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  1. Currently, all channel broadcast the show at the same time, if your watched one channel you would miss all other channel's content. How about we mismatch the show time so there is always content on TV if you switches the channel? For example, keep Life and living's 12:00 show on 12:00, but move PawsTV's 12:00 show to 13:00, triple-N's 12:00 show to 14:00 and so on. So that you can get the gameplay benefit of Life and living but also keep track of other story content the devs paid a lot efforts to create.
  2. The whole point of ice CREAM is that it doesn't freeze into solid unlike popsicle. Spoon can easily dig into common ice cream like Haagen-Dazs as soon as it was taken out of the freezer, and has to be eaten in a short time, usually between half to one hour, before it melts into a sticky mess. Man, you must be having some bootleg ice cream.
  3. happened to me too. Around 5th night. Shorter than 1 second after clicking Sleep, game crashes
  4. I think it should be added to gardenstore, farmstorage and farm crate in warehouse loot table too, or even shed and storageunit.
  5. The problem is that the old Pharmahug loot table have been totally removed and replaced by an identical copy of convenient store loot table. Now in the game there is no loot table for medicines on shop shelves anymore. It's impossible to make pharmacy that dedicated purely to medical supplies anymore in custom maps. I think if the devs wants to replicate the store with food, they should just change the room definition to convenient store instead of removing a very unique loot table.
  6. The interior turns black when looks inside the building, change the distance from the building will fix the issue
  7. The rain loads in the unexplored part of interior
  8. Can the pharmacy loot table returns to the old one? Or can the old loot table of pharmacy be available in the lua file, but with a different name? In American, pharmacy like CVS is all medicine and related. At this moment, there is no loot table for medicine to spawn on shop shelves, but there is already an identical replacement of the current one: conveniencestore loot table
  9. Xonic

    Xonic's Mega Mall

    Thank you! Hope to contribute to PZ community more!
  10. could also have some wall mount cabinets about the counter=w=
  11. Xonic

    Xonic's Mega Mall

    Thought about an challenge in this map: From 6 hours to 6 months It is like the You have one day challenge, but you only have 6 hours to prepare before the horde of "homing" zombies come and the water, power shut off. The win condition is too survive 6 months in this map.
  12. Xonic

    Xonic's Mega Mall

    The mall is now entering public beta testing now =w= Download the mall testing version here: https://www.dropbox.com/s/5ayrbv24wcuykaa/Xonics Mall.rar?dl=0 The building is finished, the parking lot is still under construction If you see anything (except the railing, there are coding issues in the editor and the fix is on the way) that you feel odd inside the mall building, just post to this topic =w= And thank cardenaglo for contribute to this mall project for making the parking lot.
  13. Other people told me they have the same problem, too, and now the only solution it's to create a custom tiles set to replace the wrong tiles. So this could be an editor issue. And I thought I was posting in the help forum, must be a misclick of me. If any moderator sees this, please move this topic to the help section, thanks.
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