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  1. Русский и английский очень отличаются друг от друга!
  2. Damn, this is a great idea.. I'll play it after Chthonic dies!
  3. Even adding the ability to wrap up in a sheet of some sort would be pretty cool.
  4. Managing your own airship would be quite a feat.
  5. I wish that back packs were visible. Or, the addition of "home-made" crafted bags would be great. However, I think that it would make more sense for the home-made bags to deteriorate faster than the proper duffle bags and backpacks. About the cargo pants etc.. -I'd love to see a way to implement it, without it crowding the UI. Although, the UI could get changed in the near future.
  6. The play dead would be really cool, especially if there was a "check pulse" option. Then if someone is "playing dead" your pulse can get checked to see if you're really dead, or playing dead.
  7. Holy crap, looks really cool! Thanks for sharing this, Sly.
  8. If this gets added to the game, can someone knit me a sweater? (like my grandma used to do)
  9. Yeah, having that back would be a real joy, scrolling through the countless items with no way to sort them Hahaha, true.
  10. The chance of the vault being open is very, very slim. That would be pretty cool, though. I can just imagine myself gathering all of the money and starting a campfire on the floor with it. [._.]
  11. I'd love to see spears added into the game, maybe when the next weapon overhaul update gets implemented.
  12. Updates take time and it is well worth it!
  13. So, of course they will be less efficient but, infinite amount of axes... Yuss..
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