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  1. I actually had originally gotten the idea from SoD, even though I kind of disliked the system implemented in the game; It only increased the odds, and for some odd reason I would be REALLY unlucky early on in difficult playthroughs. I just think there should be a chance overall for it to happen, because it would probably take a bit to long to have a "looting phase" for each and every loot table, but I'd imagine if they added more functionality for tools like Crowbars and such, I don't see why they couldn't follow a similar system. The only issue I have with it in PZ is that some loot location
  2. Oh man, do these new 3D models make the game feel fresh! The way you see the zeds shamble and trip over themselves as they turn and head your way is quite amazing to see, even in a modded map cell like Bedford Falls where the zed numbers don't seem to relate to the sandbox settings. Bravo! I'd imagine Shaders are probably next on the line, or coming up; I can't wait now to see the game in all it's glory with Volumetric Lighting and Ray Tracing, if they get implemented, but it definitely is looking good as is!
  3. By the Gods I've done it... I've cut a path directly to Bedford, all within a few days IG... Danny Glover is amused! ^.^ Edit: There is only one thing left for Danny to do.... Build a massive wooden pathway through the forest where the logs are laid now, so I can have a true pathway to Bedford!!
  4. That's why I said it was dangerous to use and that it was a silly idea; Not anything useful but hilarious to see someone try out. ^^
  5. I think after watching Twiggy attempt and the infomation given there, I've decided to go big... and cut down a path between Muldraugh and Bedford... and it will be glorious when I'm done ^^
  6. I don't see why height-maps couldn't be implemented, I mean stairs/fire escapes should be using a sloping piece of some sort, which in a sense makes the current game have height-mapping capabilities, it just needs to be tweaked and adjusted for vision, movement, and possibly a system that re-evaluates rain/fire for areas above (or below) the main level plane. I'd really like to be able make basement levels for houses and player-created houses, if they decide to actually get farther into development of Height-mapping.
  7. Decomp. will adjust the types of Zeds you will face, whether they are more varied from the standard settings, or more uniform in behavior. Overtime they will all probably decompose so Slow + Weaken should make Zeds become slower and deal less damage as you progress, however I wouldn't know how much time is needed to see a difference.
  8. A lot of people are forgetting where this game is located in the world, Kentucky... most if not all the people there have either a loaded gun cabinet full of shotguns, pistols, hunting rifles, and a lot of the time one AK/AR-15; A lot of people outside of Louisville LOVE to hunt and shoot, one of the few pasttimes they have out there. Second thing people seem to take a bit too literally are the katanas, or swords... I posted that novelty katanas should be added, because a LOT of the same people will also collect store-bought swords and such, which are NOT real swords, but can be used very bri
  9. Ahh I see, that would explain why I can't seem to find it using WP as my spawn. I have messed around in Bedford using a non-zed exploratory sandbox, and it looks incredible and a much needed addition to the map, so I can only hope it gets meshed somewhat soon; I don't particularly like to decimate the mobs of zeds in cities, to make runs in and out more interesting, but now that my character has most, if not all, the supplies needed in his WP vicinity, I may just have to start taking that idea and throwing it out until the full release. Oh well, keep up the good work!
  10. I don't quite understand how one would get to Bedford Falls via West Point or Muldraugh... Would any one road/highway end up in Bedford? Or is it currently wrapped up in forests?
  11. My Grandmother lives in Highview County in Louisville, KY. I can only imagine what they come up with for a map to cover all over that land, it's so vast and there's a lot to see, spread all over the city. Military aircraft fly through all the time near there and due to the high chances for snow and rain, the water near there is very clean, IMO. (I live in TX) Can't say much for outside of Louisville, but West Point on the google Earth map looks nearly identical, it's quite amazing.
  12. Best way into WP hardware store is to enter the Food Mart (East?) adjacent to it, go back toward the counter and enter the backway; so long as the zeds have either a) broken the doors for some time and already moved on or b) the Zeds have yet to enter and destroy the doors, you shouldn't have to worry too much about attracting others with those inside. If you wanted to go the loud route, just kite away towards the Food Mart and lead them along until you can safely enter the Food Mart to lose the mob and enter the hardware store. Don't be afraid to use that shout if you mean to kite the lurkers
  13. So while playing I noticed that, when the power is off for the city, the buildings are still alarmed and go off, something a lot of people believe is taking away from the immersion of the atmosphere. During my contemptations about how to deal with this, and messing with my skills at the time, I came up with an idea that makes sense, especially for the long run for gameplay and possibly for MP as well. Instead of relying on alarms alone for an audio cue for zeds to swarm a location, put a small change to cause a more subtle "looting alarm" for players looking through loot locations. It could b
  14. Haven't gotten into MP yet, but you can't really expect much else out of a new release for it; syncing issues alway seem to occur, usually due to offset pings for each client to the server and balancing the resyncing in the server-side code to compensate, so that should be expected. If the syncing doesn't quite work, it would only be logically to believe that any sync process, ie window barricades being on/off, could be affected, plus it would be hard not to expect PvP to be a bit rough with how the guns are as-is. But my personal choice to opt out of MP for now is simply that there would be
  15. I think there could be a lot added, but my preferred would be novelty katanas, hockey sticks, sickles, spears/improvised spear recipe with pool cue, TMP/Uzi/Vector submachine gun, and last but not least, nail guns. I was contemplating some what of a joke weapon for super CQB, like a stapler, but the others I like here already would be a machete, bows and crossbows, and combat knives. I know someone was talking about no more added guns, but I think one other alternate, an SMG to be exact, would be welcomed, especially during buildings you get trapped in, but I can see anything more powerful t
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