  13. After thaw this cabbage and used part of it for trapping, it got crazy unhappiness
  14. Now when the music changes, it just suddenly stops. If there is a fade in and fade out between music switch, it will make the game feels much polished
  15. It's the three houses by the lake in west point
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