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  1. Is this a bug: whenever I kill certain zeds their clothes disappear?
  2. This is awesome to read. I missed reading yesterday's thursdoid and I'm excited for what's coming with the fire and smoke QOL updates. I'll be hopping on tonight to check out 41.28 and congrats to everyone at TIS, I look forward to the new website. Will the new website have a different url? Either way I'm excited for all the coming updates as PZ continues to come together.
  3. I agree with you so much on this. I've lost quite a few characters to them not turning around quick enough. I trust where the devs are heading with the game that the controls will be fluid when 1.0 drops. Also congrats on the 700+ hours on PZ, it really is blast to play and especially more of blast with friends. Hey can I ask you @Garrikkdo you use any mods?
  4. I, for one, found this useful and happy dying to you too
  5. Just curious if the devs have a way I could buy them a cup of coffee sometime or give a donation? I've already bought the game(way back in 2014). They deserve some thanks and appreciation for the coding and debugging they're doing, to say the very least. One of the these days I'm gonna make me a PZ t-shirt too lol In all realness the only game in my Steam library that has more hours on it is Skyrim, but one day that'll be surpassed. Much love to you guys over at The Indie Stone, keep up the great work
  6. The same week I started experimenting with furniture placement as barricading you posted this. I'll be putting this to use at some point soon.
  7. Hey, Misha, check this mod out until then: this is the Immersive Overlays Mod: Mod ID: overlay_mod Workshop ID: 533622988 https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=533622988
  8. It "almost" works, in that if you double pull the trigger fast enough your char will start the sprint anim, but will immediately stop since it doesn't register holding the trigger as anything other than jogging right now. They're working on a full revamp of the controller config for a future build right now so we're probably not to expect anything other than upkeep fixes for the current controller code until it's done, since all that work will be thrown out eventually. Edited 1 hour ago by Loskene I'm excited for the controller revamp as it'll make it easier for my buddy who is playing split screen with me. Especially for how switching between the hotbar and being able sprint don't work atm in build 41.24.
  9. I've put about fifteen hours into 41.24 over the past two days, and it's pretty damned awesome(also played a lot of coop too). Happy New Years Eve/Day everyone at The Indie Stone, please be safe and have a great time
  10. Have you had any luck with being able to spring using a controller? I have not had any luck past being able to jog by holding the right trigger.
  11. Thank you for the reply, yeah I'm assuming it has something to with the integrated graphics card. The mod I was using is Eris' Minimap, and I've never had issues like this on my other PC with the same mod enabled on Coop. I also noticed that I had two other vehicle related mods enabled: Vehicle Salvage and Vehicle Repair, they've been disabled and I'll continue playing and testing.
  12. Hi there. I don't know exactly how to describe this and I don't have any screenshots. I was playing split screen with a friend and when we quit to change out controllers, upon continuing the player is just a shadow on the ground and after moving for a little bit it crashes out to the main menu. I fixed my issue by just deleting the saves and starting a new game. I've uploaded the console log, but I don't know what to look for in it to see what the issue was. Has anyone else had this problem where on continuing a game it loads a shadow with no model? console.txt
  13. HestrimChaosbrewer


    I'm totally looking forward to the next IWBUMs update! Big love to the developers at TIS
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