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  1. I think this is a pretty great idea.
  2. I agree with the second point, cars are a little too safe right now. I think I've had one serious accident in a car that involved lodged glass, but I don't repair windshields or windows anymore and that's prevented it from happening again. Typically the most damage I've taken is half a character's overall health, but I just eat some food and drive for awhile and everything's gravy. I also don't repair hoods, because quite frankly, I'd rather murder zombies like a battering ram with full impunity than have to worry about fixing a part that, as far as I can tell, has little to no impact on protecting the vehicle itself or the engine. If it does have an impact, it's small enough that a person can drive for hours before needing to replace a hood. The only parts that really seem necessary to keep up with are the batteries, the engine itself, and the tires. I know loot is supposed to fall out of trunks with damaged or missing trunk lids, but I've also never seen that actually happen in practice. And I'd probably be more willing to replace missing windows if zombies could bite or scratch through doors that don't have them installed (if they can already, I haven't seen it).
  3. Lawlmonster

    Get Rid Of Age

    I mean, they could just add a numerical value field in the character selection process for a character's age and not attach any features to it in the immediate future, at least until, or if, they're ever ready to. I don't see how that would be difficult to make happen, but I imagine it's simply not a priority. Still, it's bothered me for a long time also, so I tend to ignore it all together.
  4. Lawlmonster

    [IWBUMS] Propane Torch can't be filled when empty

    I've noticed the same problem. Only torches that have remaining uses can be filled to capacity.
  5. Lawlmonster

    Multiplayer Mechanic Skill XP Bug?

    I've noticed the same thing. My friend and I have been farming skills -- I'm working Mechanics and he's doing Metalworking -- and he's at about half my skill level without ever touching the vehicles menu. No mods, no split screen. Co-op private game, shared through Steam.
  6. Lawlmonster

    New Dawn - Role Play [NA/EU][RP][PVP][Whitelist][24/7]

    I'm sorry, I have to agree with our boys Rocco and Jack, here. This was once a great RP server that let people enjoy the game and RP without imposing an overbearing and, quite frankly, strangling oversight upon their players and what they can or can't do, write or can't write. People have been complaining about these problems for awhile, as I understand, and the situation has only become more authoritarian. It's entirely antithetical to the idea of community story telling or promoting a healthy player base. I hope all the best for your staff, I'm sure you're all great people with the best intentions, but I don't understand how there are any players who are willing to deal with the sort of restrictions you impose upon them.
  7. Lawlmonster

    Share your safehouse!

    So, we recently had a hard reset on the server I play (New Dawn RP, if you guys wanna look it up) from build 28 to 29. The changes are amazing, and I'm really enjoying myself. Our group built a new structure to replace our old one, so I thought I'd share it like I have the others:
  8. Lawlmonster

    Share your safehouse!

    Really cool, how many days it took to build everything?Edit: and where the fu** did you find so many nails? Hahaha With normal loot settings, it didn't take incredibly long. I searched all of the warehouses in the Muldraugh area, the trailers (which are also pretty good for nails) between Muldraugh and West Point, and found around sixty boxes of nails. Each of these required somewhere near twenty-five boxes, but I don't know the specifics, and they took about a week and half to put together, rough estimate.
  9. Lawlmonster

    Share your safehouse!

    I built these, and had helping building the second, on the New Dawn RP server (Build 28).
  10. Lawlmonster

    Share your safehouse!

    Awesome base Edit 69 posts! Forever lurk! Thanks
  11. Lawlmonster

    Share your safehouse!

    I made this several updates ago, but I can't remember which exactly. It's out in the middle of the woods between Muldraugh and the giant train station, fairly deep in.