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  1. Thought about an challenge in this map: From 6 hours to 6 months It is like the You have one day challenge, but you only have 6 hours to prepare before the horde of "homing" zombies come and the water, power shut off. The win condition is too survive 6 months in this map.
  2. The mall is now entering public beta testing now =w= Download the mall testing version here: https://www.dropbox.com/s/5ayrbv24wcuykaa/Xonics Mall.rar?dl=0 The building is finished, the parking lot is still under construction If you see anything (except the railing, there are coding issues in the editor and the fix is on the way) that you feel odd inside the mall building, just post to this topic =w= And thank cardenaglo for contribute to this mall project for making the parking lot.
  3. Other people told me they have the same problem, too, and now the only solution it's to create a custom tiles set to replace the wrong tiles. So this could be an editor issue. And I thought I was posting in the help forum, must be a misclick of me. If any moderator sees this, please move this topic to the help section, thanks.
  4. when the mall is finished there will be an update in this topic =w=~~
  5. It actually performed very well on my laptop and I think majority of the players could play without lags
  6. It seems there is some coding error in the Building Editor. Some tiles may had the ID code from another tile, as some railings, walls and furniture looks normal in the editor, but become another tile in game. Below are few examples
  7. it's so creepy alone at night in the mall, you guys gonna love it! very unique PZ experience!
  8. The mall is now going to be tested for performance and glitches. Thanks for cardenaglo for making the mall into a mod!
  9. Eerie Country could have a mall nearby =w=
  10. The roof, big enough to land helicopter. There is also a playground and sport area on the roof with a small rooftop cafe
  11. Xonic

    Most popular songs in 1993?

    Baby don't hu.....oh no....rt me...I can't help it.....no more......(run away in shame
  12. How can I save or copy a single room and its furniture? I always wonder this. It may help me making hotels easier in the future
  13. The Mall is visually finished now. First floor Second floor
  14. happened in this NoMis Play's video. Also I can't pick up corpse behind a player made garage double door, there is no option
  15. Xonic

    Scrap metal from cars

    I think you can actually do it in the game now