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  1. Hello PZ people, As it is summer time in the good ol' USA, I am starting to play Project Zomboid again. The game has changed so much and I feel like a noob again it's that hard! However, it seems that if you're willing for a slight jog in the forest, the zombies can't get to you. Especially if you're self-sustainable there really isnt a reason to leave, and it gets boring because there is no threat. I think, at least hordes, should somehow be able to move through forests more swiftly so that truly, no where is safe. Otherwise it's boring
  2. You need to find some food to increase your healing and strength
  3. Idk to me it seems like a pretty revolting feature.I wouldn't like to see it implemented. It just seems unnecessary for the game. Plus if you eat people your no better than a zed...
  4. try a year+ Whenever i pick berries and a crawler sprawls up that scares the shit outta me
  5. Its a litte game-y kind of like world of warcraft stlye but it could be a mod
  6. Oh i know itll be awesome! it was just something i was concerned with
  7. I was thinking about multiplayer and i was thinking about taking prisoners, mugging, that type of thing and then i came to the conclusion of... There is no reason to Not kill someone. Think about it, why bother risking your life from zeds while trying to "persuade" him to give you a generous donation or risk revenge in the future but most importantly them just shooting you when you turn around. The most safe option for you (and annoying for them) is to just kill them, take their stuff and leave. The problem with this is what happens in DayZ, everyone is afraid of everyone and you just kill on sight unless you want to team. (which most of the time ends with a bullet to the head). I think if PZ wants to be a lot more fun in multiplayer and truly unique there needs to be some penalty for killing or some sort of value to a player's life. Otherwise its just death-match.
  8. Im in 3 months and 7 ish days... shit tons of food. first game that i played (besides all crashes) havnt died yet. only got scratched once. BUT this was back in the first stream release when zed spawn was in baby mode so yea... but in the newer updates im still doing ok about one month in my newer Youtube save
  9. Well, under the impression the area is quarantined and not everything has gone to shit. the cell towers nearby could still work
  10. Encouraging players to not play the game is generally pretty shitty game design. i was just stating my opinion.
  11. I think it should just be sleep in real time. If you went off to Youtube it would be like dreaming xD.
  12. You know what i think would be frekin awesome. Instead of right now when you spawn everything is, normal. The outbreak has just begun. You spawn and u immediately notice the cannibalism unfolding and all the zeds are fresh and at their peek condition, fast, strong, keen. So most likely you need to run, and by sunset, if you survived, the town is a already infected. And you (hopefully) and the survivors are actually "survivors".
  13. hmmm i hadnt thought of that wish i could change my vote lol i think ur right the mortality rate would be high
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