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  1. was downloading book mods and thinking about supreme survivors when I got an idea. when npc’s are introduced in the far future, I think The indie stone should consider adding a “lore” stat that will effect how NPCs will react to us and what we can do with them. simply put I think reading books/magazines/newspapers should be incorporated somehow into gameplay with NPCs in the future! thanks
  2. I am very hyped for multiplayer...
  3. Okay might as well throw this out there cause I think it would be really cool (albeit probably improbable) BUT I think the system I am about to provide might have merit if the team was looking for a way to expand past Kentucky. I have seen a live stream a long time ago where a dev actually said something in the vein of player generated maps expanding the word and well here is my thought. I am picturing a system where player maps would be saved in such a way as to denote that map’s world location. so it would look like this: save map?
  4. I had an idea while playing. it would be cool if when multiplayer is done you guys added an examine feature we could use that is linked to a perception stat. basically something that will let me see what items are in a players inventory. I had a thought about how it could be funny to look at a player as an alcoholic and see that he is holdin out on me then proceed to try and steal his booze! thanks for the great game!
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