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  1. Thought I should share this. The zeds sure have me, don't they? I was probably dead in a minute....nope, got away with minor damage but steadily driving fwd and alternating right and left. Mind you, those zeds were *impressive* when they tore after me - I've played since 1.5.5 or something: they looked scary! Lol I really should be dead though - I've had a dozen take me out kinda quickly when my vehicle got stuck. In hindsight i don't think the zeds damaged the vehicle at all - I did as I "wiggled" out. I mean, could I have just turned the engine off, had a smoke, and taken a nap? Other than this break they gave me, though, version 41 zeds are mean AF. Good job.
  2. Yeah, I just had that happen with both a hammer and gun i.e. I could not attack w/ the flashlight equipped in the secondary slot. I didn't think to turn the flashlight off lol.
  3. Naw, rush it and break servers - that's always super fun. Pity it's not ready but I really am excited for when it is. Again, yeah I am so down w/ waiting until all is stable and good. I should be practicing in 41 anyway as MP generally means folks trying to kill ya.
  4. Cool - Love the backstabbing anim & XP for fishing nets! No more Bloo is good, lol. ...what does lvling in fishing do? I've never gone above 5-6 but no probs catching fish. Is farming still borked or am I just not finding seeds?
  5. Sweet! Of course I just switched back to 40.43 (or whatevs) to run around a server for a bit. I am glad that MP is moving along - so needed during these interesting times, MP is. I'm all happy about goofy stuff like ropes as sheet ropes and more jars! lol So bizarre that I was commenting to my wife this morning that looters would find a cluttered kitchen at our place. Great loot but you'd have to poke around, move some stuff, get distracted (legal weed!), and make noise... Anyway, weird that I talk about cluttered kitchens - which I'll fix within the hour - and you guys add it. I haven't spear fished yet either. Excellent. =)
  6. What determines how much loot a POI spawns? For example - kids camp up in the NW part of the map, otherwise empty, part of the map has some great containers: a few good sized camping/fishstorage (I don't know the difference), a medical area, and a gun locker. Lotsa crates etc. Just a freaking great place to run to or even stumble upon. I just hit the the areafishing/camping stuff was very light though in two different buildings and the wooden crates weren't too good either (need to double check that) considering how many there are. Other crates w/ fishing or camping stuff elsewhere on the map seemed full. It's on a server but the admin didn't know of any changes that he'd make that those campgrounds would spawn kinda light. When I say "light," I'm going off of my own experience and other places on the map. I'm just curious - it would be cool if it spawned with more stuff.
  7. Thanks for adding god know how many years to the game for me - seriously. I look forward to Hydrocraft's future.
  8. Yikes. I knew folks would like having Hydro, ORGM, MoreBuild and...the Bedford Falls and Phoenix maps! ...sadly the server is too tough for many. Sad.
  9. And it starts again! DeadPixels (run search), 3 year old Project Zomboid server: fresh wipe. Hydro, ORGM (ooh, real guns...and lots of ammo), MoreBuild, BookCollection, Phillibuster Rhymes' car mods, Bedford Falls, Phoenix, Redstone and more! PVE (for now), safehouse after 1 day. VERY cold w/ mean nocturnal zeds. It is kind of tough though...
  10. OMG, it would be wild if stoves set stuff like gas and ammo off. If someone found your base and stuff stored in an oven...
  11. Initially baking bread because I get my first few cooking quickly and then I'm happy when I have enough from my garden and traps to make stew.
  12. Alas. I can still play IWBUMS w/ a bunch of mods but now I want to see a storm or some other big weather and see if my machine tanks. lol
  13. Is anyone else having trouble playing the IWBUMS on 32bit? I actually have to lower the Xms/x to play. I can play the current version w/ a lot of mods but I have to be careful w/ IWBUMS or I'll get a outofmemory error before world is loading (solo or server) Are the weather effects much more demanding on machines? (I'll be upgrading my OS but not for months.)
  14. [Admin - I started this in General Discussion but it seems better here - please remove from General Discussion] I logged out a character who was in *perfect health* and unencumbered in his base. I logged in a few hours later and his health was terminal - no wounds, no moodles (except damage one) and unencumbered. He lasted a few seconds before keeling over (did not re-animate). Later character was locked safely in a room, I lost connection to the server and logged in less than TEN minutes later and he's in critical health - no wounds, - I ate and he recovered. Finally a character gets scratched but is healed to OK. Played a few hours, and he logged out as OK (took screen shot) but came back at Slightly Wounded. Eating didn't help...then he got queasy. So he's infected, in spite of having reached OK. Is the game "changing its mind" when I log off? Reaching OK still means you're not infected, right? Am I not seeing the proper information, i.e. he has a wound or damage from weather (vehicle collision damage is turned off), poison, whatever but it's not being displayed? Srsly, I've played 5 years and never logged in to a mysteriously damaged character...or I forgot.
  15. The Super Survivors! mod is quite good imo. The NPCs can add a lot, whether it's a bunch of survivors that you're trying to keep alive, or hostile bandits shooting at you. Now and again a survivor might have a fire bomb - most of them have guns. So, you might be happily coming back from a looting trip to your base and there'll be a raging gun battle against a horde of zeds w/ buildings on fire. Good times.
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