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  1. "The only thing I don't really like is limiting who can and can't amputate based on skill level" - i meant amputating with enough skill points means Increased chance of success like you can still amputate with 0 skill points but its much difficult and slower and increased chance of infection or permanent damage on your cut that you cant attach Prosthetic limb or feeling pain everyday imagine you're cutting bread for first time. You're 4 years old cutting bread without any experience and your first slice is all crumbled and ugly... now replace that bread with your limb. Performing amputation without any medical or carpentry experience could be much slower that you could bleed out and die, less chance of success but still possible
  2. while playing PZ i got bitten on my hand and i knew that i'm gonna die in 2 days and i thought "man i wish i could amputate my hand and craft prosthetic arm like Merle Dixon from TWD". So here i am. i think there should be at least one way to avoid getting zombified so i thought of these ideas imagine when you get bit and got infected and you have maybe 2 hour until the infection spreads up into your brain. if its too late amputating is pointless so you gotta be quick. So you reached out to your back pack and got the saw now just saw off your arm like that? nah not too easy you need some carpentry skill and medical skill to amputate your arm smooth and clean and you don't wanna get rusty infection so gotta disinfect that saw. But hey if you feel too much pain you will pass out (*passing out from agony should be added right?*) so you need something to get rid of pain.... no not pain killer , you just gonna swallow some pills and amputate your arm without feeling any pain? that's unrealistic, you need new type of rare medicine called "Anesthetic" you could find it from hospital. And don't inject too much Anesthetic you could pass out instead of pain now you're bleeding you need some serious medical treatment. after long bandage-ing and cleaning the bleeding finally stopped now you don't have your lovely right arm.... (*oh btw i think they should add lefty/righty hand options too so it affects the amputating, if you choose lefty and you got bit on your right arm and lost, it wont affect your damage/force/efficiency since you're lefty*) after losing your lovely righty arm your crafting speed greatly decreased by 75% (if you're lefty it could be 50%) maybe some recipe that needs 2 hand to craft might become impossible to make and your damage/force greatly decreased too. But don't lose hope! you could make Prosthetic arm if you have enough skill points on medical/metalworking/carpentry/mechanic and make pincers type of hand or knife type. pincers affects crafting speed and can hold 2 handed weapons. knife type for combat purpose and its not permanent it needs repairing you can replace it with kitchen/hunting knife, durability depends. now if you get bit on the leg make sure you have your prosthetic leg ready or get some cane/stick because you don't wanna crawl around like a fool. after amputating your leg you could make easy less carpentry level needed "peg leg" but you cant just walk again like a normal person again you are way slower than before but don't worry after walking/running around for certain time you'll get used to it and gain experience so you will walk faster and faster each day. you can make iron and wooden peg leg (wooden peg leg needs repairing/replacing) (iron peg leg durability permanent but much heavier and slower.... which is good tho because you can almost one shot stomp kill those K.O zombies). now i don't want these amputating to be easy/anyone can-do thing it should be something almost impossible has small chance of surviving situation you need lots of resource patience and skill points and don't imagine that prosthetic arm as sci-fi robotic arm imagine it as realistic ancient hand-made prosthetic arm so my suggestion is not "unrealistic" losing your hand is so punishing you can not reload your guns and if you lost your main hand your pistol aiming will decrease, you cannot use shotgun you really need pincers hand to use shotgun or wield 2 handed weapon. But hey at least you saved yourself from that infection right? i hope you guys like this suggestion!
  3. >be me >virgin af >spawn.jpeg >gets butter knife >sees 2 zeds >carefully approaches... >miss 2 stabby swing >panic >get scratch >about to thank god for not getting infected >get bite >FU- >zombified i got 2 butterknife and swang 2 times missed 2 times and got killed by 2 zeds in 2 minute... coincidence? i think not!
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