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  1. OMG, it would be wild if stoves set stuff like gas and ammo off. If someone found your base and stuff stored in an oven...
  2. Fracture Clinic - Broken Thigh

    I'm curious if the pain moodle is gone and if there's any noticeable improvement i.e. if the healing process is even underway. =\ I've been lucky w/ not going much beyond two weeks, but I don't know if I've broken a femur before (and kept my character). I'll have weight on my mind the next time I'm building an upper level.
  3. Fracture Clinic - Broken Thigh

    30 days seems like a ludicrously long time - especially if you kept well fed. Is there *any* improvement? You don't still have a pain moodle, do you? I'm pretty sure that you should be able to kinda run at the end of a month. I've always had to deal for about 2 weeks maximum (haven't had a fracture + slow healing though) but have seen a *few* reports of 1-2 months. =\
  4. Favorite Foods to Cook

    Initially baking bread because I get my first few cooking quickly and then I'm happy when I have enough from my garden and traps to make stew.
  5. How to kill off a large horde with only melee?

    A quarter staff is from the Hydrocraft mod - it's made from a tree branch.
  6. Why Do I have to *lower* Memory to play?

    I'm used to the game wanting more RAM but now it wants less? I have to knock it down to 768 to play solo w/ a bunch of mods (Hydro, Super Survivors!, Fort Knox, etc) but to join a server running IWBUMS w/ a ton of mods, I have to lower to 490. I can log on the server w/ those settings but then I'm very lagged. Resmon shows about a Gig just sitting there unused. Why would memory have to be *lowered*?!
  7. Help Me Please! I have a bug to report...

    I might be wrong about mods causing your issues, but it's worth a try. Go to Super Survivors steam page and put something in the comment section. Nolan Ritchie is very busy right now but he does answer peoples' questions. I did ask if anyone else your problem, but nothing yet. =|
  8. How to kill off a large horde with only melee?

    You're not going to kill 140 zeds w/ a machete - you have to break up the horde. Start luring hunks of it away in another direction and then continue to split them up until it's manageable. In small groups the machete will be great because it's quieter than an axe.
  9. Help Me Please! I have a bug to report...

    The only issue that I'm spotting is Super Survivors! w/ version 38.xx: you should be up to version 39. Even if you're using the current version w/ Super Survivors!, I still worry that that mod is the problem. Did you check on the mod's site on Steam to see if anyone else has had this problem - the creator, Nolan Ritchie answers when he can. I'm not sure about Necro Forge either - it had issues w/ the previous version of Survivors but that was for items spawned w/ Necro Forge. The curtains disappearing seems really weird though. =|
  10. RELEASED: IWBUMS Build 40.18

    Alas. I can still play IWBUMS w/ a bunch of mods but now I want to see a storm or some other big weather and see if my machine tanks. lol
  11. RELEASED: IWBUMS Build 40.18

    Is anyone else having trouble playing the IWBUMS on 32bit? I actually have to lower the Xms/x to play. I can play the current version w/ a lot of mods but I have to be careful w/ IWBUMS or I'll get a outofmemory error before world is loading (solo or server) Are the weather effects much more demanding on machines? (I'll be upgrading my OS but not for months.)
  12. Show off your base/safehouse :D

    A buddy actually built this for me in the community zone on a server - I was impressed. This started as a trailer in Dixie. I usually build outside or in an urban area and apparently have lost most of my screenshots on Steam. >:( Not saying that any looked this good on the inside though. Note the planks on the windows she put in to keep me from falling out. No, I don't fall out of windows...just accidently hit "E" every now and then. Heh. She's a Mom IRL. LOL Normally my garden is on the roof, but I didn't get around to that before a server wipe I guess.
  13. Crash at loading character textures - java.lang.OutOfMemoryError

    Okie Dokie - I can run both IWBUMS and current version by knocking xmx & xms DOWN to 768! As for options, I have multi-threading off and compression on and lowered the resolution. Using 2x textures and all 3D settings. SMH Still, I can only play solo right now - when I try to log on to a server I get really far before it crashes at "load save map" in the CMD box.
  14. Most Interesting Deaths

    It's a stupid one, but it was educational: chopped up by shirtless Frenchmen a few years ago. I was on a server living downtown in a few fortified buildings in Bedford w/ the stairs knocked out - good number of players and factions. One day, 2 French dudes armed w/ axes w/ no shirts starting tearing up the place and they eventually started chopping into my fortifications. Note that I'm upstairs w/ a full ORGM arsenal. So, I actually climb downstairs and open up w/ a weak handgun *near them.* So of course I'm axed to death. I log in w/ my alt after letting a buddy know that I'm being attacked. My alt spawns in, runs to the base, climbs up, and confronts the bad guys w/ a shotgun...*click* Forgot to reload. SMH Alt is axed to death. My buddy finally arrives but...he forgot an f'in gun. One French dude died from my shots but came back so that they could trash my rooftop farm, crap everywhere (an awful mod from years ago), and attract a horde to surround the place. I was able to get back in and thought the whole thing was pretty funny, pathetic as it was.
  15. Crash at loading character textures - java.lang.OutOfMemoryError

    Thank you very much! I was eyeing uiRenderOffscreen but didn't touch. Oh, and I'm defragging because I freakin' misread a post on some Java site - it was early. Aw well, it needed to be done anyway and the post might still be helpful. Note that I can play 38.30 w/ a few mods and I managed to get IWBUMS w/ no mods going but haven't been able to get the current version going. I just can't play w/o mods, including on servers. Cool, a few more things to try then I really need to look at my machine: it was playing the previous IWBUMS on a server just great until I had to reinstall Windows.