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  1. Yeah koolio dude, I didn't know it'd been disabled haha. It just baffled me how they never came to my door step as a huge horde, that'd be why xD
  2. So I didn't know whether to have this as a suggestion or not, so I just thought it might be so I put it here. Anyway, changing zombie spawns so the zombies pass through the cities, so it's more of a possibility a horde would stumble across your safe house after you kill around 15% of the zombies.
  3. If you want music off just press 'M' mate.
  4. With water proof jackets we could go out in the rain in it's most horrifying storms and do things like building and just running around, personally I don't think it should not make you wet at all and make you 100% resilient to water, but I think it should reduce the time in that you get wet by about 70%. I don't know tell me what you think.
  5. yea that was me, i posted saying ive made my first zombie proof safehouse, and its still holding, i should repost this pic in the topic to show its working. but basicly anywhere with a 2nd story that u can wall the stair and use rope to go could be safe. i like the motel cause its so big, its gonna be hard for zombie to surround it completely.i should always have a window thats clear for going out Haa I hope he survives, I didn't expect you to still be alive, if you would, keep me updated with screen shots in big events. or a Video tour if you would
  6. Have you posted this picture before by the way? I saw that wood design at the bottom of them stairs before, I think you posted it when you just moved in, you said you killed around 2 a day back then, assuming this was you?
  7. All your scars that are bandaged each tell their own story
  8. I like using images it's my thing 9 days lol I am a noob
  9. Yeah, I think it should be optional or you can have the NPC population a bit more dense then it would be in the game just for the people with nobody to play with.
  10. Yeah I play that because I get 35-60 depending on where I am and then on the new version I get like 10-30 so I waiting until the optimization is finished to play the new one.
  11. Rathlord you should ask them to pin this for you, it's beautiful.
  12. I agree, seeing a graphical moment where you see zombles breaking the boarders off 1 by one to get to your house would be epic, I don't know if this is already implemented because I have never barricaded lol I die to early.
  13. That part already happens. This for some reason made me laugh so hard!
  14. Well I will have my huge lot of NPC's and me all traveling to find a cure recruiting on our way, only the ones that seem safe. I ASK 3 QUESTIONS!!! HOW MANY ZOMBLES HAVE YOU KILLED? HOW MANY PEOPLE HAVE YOU KILLED? I FORGOT THE LAST ONE! Lol I'm jk but I will be the guy with the 50 NPC's (FRIENDLY IN MULDRAUGH!?)
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