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  1. We need to be able to disassemble curtains asap.
  2. one of the most heavily used strategies against zombies in project zomboid is the use of a vehicle to slowly crush huge amounts of zombies at a time. I believe this strategy is rather cheesy and it would benefit player experience to nerf this strat. what I propose be changed is that whenever you run over any zombie, the game rolls to decide if one of your wheels gets clogged. when a wheel is clogged, the vehicle will have a speed debuff applied to it, which reduces speed significantly. If you continue to use a vehicle that is stuck up, the game will roll to see every minu
  3. I think just a standard handheld gps would make more sense than google maps. They definitely had those in the 90s. Maybe computer integration where you have to download maps off of floppy disks?
  4. Seg

    Discord Ban Appeal

    I think this is the right place for this. About a year ago I was banned from the indiestone discord due to some pandemic/summer protest arguments. I think everyone can agree that was a very heated time for everyone, and I said some things that didn't belong on that platform at all. I'd like to apologize for my behavior and I understand that was the incorrect place to discuss those kinds of issues. I want to reengage with this community on the discord level as this is one of my favorite games of all time and would like to be able to talk about it again with others who enjoy it as much as I
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    +1 that would be great, I think the hardest part would be allowing players to go under furniture and stuff.
  6. Issue with the tutorial, dad's bag does not spawn.
  7. while the development team is working their ass off improving multiplayer, it would be a good idea to put improving the in game voice chat on the agenda, as while text chat is great, it won't be needed as much with the new animations implemented in the game. It would improve the game as a whole and offer new ways to play on the RP side of things and PvP side of things.
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