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  1. It's a negative trait for a reason. Deaf removes sound from the game entirely. By taking the trait, you're taking those risks. It wouldn't make sense to have a toggle because it'd negate the entire point of the trait (Admittedly, when I first started playing PZ nearly 5 years ago, I always took deaf because I thought it gave me free points with no repercussions. I never knew that the game had sounds in the first place until I decided not to take it.)
  2. Bauer was here.

    1. Pika


      dad is that you?

  3. Yup! I really agree with this! I don't like the fact that everyone can see my Steam name, and I know others dislike it too. Especially when you're playing an event character and want to keep the immersion, but people can just look at the playerlist and know "Oh man! So that character is /this/ person!" and may treat you differently. This goes for playing a normal character too. It would just make things so much better if we could turn off the ability to see Steam names.
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