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  1. Is this going to show up on GOG anytime soon?
  2. That's fair I suppose. I still don't like it, but we'll live.
  3. I gotta say: I think a nutrition update sorta crosses the line. I love the detail in the Zomboid universe, but I don't like when that detail becomes something I have to micromanage. Realism is great until it becomes a chore and detracts from the excitement of the game itself. I feel that the proposed nutrition system does exactly that. I think the game is great as it is: you need to find food wherever you can find it and stay alive, and different kinds of food satisfy you at varying degrees (with various punishments for eating rotten/old food). The idea that I cannot just eat chips over and ov
  4. Attracting hordes to one place I do agree with this. Quite handy. Still perfectly good for killing. No... no they really aren't. =/
  5. So... what are guns good for?
  6. It just feels like I can never reach a point where I can reliably take down a small group of zombies. I think guns should be a strong mid/late game item where the player is excited to find ammo ever. It should be even more rare than axes. From there, the player should reasonably expect to spend about one bullet per zombie. Also, if we wanna talk about "realism", I need some kind of indicator to know that I have fully taken aim. If I am actually firing a gun, I know when I've centered my sights on the target.
  7. I agree and disagree. Guns should not be good right away. I am OK with struggling with reloading/cleaning/whatever. However, there has to be a degree of game design/balance here. Even when I pick the proficient police officer, I am still a bumbling fool with a gun, which makes no sense. I would argue that there is no positive tradeoff for mastering marksmanship. When being a level zero axe man is leaps and bounds better than a fairly proficient marksman, we have a problem. Currently, I only use guns because they are kind of fun, and it's hilarious to draw huge crowds of zombies to a single l
  8. I feel like it's too hard to become reasonably skilled with guns. It's bad enough that guns are incredibly loud and draw the ire of the hordes upon you. Now I have to deal with the fact that I can miss my target... a lot. I propose a much simpler change: make ammo extremely rare. Survivors treat guns/ammo like gold because they are that valuable. I think the decision should not rest upon whether I think I can hit my target; it should rest upon whether now is the time to burn through my precious ammo cache to deal with a number of zombies. Since guns and ammo are (roughly) as common as bats
  9. I am in the exact same situation as the one described in this thread: http://theindiestone.com/forums/index.php/topic/6102-help-editing-map-pbin-on-multiplayer/ I wanted to see about removing infection from my character. From there, my curiosity piqued, and I became interested in the character file as a whole. I began work on a tool that dumps the contents of that file. https://github.com/TheBuzzSaw/ZomboidBinTools/blob/master/main.cpp I am currently stuck on the inventory format. I am working off this old spec. https://github.com/lukezaa/PZEditor/blob/master/PZSaveInfo/PZSaveInfo/Do
  10. Hair. Hair is on my mind.

  11. In multiplayer, it is funny to see zombies slide a fair distance when pushed down. Any idea what causes that? Is it a side effect of multiple players attacking the zombie at the same time? The only major issues I observed last night on a four player server were the RAM/CPU abuse. Gameplay was fine for the most part. Zombies that are staggering back are untouchable. They also stagger back way longer than expected in multiplayer. They can also slide on the ground and pass through walls.
  12. Rats. I'm so used to running the EXE directly. I didn't let Desura work its magic.
  13. I read many pages of the thread. Forgive me for not finishing every post of all 12 pages, but has anyone brought up Splattercat's YouTube playthrough? I've observed this zombie spawning issue in my games, and I noticed Splattercat expressed frustration particularly at his inability to destroy zombie hordes. Granted, he was using a shotgun, but he never seemed to make any progress. Do zombies really migrate in faster than you can kill them? Anyway, in my own games, I have observed this spawning behavior. Hordes seem to pop up irrationally where they did not exist seconds ago (sans world event).
  14. I'm pretty sure the creators of The Walking Dead have elaborated on this in the past: living people have no distinct scent. Covering yourself in rotted flesh/guts adds a significant odor, and the walkers find targets by focusing in on the non-scent of rotting flesh. I'm not claiming it makes sense, but that is quite different from the proposed hypothesis that the dead guts cover up an existing smell.
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