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  1. Thank you, I've been doing some vertical testing and found that about 4 stories up will keep your character from being on edge if Z's are directly bellow breaking windows and knocking down doors. Also 4 stories should equal about 12 squares/tiles. Just FYI Eldergamer
  2. Thanks for the response, I read it. Interesting... I'd like to find these internal setting and tune them. Until I can locate those settings I'd still like to find out how many tiles/squares is far enough from panic and stress to grant my character some peace. Eldergamer
  3. First off, thank you for taking the time to do that. I'm running stock maps but I am running mods. I'm not sure how they'd affect the destruction of walls? The mods I'm running are: CureWildMeat.v21, SurvivalBread.v2, and SweaterStrings. Also I'm only doing solo play from my local machine, no servers. When I installed 40.40 I deleted the old install first. Cleaned out the saves and deleted any undeleted folders. The game was installed freshly from pz40.40. I'm going to head to the storage buildings east of Rosewood next to the farms and try recreating this issue there. Once again thanks for taking the time to try that. I have no explanation for why it didn't happen to you. It literally happens so often to me that I stopped paying attention to it. I just did the work around. I'll reply to this post on what happens. Eldergamer
  4. I have both a question and a suggestion. Question: Can anyone tell me how many tiles/squares away from stressful stimuli I need to be in order to get a little peace of mind? Suggestion: (Short rant about stress in this game) My character is stressed most the time. Unrealistically stressed in my opinion. Let's face it, if you're suddenly in danger in real life yes it's stressful... but there's a difference in newbie caught off guard stress and being experienced, with the right tools, and a plan knowingly heading into danger stress. For example when I was running without food, water, tools, and weapons at the beginning of the game my character was stressed. Hell, I was stressed along with my character in such a precarious vulnerable state. I'd like to point out though, that didn't last for me as the player but it did for my character. As my character found supplies and gained experience facing zombies the stress on them should have been reduced. Even when they were well armed, well supplied, and experienced at killing Z's my character was just as panicked and stressed with the 20th kill as they were with the first. This just isn't realistic. In a normal person at this competency level stress should be well managed. You know both what to expect and what's expected of you when facing Z's. To quote the Ghost Busters " We had the tools, we had the talent!" Yet with dozens of kills under their belt on a simple well planned scavenging mission my character was just as panicked at the sight of a zombie and heavily stressed at prolonged proximity to zombies. This should not be so. My character had the skills, tools, and experience necessary for such a journey. Their panic and stress should have been minimal based on there accumulated experience. I'm going to suggest that as our characters gain experience that experience should directly effect both panic and stress moodles. You could base it off kills. The more zombies dispatched by the character the less their presence panics and stresses the character. Regardless of whether the experience has made them more competent or just jaded the panic and stress of confronting your 50th kill should not be the same as the first in intensity or duration. Eldergamer
  5. I hear you, I thought the same thing at one time but no. There is no obstructions on either side of the section I want to destroy. Eldergamer
  6. The locations have been almost everywhere I've ever been on the map. Off the top of my head as mentioned earlier, the row homes southeast of rosewood city, the storage building east of Rosewood city next to the farms. In fact I've had this problem most the time when a storage building is involved. The second story of the city hall building in Rosewood. I'm mostly naming Rosewood here but it really happens everywhere on the map. I try to destroy a section of wall that is unobstructed on both sides and it just won't allow it from one side but it does allow it from the other. It happens so often that I don't really think about it anymore. It's just something I got use to living with. I'll start taking screenshots and jotting down locations when it happens so I can provide some good examples for the team to fool around with. I have an experiment for you, A great example of this would be a storage building. You know the ones loaded with crates. Those buildings are two story's tall but there's no second floor. Find two of them located adjacent to each other and build stairs and a bit of second floor in both buildings. Now try and knock down a section of wall so you can make a second story walkway from one building to the other. If it shows that it's going to allow you to destroy a section of wall then don't. Go to the adjacent buildings second floor and try destroying a section of wall and making a second story walkway from that building. You'll find one buildings going to let you do it and the other won't. I think this is a great example because there are no obstructions on the second floor guaranteed. Why, because you just built the second floor yourself. There's nothing there that you didn't put there. Do you follow me? Eldergamer
  7. Yeah it's the Fossoil southwest of Rosewood, I usually make at least a safe house out of every Fossoil Station I come across. This time I went a bit crazy with it and built a full blown base. I built a ton of storage and a single enclosed bedroom on the roof. Normally I locate my main bases as close to city center as possible then a series of safe houses in a radius from my main base. I decided to change it up a bit since I started a new game with the PZ40.40 release. I've located my main base outside town this time and I'm driving into town to scavenge. It hasn't been to bad so far. Eldergamer
  8. I see, so not a bug then... understood Eldergamer
  9. This bug has been around forever but it's somehow never been corrected. The inability to destroy a wall with a sledge hammer from certain angles. For example say your in the second story of a bunch of row homes. (That's several homes that are connected to each other in a row) You want to destroy a section of wall so that you can access the adjacent home directly without having to exit the building your in and enter the adjacent home from the outside. Well often times I find the section of wall I want to destroy but it won't allow me to destroy it from the side I'm on. I have to exit the house I'm in, enter the adjacent house, find the same section of wall and destroy it from that side. You still achieved the result you're looking for you just have to jump through some unnecessary hoops to achieve it. This is not a show stopper issue but it is a bug, it is annoying, and it's persisted for a very long time. Eldergamer
  10. Yeah, these bugs are not terrible game stopping bugs but I think they still need to be brought up from time to time in case they were never reported or simply forgotten. Eldergamer
  11. That's exactly what I was thinking too. I'm actually currently building a house IRL in fact I'm sending this post from said house, My point is I was thinking the same. I wouldn't attempt to build a wall right next to a bunch of stacked crates. I too would move them first and then build. With that said I still believe this is a bug and felt I should report it for the sake of thoroughness. It's hard to imagine that Indiestone doesn't already know about this bug but in the off chance they don't know or the more likely assumption they haven't gotten around to fixing it, I thought I should mention it. There is another bug that's been around forever as well but it's somehow never been corrected it's the inability to destroy a wall with a sledge hammer from certain angles. For example say your in the second story of a bunch of row homes. (That's several homes that are connected to each other in a row) You want to destroy a section of wall so that you can access the adjacent home directly without having to exit the building your in and enter the adjacent home from the outside. Well often times I find the section of wall I want to destroy but it won't allow me to destroy it from the side I'm on. I have to exit the house I'm in, enter the adjacent house, find the same section of wall and destroy it from that side. It's crazy, I achieved the result that I was looking for which was to merge the two homes via a destroyed section of wall but I have to do it from the other side. Once again, not a show stopper issue but it is a bug and it is annoying that it's persisted for so long. Eldergamer
  12. I stacked crates 3 high and tried to build a wall next to it. It was not allowed. I had to remove the crates, built the wall, then put the crates back were they were next to the wall. I took some screen shots to show the progression. First I trying to build a wall next to the stacked creates. Notice the red outline on the wall frame. I simply wasn't allowed to build next to the crates. Removed crates and built wall. Placed crates back where they were once the wall was built. This isn't a show stopper by any means. It's just an annoyance. Eldergamer
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  14. eldergamer

    Salt and Pepper spawning question

    I'm glad no one responded to this post because it forced me to learn a bit about modding this game. I've made the changes I was looking for. Salt and pepper now frequently spawn in homes like they should. I also made changes to the medical buildings, pharmacy's, and First-aid kit's as well. I found it odd that thread for stitches was not even on the spawn list in the aforementioned places. In my opinion, where suture needles spawn thread should also have an equal chance of spawning. I don't think this is unreasonable so I made the change. Now where ever suture needles spawn thread will have the same odds of spawning. In closing, I very much enjoyed modding the game. I've had a few ideas for mods in the past that I think would compliment the game very well. They are not overpowered or anything just logical things that seem to be missing. I think I might try making some downloadable mods. I am in the middle of building my house though so it will have to wait for that to be done. As anyone who's taking on the monumental task of building there own home can tell you, it is all consuming. Eldergamer
  15. eldergamer

    Salt and Pepper spawning question

    Does anyone know how to increase the frequency of salt and pepper spawning? In my opinion like 9 out of 10 households would have it. Restaurants would have it on every table and stored in bulk yet it spawns like a rare item. I would like to change my game to make salt and pepper very, very common. Anyone know how I'd go about that? Thanks Eldergamer