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  1. I don't think limiting mods is a good idea at all. People should be able to play the game however they want. However, there absolutely should be a way to sort servers according to many criteria, one of which being if it is modded
  2. When dogs are added, please add a setting in either the world creation menu or the accessibility settings to disable enemy dogs/wolves and one to make dogs unable to die, just get injured. Or add an option to disable dogs outright (this would be less appealing, but probably more likely). Many many people are extremely averse to dogs dying in media, and would really hate it if it happened in game.
  3. I love playing this game, but I have a major issue with it, I'm deaf. In most games I'm able to just accept it and deal, but in PZ noise is such a major mechanic that I'm at a major disadvantage. It would be great if there was a mechanic with a visual indicator that shows directions of sounds and how loud they are. Perhaps a kind of sonar?
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