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  1. bruntax

    Wind Power

    looking to this mod. but for now my electric lvl is low (3) tryed to cheat but no result - cannot build turbine yet, dont know why, i have all parts. have few questions - does it attract zombies (and can they destroy turbine), does it need repair for som time, and can i build it on second floor? But idea is super cool, if it works - i can scavenge for days and dont worry about frige. upd. finaly build it,yeah working time is like grnerator thats kind a wierd. and it can work inside a house. you can try to make it buildable, like a crate or something (but with a turbine sprites, wich is cool) . and restrictions with building inside rooms, i think its dificult but possible (crops cant grow in wooden floor, kind like that principle). among that its awesome, but yeah 1 working time 2 build\place 3 maintaine (once in a month, repair with scrap metal and circuts) good luck with the mod, im gona keep it )
  2. hi. can you please upload files here i dont have steam account. thnx
  3. bruntax

    Crashed Cars Mod

    Dont have steam account,can u upload somewhere...here?
  4. bruntax

    Hydrocraft Mod

    oh. i must be blind. thanks. how about fresh version?
  5. bruntax

    Hydrocraft Mod

    hello. can someone upload this glorious mod to some different, NOT STEAM place. please
  6. Hello. I have some problem. When mode is active 'freezing' camera in all refregirators - dissapear with all its content. PZ 34.26, no modeloader (its unavailable). Tryed older versions - same problem
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