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  1. Cool cool, thanks, I admit I didn't do my research before looking in to it, I generally post while in the middle of playing and getting a thought along the lines of, "You know what would be great right now?" This time I was in the process of transferring stuff from one base to another. Thanks for all the time you put in to researching for me, I'll think about how to modify the title to stand out. Or just let it float in to the sea of forum topics, I suppose just knowing the topic comes around regularly means the devs have probably taken notice and will get around to it at some point.
  2. In particular I'd really like to be able to hotkey "Loot all" to something. I prefer playing with mouse and keyboard but I do not care for how much relies on the mouse clicking small buttons. Some keybinding for those small buttons would be lovely. And while I'm talking small buttons why does the tack button on your inventory menu keep the menus open and not pin them to the spot they are on screen instead? I don't want them held open constantly, I want to not accidentally move them!
  3. A distribution setting that makes zombies drawn towards the "wealthiest" areas." Wealth in this case would be measured by general value of loot. Initially this would cause zombies to distribute with an urban focus but as the players begin hording and accumulating wealth the zombies would start spawning/migrating towards the players stash. This would make those deep in the woods farms/bases less safe. It would also potentially make for a tower defense style gameplay. A small tweak like that could end up really changing up the gameplay. Anyway, just a thought I was having as I was hording my 18th axe.
  4. Started using that mod, thanks, I like it a lot, it definitely gets me closer to what I really want. Now if only I could make custom zombies (using in game parameters). I'd love to make all of my sprinters weak so they can get to you fast but are easier to take down, fast shamblers being stronger, and shamblers being the strongest. Using this mod and then having the toughness and strength set to random for zombies you sometimes end up with godly sprinters that are just a little too much, a tad too unbalanced for me. Oh and if possible I'd make crawlers have like an iron grip but not necessarily good at scratching or biting, so should they get ahold of you you're basically held in place until you give em a good whack. As it is now truly random suffers from a lack of identifiers that lets you know what you're up against so you can decide to run or fight. This sort of chaotic RNG may appeal to some but for me assessing a situation, using context clues, and making a decision based on them is a more fun game experience. If I could make the different zombie types I mentioned I could see how they are moving and immediately be able to assess what I'm up against and react accordingly. That's just personally how I'd use customizable zombie types and spawn chances. It would also offer other creative fun ways to play depending on your tastes. What quickly comes to mind is being able to make a game mode where something like 99.9% of zombies are "proper" with a .1% chance of spawning an ultra zombie (Crazy high strength and toughness, higher than currently allowed) that will attack all things, not just doors and windows. Think the Tyrant from RE3. You're in base, suddenly your wall crashes down and in enters the boss zombie. It would completely change up the way you would have to plan out your bases, where you'd feel safe, and in general how you'd play the game. At any rate, I'm sure over time a lot of this stuff will indeed get implemented one way or another by devs or modders. And most importantly I love the game with or without it. I've been playing it off and on since NPCs were actually a thing in game.
  5. I'm specifically thinking about movement speed because certain items certainly seem like they should help you out in that regard. For example sneakers off no protection of any sort but I'd think maybe they'd aid in movement speed or possibly cause your fatigue to go down a bit slower. If this isn't currently the way it works, is it planned? In general I feel like lighter clothing could result in making less noise and moving faster or with less fatigue but at the expense of less protection is a good mechanic but I'm having trouble telling if that's currently how it works or not
  6. Yeah I noticed there is items to create hotbar slots in iwbums, I just hope they keep expanding on it beyond just belts and holsters, i know iwbums 41 has a ways to go with plenty more planned but I wasn't sure if this specifically was going to be added. If so then my bad on being redundant.
  7. With belts and holsters adding hotbar slots I would think it'd be neat to have more hotbar slots from pockets. It'd also make for interesting trade offs if things like cargo pants gave more hotbar slots but less protection and jeans gave less hotbar slots but more protection. The slots would be used for non weapon items/food. It'd certainly be convenient to hotbar beta blockers or pain killers for quick use in a fight, or putting food on your hotbar just for the convenience of it. I could also see hotbarring items you don't want removed from inventory when clicking transfer all (water bottle comes to mind). Sure putting a bowl of soup in your pocket isn't 100% realistic, but neither is putting it in your backpack and, for that matter, a lot of other storage logic. I really like the mechanic of belts giving hotbar slots, and I think expanding on it would be a good way to expand on clothing mechanics as a whole and add more interesting choices for what to wear besides just protection and insulation.
  8. For example I want to set the speed to include all (random) but I don't necessarily want it to be random. I'd like to make sprinters rare with the majority being a mix of shamblers and fast shamblers. This got me to thinking in general it'd be nice to be able to just set a frequency for all the different zombie types. That way "proper zombies" could be your majority and you could set a % chance for various outliers to occur (strong, good hearing, sprinters, etc.). I considered adding this to suggestions but thought maybe there was a config somewhere that had these variables and was adjustable so I figured I'd ask first
  9. I just found a lunch box in game after two months had passed and it had a fresh apple in it. Not sure exactly the circumstances that may cause food to never go bad or if it's exclusive to the lunchbox but I figured this likely wasn't intended
  10. I am mainly concerned for two handed items, so items on back will be what I discuss, though a similar mechanic seems reasonable for the belt as well. As it is now when you select your back item if you're carrying another two handed item you will pop it in to your inventory and then have to go in to inventory to re-equip it after. I'd propose if you have in hand another attach to back item, when you select your back item, it'll swap the item in hand in to the back slot as it takes the other one out and puts it in hand. I think it makes sense and would look good, too. Pull your baseball bat off your back, pop the axe in it's place(No, I actually don't always want to use my axe as a weapon). Another way to solve this would be to make two back slots, and the back items would sit crossed (like an X) when both are on the back. Anything to make inventory management a little easier, fluid, and most importantly fun
  11. Specifically zombies colliding with walls upon fall. As of right now they just clip through a wall. Since you're hard at work on new animation I think one that would be greatly appreciated would be something that detects if a zombie is falling near a wall and instead slumps them against it rather than falling through it. Or even just forces them to fall parallel to it in order to not have to modify how attacking downed zombies would animate for the new position (as well as possible other things that'd have to be tweaked like hit detection for the head). It's a small thing but I just find zombie corpses clipping through walls mildly experience breaking and also head shot hit detection can be troublesome in these situations. At any rate, thanks for all the excellent new animations, I'm having lots of fun playing around in beta!
  12. Just seems like maybe an oversight but I feel like ice cream should be fine to consume frozen, if not preferable.
  13. Hi there, even though the server is listed publicly I figured I'd come make a forum post. This is an anything goes, server. If you want to be a mad man on the hunt for other players, fine, go for it! If you want to be a friendly and try to build a safe haven for survivors, great, we want that too! Notable things: IP = Dedicated server located out of central USA Currently has 18 gigs of memory, likely more down the line. Currently running 30.11 Operational 24/7 (a few hiccups aside, updates, and restarts if things seem slow) Zombie settings: Fast but not sprinting Weak, die easily Plentiful respawns One hit typically makes a zombie explode in a shower of blood, this makes getting bit very much your fault (or lag, but we'll pretend lag never happens for now). Server settings: XP is multiplied by 2. Loot respawns daily if no one has loaded an area for 24 hours in game. A game day is two hours real time, one of daylight and one of darkness. Rain is turned up to be more frequent Electricity is set to be on forever Fridges aren't very effective Water is set for 48 days, should be off by now or soon. Food spawns are rare, foraging, farming, or trapping will be your main source of food All other settings are set to normal We are open to suggestions if enough regular players agree something should be changed. So if you like the server, feel free to let us know in what ways you think it could be improved. Steam group: http://steamcommunity.com/groups/ZomboidUS
  14. Just some ideas for moodles regarding your sanity that may fit in to the environment. Stir Crazy: You haven't left your house in awhile and boredom is setting in. What it does - Character begins to hear banging on windows and doors that may not be real. Deeper stages could cause the character to get jump scare noises randomly, despite no zombies being present. The agitated and panicked moodles could begin showing up randomly as well. Severe conditions of being stir crazy could result in the character beginning to engage in self harm, with random scratches and such appearing on arms. How to activate - Any time your character becomes bored it adds points in to becoming stir crazy. Reading, eating, other things that relieve boredom relieve stir crazy. Stir crazy grows more quickly the longer you stay in one area. Areas will be defined as currently loaded tiles. Leaving an area will be defined as loading new tiles. How to relieve - Just enter load unloaded tile space, the more severe your stir crazy is the more tiles you need to load to relieve it. Trauma: You've seen some things, and those things are sticking with you. What it does - Character wakes up part way through a nights sleep due to nightmares. Causes random panic and exertion, as you re-experience past traumas via flashbacks (assumed, not witnessed by player). Severe trauma may cause your character to hesitate before firing or swinging a weapon, those split seconds mean everything when a zombie is coming at you. How to activate - Witness another player die. Killing another player yourself will compound this. Become harmed by a zombie but survive. Become harmed by another but survive. Live through a serious injury. Have a house catch on fire while you're inside it. How to relieve - Very difficult. Drugs could be used to ease the symptoms but only time would heal trauma. Literally losing your mind: I have no mouth yet I must scream What it does - Think Eternal Darkness style stuff. I hate to just rip off another game but it's a cool system. You begin seeing your limbs fall off, you start crying blood, shadowy figures begin following you around, and I'm sure many other crazy things that people can think of. How to activate it - Being alone, utterly alone in the zombie apocalypse for just too long. There could be a moodle that helps indicate you're working your way towards this (loneliness moodle). Jump scares could also add to this insanity meter. How to relieve - Well when sneak is added you could peak around corners to prevent jump scares. When NPCs are added, being around them will prevent loneliness (and of course real players on servers). Once it's starting to set in the best way to relieve it is to kill zombies. Just go on a killing spree and you'll work that insanity out, that's how life works, right? There you go! Just a few ideas that were kicking around my head. I am really enjoying the community on here since I've joined and I hope to keep posting more things as I think of them.
  15. Depression IRL makes it difficult to want to do or accomplish anything, even getting out of bed is difficult. Some people self harm, others have suicidal thoughts. Possible things depression could cause: Slows skill progression, a lack of motivation to bother learning causes your character to gain less xp per actions performed. Giving up on tasks part way through. Your character may just abruptly decide to not finish the magazine he or she was reading. Perhaps even finding the food they are preparing worthless and dumping it out mid prep. Sleeping lasts longer, so does resting. Why bother getting out of bed when there is nothing to get up for? Your character moves more slowly, moping about. The deeper someone gets in to depression the harder it is to get out. Each stage of depression the game should half the amount of happiness gained from anything except anti-depression pills. Self harm, a character may begin to pick and scratch at their own skin, pull out hair, or cutting. Random scratches and, assuming depression gets bad enough, a deep cut to the arm accompanied with bleeding could give interesting obstacles and legitimate concerns for becoming depressed. The deep cut would indicate a suicide attempt that would give consequence for being depressed and still remain within a players control rather than an insta death. And as per mentioned in my first post, If you make it all the way to the severely depressed stage and you have a gun, an end it all option could appear which would still give you control over the situation, but be expressive of how depressed your character truly has become. Perhaps if more things are implemented to make depression suck an end it all option would even seem viable. If all my suggestions were implemented; at severely depressed you'd be hurting yourself regularly, randomly giving up on tasks, moving slower, can never get rid of tired moodle, when you do sleep you sleep nearly entire days, can't learn new skills, and the happiness you'd get from any given item would be moot, so without anti-depressants you'd be stuck this way. End it all doesn't seem like a terrible option suddenly.
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