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  1. Ya and people can use those tall building shadows to hide behind as well. Really broken for PvP
  2. 41.65 • Multiplayer • Dedicated • No • Reproduction steps: Note this issue has been observed on a server with 60-80 players on everyday. Duping has been an issue within PZ for the longest time, its just a fact that its going to happen occasionally, but with the release of b41, the game has been totally broken. I would even argue that b42 needs its development paused to address these issues, as it makes multiplayer essentially unplayable with the developers intent without constant admin intervention. Even with admin intervention, items dupe accidentally on a large enough scale I notice it when heading into high traffic areas. It's clear that these cases of duplication are occurring without player intent. So how to dupe? There are many ways that have been exposed on the internet, such as two players being able to grab items out of containers at the same time (including bags), and both end up with the item that was in the container. The method I'm going to talk about is so devious, horrible, and ridiculously simple, that it has broken the balance of the entire server I play on. To start, you take a bag any bag, from a garbage bag to a Military backpack, fill it with whatever items you want two copies of, then place it on the floor. All you have to do is break LOS with the bag, then take whatever items out you want and store them. Break LOS again, and when you come back the items will be back in the bag like you never took them. These new items don't have their own IDs, as they are copies or like we've been calling them, phantom items. If you merge these phantom items together in a container, they'll combine and turn back into the main item. You can't use this to store a lot of equipment, but it has a lot of usefulness in kitting out large factions. As long as you have one full military gear kit, you can dish it out to your entire faction. Essentially you can generate combat military geared kits at your will for anyone who needs it. This breaks the balance of PvP entirely, for reasons that don't really need to be explained. Now even worse! Any time a player dies while out looting and leaves a bag, if that bag is looted by the player but the bag is left on the ground, all the items respawn! ALL OF THEM. I have gained tons of resources just by going out and checking containers left on the ground in West Point, Riverside, or Maldraugh. I've seen this across servers. Everyone is doing it, its impossible to not fall to the temptation of infinite items. I have no idea how deep this issue goes, but as far as I can tell it applies to all bags placed on the ground, some containers (notably ovens INFINITE PANCAKES! although that may be another bug. Im not sure.) Devs pls fix game broke.
  3. First off you need to learn to spell. Second, this game is one of the most moddable, versatile, and customizable games I have ever played. If you don't think so you don't understand the settings that are offered.
  4. A really great thing about this game and one of its core themes is how much effort it takes to learn how to survive. If you don't feel like learning the game as you go there are plenty of tutorials on youtube that explain everything you could ever need to know.
  5. Hello! I've been playing project zomboid for the past five years, and I've noticed some serious issues with multiplayer safehouse raiding and PvP. What I want to suggest is some adjustments to the currently in place safehouse system. As it stands, a character can claim any residential building on the map, and mods can make it so you can claim any building on the map period. If respawn in safehouse is enabled, players can currently do some pretty cheesy strats that make base raiding just not fun in the slightest. On the offensive side, players can claim a house near any player's safehouse and aggressively assault an opposing player's location, simply respawning and being a menace to the defensive players who have no way to end the assault easily. On the defensive side, players can continue to respawn, arm themselves, and wear out the attacking side even if they are vastly outnumbered. What I propose to combat this problem, and restore some balance to base raiding is the introduction of a buildable object that protects your safehouse while you're offline and allows you to spawn in your safehouse. Essentially what it should do is add some more depth to the safehouse system besides "I claimed this so you can no longer pick up any objects off the floor and also I'm invincible now." This object (I'm gonna call it a Radio Tower, although it could be really anything) must be powered and at 100% health to allow the respawn of players and the protection of offline goods. If the Radio Tower is destroyed, or power is cut to it, the safehouse loses offline protection and players cannot respawn inside. The radio would require Metalworking 3, Electric 2, a propane torch, welding mask, 5 electronic scrap, 3 metal sheets, a transmitter, and a lightbulb This should add actual goals to raiding a safehouse besides just getting inside and shooting whoever is holed up in there, then grabbing as much as you can before they respawn in the room next to you. I love how punishing the PvP is in it's current state, but the cheese right now is ridiculous in most situations. Since PvP is already being overhauled, I hope this suggestion is considered.
  6. We need to be able to disassemble curtains asap.
  7. one of the most heavily used strategies against zombies in project zomboid is the use of a vehicle to slowly crush huge amounts of zombies at a time. I believe this strategy is rather cheesy and it would benefit player experience to nerf this strat. what I propose be changed is that whenever you run over any zombie, the game rolls to decide if one of your wheels gets clogged. when a wheel is clogged, the vehicle will have a speed debuff applied to it, which reduces speed significantly. If you continue to use a vehicle that is stuck up, the game will roll to see every minute if your wheels get unstuck. While your wheels are stuck up, your wheels will take damage if you try to drive through it. If all four wheels clog up, your vehicle can stop moving. The chance for wheels to get stuck up increases when you travel at lower speeds, therefore combatting the zombie crush method. a clog can be removed by the method above, or by stopping the vehicle and interacting with the mechanics menu, where you can remove the clog at any skill level, with mechanics and strength speeding up the process. I believe this will make vehicles less useful for mowing down hoards and encourage more planning and mindfulness as people drive. if you don’t believe this is an issue, nearly every serious server I’ve played in has banned this strategy in the server rules, and I think it makes sense from a common sense perspective, as project zomboid is a hardcore game.
  8. I think just a standard handheld gps would make more sense than google maps. They definitely had those in the 90s. Maybe computer integration where you have to download maps off of floppy disks?
  9. Seg


    +1 that would be great, I think the hardest part would be allowing players to go under furniture and stuff.
  10. Issue with the tutorial, dad's bag does not spawn.
  11. while the development team is working their ass off improving multiplayer, it would be a good idea to put improving the in game voice chat on the agenda, as while text chat is great, it won't be needed as much with the new animations implemented in the game. It would improve the game as a whole and offer new ways to play on the RP side of things and PvP side of things.
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