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Found 2 results

  1. Good afternoon. I want to create a Recipe that allows you, if you have the required goods, to craft your own Sledgehammer (among other things). However, I am unable to find any of the Items, Recipes, or documentation of all the Vanilla rendition things you can gather in the game. Where, in the Steam Launcher Program's PZ folder, can I find what I need. Thank you for any assistance you may render. Warm regards and warm bodies, -TURTLESHROOM
  2. Hey guys, I'm hoping there's a quick fix to this problem. Right now I'm making a mod that uses getModData to store a "charge", and access this tile from other blocks("consumers"). There's also some other mod data i'd like to reference as well. I'm having some trouble referencing the tile or object that I want to store the charges. There's two ways I could think of doing it: 1.)Referencing the tile the object that stores the charges is on by X and Y coords. Problem is I'm not quite sure how to pull that data from a tile. 2.)Referencing the instance of the "charger" item in question using it's index and storing it as mod data on the consumer. The only thing I'm afraid of is that the reference would be lost on Save/load, and recouping up the network might be a pain after every load. So, to summarize: What would be the best way to locate a instance of a item, fixture or tile?Could a item be targeted in Lua using just the raw XY coords?I'm also looking for a way to store "network" data. An ideal would allow each unique network to store an amount of power and have that be stored in one place(say on the player using getModData or some kind of fake item that spawns off map when a new network is created). What would be the best way of doing this?Thanks!
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