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  1. Tradus

    Double Fence Gate

    Where to find the parameters durablity for a Double Fence Gate? In which section of the forum is it best to post such questions?
  2. Tradus

    ramshackle books

    Hey. I need to implement old books. Books that collapse after reading. It should look like this: we started reading a book. If we canceled the reading then the book disappeared. If we have read to the end, then the book has disappeared. If there is a ready-made solution or an example of a similar solution, then please indicate the correct path)
  3. Tradus

    Durability wall

    Ребята! Спасибо за ваши комментарии! Но я обратился к создателю игры! Еще раз спасибо за ваши комментарии!)
  4. Tradus

    Durability wall

    this is the other side of the coin. In this context, I am interested in exactly hp walls
  5. Tradus

    Durability wall

    You can build a ladder and enter the base. With the current wall durability, any tramp can penetrate into the basement while you go to the toilet. I do not plan to defend my base 24/7. Otherwise, why do we need such expensive complex buildings, if they can be broken in 8 minutes?
  6. Tradus

    Durability wall

    one player makes 300 hits in 7 minutes 40 seconds. and considering the fact that in 1 tile several players can attack ... I think you do not need to be a genius to understand my point.
  7. Tradus

    Durability wall

    Dear creator of the game Project Zomboid. It will be difficult for you to read my message because of the language barrier between us. But I will try to give you the essence of my question. I play on the server New Hope, this is quite popular in Russia PVP server. We unite into factions and defend our bases with walls. At the moment, the admin server set the maximum strength for the metal wall. Strength is 35,000 HP. One blow of the fire ax deals 35 damage. thus, to break the wall you need 1000 blows with an ax. (The woodcutter will do it faster) I have to ask you! If it's not difficult for you, increase the hp buffer on the walls from 35,000 to 100,000. Or add the ability to change the damage of weapons on the walls. in such a way that it does not affect the game player. For example, if you reduce the damage of an ax, then it will cut wood longer. I see two ways, 1) increase the maximum possible safety margin of the wall. 2) Adjust the damage inflicted by various types of weapons on improvised buildings. If something is not clear. quote it in a reply message I will try to rephrase my thought.
  8. Tradus

    Water boils on the floor.

    The water is still boiling after I have moved pot from the oven to the ground. I watched her 10 minutes
  9. Tradus

    Water boils on the floor.

    Boiled water. Dragged from plate to floor. And the water does not cool.
  10. It happened as follows: I got into the car and, as in the second video of this topic, I couldn’t get out of it, I had no choice but to leave the game, in the hope that it would help me. Then I went into the game but nothing has changed. I asked a member of the faction to overtake the car. He received an answer from him that he could easily get in and get out of the car. Further, I logged in and was also able to get out of the car! But whenever I was away from the car, “Groundhog Day” happened to me. Only after the car was transferred to another place, I stopped teleporting to it.
  11. If I make it banned on the server. I'll wait until the fix is released.
  12. Tradus

    combination lock

    Hello. Unfortunately I do not know English, so I translate via google translate. I play your game through Steam. I play on the Russian server. I need help. I would like to be able to install a combination lock on a reinforced door. I need a script for my code lock. Code lock should work for doors. The code should not contain 3 digits (default 3) but 10. If you have a ready-made solution, please help me. I really hope that the language barrier will not prevent us)