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  1. I think there was a writing error, it mentions that the snakes could only bite you and cause infection but no type of poison and if having pet could have some benefit in your self-esteem
  2. Basically the idea is that players have the opportunity to get ingredients that already the first week is impossible to get like milk depends on which game mode you are rotten after a few days. The idea is similar to others who have already suggested how to implement cows and chickens in farming areas, but I would like to add something else. Vultures: They would lurk around the corpses you can hunt them by means of shots but you will risk making noise Snakes: I highly doubt that the designers want to establish a new status as poison but they could just give you a bite with the possibility of infection (not zombie) snake meat is great Hamsters: Perhaps the easiest to implement would be mice with another skin would be in houses in their respective cages you can take it as a pet or add it to the pan Dogs: They could be another threat for the player and add more variety: dogs that even after all continue to protect the gardens of their homes would not be hostile unless you get very close to them many months later in the game you can find a litter of 5 at most in its wild state Eating dog meat will always cause you depression regardless of whether it is cooked Bees: Where you can get honey but it will have a risk to obtain it
  3. Perhaps it is an opportunity for new weapons since there is little variety for long blades such as rapier mallets, halberds also gamberson as a protective garment. Some things that could be looted Long blade like Katana Machete Spears, axes and stone knives: I guess from the prehistoric section Maybe firearms? Although modern weapons would not fit much and the old ones that work as gunpowder would be dangerous and of few uses... Books and magazines Food In the tourist section
  4. Seeing the little crafting that there is in the different electronic sections, it is perhaps the most wasted to level at level 3 to use generators seems an excuse for their existence to be relevant I propose the following… Sprinkler head and hoses: Farming is a heavy and tedious task get a few sprinklers to connect you to a well or collector program it with a timer so that it always activates at the same time and Bam! You will not have to be so aware of the vegetables. Motion Sensor and Remote Controller: Getting out of the car to open the door at your base, leaving your car and closing it again could be somewhat annoying, disassemble a garage door and program it with a remote controller to close and open without getting out of your vehicle or better to use a motion sensor so that automatically when you pass in front it opens. Traps: maybe a crafting to tramp?
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