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  1. spoonshortage

    NecroForge (OUTDATED)

    I would go with the first one, that way you can still max out if you want but don't have to if you'd rather just have a boost
  2. spoonshortage

    Svarog's Small Mods

    Is there a way to alter the code for the pouch from the quick bags mod to have full weight reduction? Like the bag from cheaterman mod only with quickaccess?
  3. spoonshortage

    NecroForge (OUTDATED)

    okay so I installed a new vanilla game and started adding mods one at a time starting with necroforge to rule out the broken one. Everything seems fine now though. NF works with all the mods I have now, I guess I had something on there earlier that was broken. Anyway thanks for the help and for your awesome mods Svarog!
  4. spoonshortage

    NecroForge (OUTDATED)

    hi I'm not sure if this is the right thread but I have a problem with necroforge. I installed it in the right directory and everything and I also have a few other mods (steam workshop) including the cheaterman and more edibles (without littering) by svarog. When I try to start a new game it always crashes with the following console text at the end (btw I'm on IWBUMS 33.10): STATE: exit zombie.gameStates.GameLoadingState1 players foundplayer 0 is mousePLAYER DATA OFFSET 03200320240createInventoryInterface player=0loot inv createdloot all visiblecontext menu createdcontext menu initialisedcontext menu addedSTATE: enter zombie.gameStates.IngameStateInit ISContextManagerAdding Edibles Items to NecroForge this is with cheaterman mod disabled (otherwise the line bofere the last is "adding cheateritems to necroforge") and then it just crashes with nothing else. Now first time it happened I removed necroforge from my mod folder and reloaded the game twice (just to mainmenu) and reloaded the other mods. but when I tried to start a new game with necroforge gone from modloader it still crashed with the same last lines at the end.I hope someone can help me with this I really would love to use necroforge.