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  1. @grammarsalad Yeah... That makes sense. I cant find anything more to say since my English is crap
  2. "build your own bunker"

    +1 Wood walls ####
  3. Vehicle engine break

    +1 You can never have enough realism
  4. Or Hemophobia will be an easy option for people wanting to get easy points
  5. How did our character survive the pre-apocalypse?

    Well, isn't drinking water purified sevage water? And sevages includes almost every type of bacteria as i remember
  6. Hello everyone i have some questions about the lore feel free to comment your theories etc. 1) How did our character survive the pre-apocalypse? Almost the whole town is infected and we wake up in our bed totally unharmed? Did we stay in our home during the outbreak? 2) Infected water system? How did the water didnt get infected? Is the filtration system working against the virus? Sorry for my very bad English