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  1. Our mini lore begins TONIGHT! 7:30 EST. It's not too late to get your application in! Even if you miss the launch, you can still apply! Don't miss out!
  2. We've decided on a tentative launch date for our upcoming mini lore! Be sure to get your apps in soon!! https://gatewayroleplay.org/threads/tentative-launch-date.328/
  3. We've been working through the kinks and have finally decided on a stable setup for our donations system! If you like the server, please consider donating. Anything means a lot to us! Check out this page for more info: https://gatewayroleplay.org/pages/donate/
  4. Applications are now open for our upcoming mini lore! The launch date is TBD. https://gatewayroleplay.org/threads/final-descent.301/
  5. News on what's to come, following the end of our current lore... https://gatewayroleplay.org/threads/whats-next.298/
  6. Help us decide on a theme for our next lore! Launching once the stable animations build is released... https://gatewayroleplay.org/threads/theme-for-next-lore.287/
  7. GATEWAY ROLEPLAY Gateway Roleplay is a 24/7 Project Zomboid Roleplay Server which focuses on heavy realism. We're an open and friendly community that welcomes all roleplayers, old and new. With an open map and dozens of mods, there's an endless amount of possibilities! Lores change periodically and are not limited to only zombie apocalypse scenarios. We hope to make Project Zomboid all the more exciting by providing a story and player-driven environment where you can play out your characters' stories! To get started, sign up for our forums here! And make sure to give our lore a read before submitting your application. You're welcome to join our Discord as well! It's a great place to get to know fellow players and be notified of any server news. Our staff works hard to keep the server up and running! Feel free to message any of them over the forums or Discord if you have any questions about the server. You may also reply directly to this post and we'll get back to you as soon as possible! STAFF: Thank you so much for reading! We hope to see you over on Gateway!
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