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  1. Just what the title says, feels a little lackluster at the moment and was curious what the devs might have planned if anyone knows or can point me towards planned features.
  2. Easily the best part about Fanny packs is that in the UK Fanny is slang for vagina. The American equivalent would be calling these Pussy Packs. So... thats probably a decent enough reason to wear one.
  3. I know UI changes are going to be happening and I look forward to it, but with the current UI these are the small changes I'd make that I think would help More items recognized in surrounding containers the way food is for cooking. There are plenty of things that already work this way however things that don't work this way and I feel should include: - Cleaners (soap/dish detergent) - Maintenance items (Glue, Tape, etc.) - Tailoring items (Thread, Strips, Needles) Right clicking a moodle will give a drop down of solutions that you currently have access to (on you and in adjacent containers). Would be neat to right click a depressed moodle and get: - Read a book - Take Anti-Depressant pills - Eat Chocolate And so on A "gather materials" for crafting recipes. You can craft using items nearby so long as you are crafting next to the items you need. Otherwise you need to collect the materials you need and then go to where you want to build. A gather materials option just helps speed the process up a bit. Maybe a "Gather Materials: One" and "Gather Materials: All" Add a "Build" tab to the crafting menu for buildable items (I'm sure you know what I mean but ex. Walls/containers/furniture). These items could be added to their respective skill tabs but either way the point is to help the player see the materials they need a little easier and if coupled with the above idea it would help gathering materials for building a bit easier. Being able to pin the inventory to a certain spot on screen. Currently you can pin it open and closed but not to a location. I often end up accidentally moving the inventory and would like to be able to pin it down. A "Loot all surrounding" button that will loot every container around you as well as a "Stack" button that will place items in your inventory in to any containers that contain the same items already. In particular this would be handy for when I am attempting to loot all the corpses that end up piling up. Pick it all up, sort it out later. All these changes basically just ease up on how often you have to dig through your containers to find a specific item, which I think might be the most cumbersome part of the UI at the moment. And to emphasize, I know UI updates are coming, this is just how I'd temporarily make the current UI more friendly.
  4. As the title says. Maybe not a bug but certainly doesn't feel right and is definitely an inconvenience. Does not apply to building recipes, just crafting.
  5. Occasionally the walls don't disappear when I'm in a doorway attempting to fight a zombie and it can be difficult to tell if the zombie is close or if there is more than one. Toggling the walls off would help a lot for when the game doesn't necessarily detect properly when to do it on it's own. Naturally this wouldn't effect character line of sight in any way, so things the character can't see would just appear per usual. Not looking for a an accidental buff to vision, just to mitigate certain awkward combat situations
  6. Just for the fun of it, I want them to be 1 or 2 handed, and to do zero damage and break quickly, effectively they'd work like shoving does but I just want to have a pillow fight with zombies. Side note, would be kinda neat if you could remove pillows from their pillow case and subsequently get a sack like removing curtains turns them in to sheets.
  7. Skill books save progress, recipe books don't. However, recipe books are much quicker to read so its not generally an issue. Not sure what might have happened in your game to cause you to go back to 0% but it should save your progress Edit: had a thought. Do you mean the pages read went to 0 or the progress bar sent to 0? The progress bar resets to 0 but fills faster if you have already read some pages. If you've read half the book then put it down, when you start again the progress bar is 0 but will now fill twice as fast.
  8. Yes... yes it is supposed to pay for itself. That's the point being made. If an equippable container does not pay for itself while being equipped then its not worth equipping. Inventory is 100% weight based. Packs as they are mitigate the weight gain, they serve no other function. Therefor if a container can't pay for itself its failed at its only function. Forget all other details and look at the raw numbers and how they effect the game. To optimize your carrying capacity, all that matters is reducing total weight. No matter what you put in a fanny pack, it will never reduce your total weight. If it will never reduce your total weight then what benefit does it have? It functionally does reduce weight of items, this is true. However, just because something does what its supposed to does not mean it has value. As it is now there is no reason to wear it. It is detrimental to your character.
  9. The point is that if you do not wear the fanny pack at all and just keep the plank in your inventory then your total weight is less overall. As you show, the plank in inventory with pack equipped is 3.3, then with plank in pack its 3.09, however should you remove the pack, place it on the ground, and light it on fire (optional) then the plank by itself would have your total weight be 3. This makes the most weight efficient option being to not wear the fanny pack at all and instead set it on fire (totally optional).
  10. Just seems like it should be allowed to. In fact, I demand it
  11. I'd personally make fanny packs add hotbar slots but only allow items that are 0.5 weight and under. This would allow equipping to your hotbar some commonly used items that currently require you to go in to inventory, potentially scroll to it, right click it to use. Things like medications would benefit a lot from having a quick use hotbar slot. Plenty of other items would be handy to have a quick use key and this is a perfect piece of equipment to accomplish just that. Two hotbar slots that each allow an item stack, with a total weight limit so the stack size of an item can't get absurd.
  12. A positive moodle that is gained after getting a good nights rest similar in vein to well fed. Positive effects could be a a slightly slower rate of decay to certain stats like depression, boredom, or even exhaustion, perhaps it could increase running speed slightly. I'd see it lasting for about 4 hours. Could only be gained by sleeping in a bed. Not possible to get it if you took the restless sleeper trait.
  13. You know how when you're cooking it'll detect all available items you can use in surrounding containers and give you them as options? Sure would be handy if it'd do the same for repairing.
  14. So the basic concept is being able to turn journals/notebooks in to books that give XP multipliers but with a few differences. I like doing bullet points so here they are, this is how I would see it working: - The first time a journal is used to document what you've learned it'll get the title "[Player Name]'s notes on [skill]" - Right click journal, click "Take notes about..." and then choose skill from a drop down - Every two levels in a skill you can add a chapter to the journal - Writing a chapter takes time, it's not instant, similar to reading a guidebook - Chapters are all kept in the same notebook and are written one at a time, you can not skip writing a chapter. - These journals can be read by any character that didn't write it. They will receive an XP multiplier - The XP multiplier is half as much as a guidebook, but stacks with guidebooks - Journals do not stack with each other. By this I mean if you have read Chapter 1 on fishing in Jack's notes, it will show Chapter 1 on fishing as already read in Jill's book as well. - Takes time to read just like a guidebook - The chapters work like the volumes of the guidebooks, but condensed in to a single book. The character will read the chapter appropriate for their skill level The thing that really got me thinking about it was having a character with plenty of leveled skills dying, and thinking it'd be nice if there was a way to leave behind a means of assisting my new character in regaining those levels. It'd also be an interesting way for players in co-op to assist each other in building skills.
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