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  1. When in multiplayer and in melee combat with another player can the other player or yourself be knocked down and then pummelled until they die or will it remain a swing fest?
  2. Is the reloading modification system fixed? And if so how is it changed in multiplayer?
  3. I would love to see an ammo system like that in DayZ. How you have the bullets in your inventory and it shows how many but you also have magazines. So instead of just loading bullets directly into a pistol you should be able to get magazines, fill them with bullets and then use them in the gun. This is a much more realistic system and obviously it does not need to be used for shotguns.
  4. Frankieonpcin1080p said in a video that we would see some zomboid on his incredibly popular channel but....... I am yet to see some zomboid
  5. Wow...... sorry if any of us zomboiders sounded rude
  6. My current safe house is the tavern in Muldraugh and I am going strong. But despite all the chopper fly-overs, gunshots and alarms that i have set off or heard i am yet to see a horde in my adventures.... any ideas as to why?
  7. I get a problem with multiplayer where i get the delay processing of packet 78 but the server map download always times out!!! Please help
  8. When i try to join i get the delay processing of ....... 78 (and other numbers) thingo but I always get stuck on the loading of the map and the console says that the download timed out and that it will be here forever!!!! But I have full bars of wifi so please help!
  9. The server is great! BTW guys my in game name is Samuel and I am always looking for a companion to play with and I have 2 axes and lots of food.
  10. Hey guys, Just wondering if you can collect water from the lake and either drink the dirty water or have to boil it beforehand? If this is not already in the game than I think it would be a good idea.
  11. I think it would be best if driveable vehicles were added once the map is made a lot bigger.
  12. I recently noticed this game and have played a little. It is soooooo much like PZ but worse. Just thought I would let you guys know of a more simple version of PZ that may run on crappy school/work computers. It is free and I do not even think that it will rival the great PZ. Here is the MODDB download link: http://moddb.com/games/relatively-secure
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