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  1. I don't think fruit trees would need to be op at all, depending on how they are implemented.... To be fair, cherries should just spawn in summer and apples only in fall. If anything, they would need to produce two or three times each season to even be worth it at all. But having fruit other than berries in the late game would be nice. That being said, having canned pineapple would also be both realistic and awesome!
  2. Hiya! I've been in and out of PZ and the forums over the years, so I do apologize if this is a topic that has been brought up before now. I love the game, and, obviously, farming is important in the long run. Based on the setting of Kentucky, being pretty similar to my home in Ohio, USA, I have a few suggestions on additional veggies that should be available for farmers, simply based on how common and easy they are around here. In my opinion, we should also be able to grow onions, lettuce, corn, and zucchini, at the very least; and also eggplant and bell pepper, really.
  3. I'm sure I'm not the only person that is not concerned (or even all that excited) about NPCs. I think so many of the updates the devs are working on are important, and they just need to finish what they can when they can. That's good enough for me. I am one very happy customer! Honestly, being as new to PZ as I am, I don't know anything at all about the NPCs -- what their introduction would involve or what sort of elements they would add to the game. (Plot lines, trade, added danger...? Thing is, I have no clue whatsoever....) And unfortunately, I've never dared to ask for curiosit
  4. I am so excited about this! Looks awesome -- well done!
  5. Bummer, I wish I'd realized that option before, but oh well. I look forward to the new build once it is stable, in that case. Thank you
  6. Quick question: I paid for PZ through gog.com, so I don't run it through Steam. Does that mean I cannot access the IWBUMS? I'd be happy to help test out the newest build, but I have only found instructions for getting it from Steam. Also, after seeing all of the screenshots, I love the new art! Well done!
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