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  1. InfectedPie

    Add Setting to Choose Font

    So after the Build 39, the Devs changed the Inventory, chat, etc. font. Most people like the font... excluding me. My opinion about the new font aside, the new font is Glitchy and not compatible with letters like ö, ı, ş, ğ... I would be VERY grateful if the devs lets us change abck to the old font via settings or someone made an Old Font mod.
  2. InfectedPie

    Font Bug/Name Bug

    After the update, i tried to return to PZ... but sadly my experience did not last long since almost every item ingame had some kind of font bug. For an example: Shoes in Turkish is "Ayakkabı" but the game says something like Ayak1÷×7¥÷. Is there a way to fix that or is it a game bug? Sorry for my bad English
  3. InfectedPie

    RELEASED: IWBUMS Build 40.18

    Can anyone explain me what is "IWBUMS" please?
  4. @grammarsalad Yeah... That makes sense. I cant find anything more to say since my English is crap
  5. InfectedPie

    "build your own bunker"

    +1 Wood walls ####
  6. InfectedPie

    Vehicle engine break

    +1 You can never have enough realism
  7. Or Hemophobia will be an easy option for people wanting to get easy points